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Knitted heart tutorial from Lebenslustiger

Recently, we spoke to Anette from the Lebenslustiger blog about her inspiration and creativity across all crafting mediums. Today, she’s back with a free knitted heart tutorial for Valentine’s Day!

Free knitted heart tutorial from Anette of the Lebenslustiger blog on LoveKnitting

If you missed our chat with Anette last week, click here to read more about her inspiration and creativity.  She has a unique vision of the world, as shown through her photography, goldsmithing, and yarn crafting. Today, she has a free knitted heart tutorial to share with us! Anette says:

Hi Knitters – this is Anette from the blog

Thanks so much for having me over here on today. I brought you a sweet last minute Valentine idea: A chunky knitted heart you can knit up in minutes. Great for decorating a pillow case or adding a lovely accent to a blanket, for example. OR…sew it onto the front or back of your favorite knitted sweater to show some extra BIG LOVE!

Thanks to I could finally put my hands on some Tjockt Fat&Sassy Merino. Oh my – what a wonderful yarn! So soft and luxurious. And I LOVE this Dusty Rose colour – super pretty! Of course you can use any other chunky yarn or yarn leftover for this as well or multiply strands of thinner yarn to reach at least needle size 25mm.

The finished knitted heart has a finished size of about 36x36cm. You can easily adjust the size by adding more stitches and more rows or do less stitches and less rows.

Free knitted heart tutorial from Lebenslustiger on LoveKnitting

For this knitted heart tutorial, you will need:

– About 200gr super chunky wool yarn like Tjockt Fat&Sassy Merino

Straight or circular needles size 25-30mm

– Some embroidery floss and sewing needle


Here we go:

Please note that you do a K1 and YO at the beginning of each row (not at the end!)

Cast on 3 sts

Row 1: knit

Row 2: K1, YO, K to end

Repeat Row 2 (7times) until you have 10 stitches on your needle (YO counts as a stitch)

Next 7 rows: K1, YO, (K2tog), K to end (You could also just knit those 7 rows, but the YO makes a nicer border…!)

Now part the stitches equally 5+5 for the heart arches.

Right heart arch: K1, YO, (K2tog), K to end of the 5 stitches.

Row 2 of the right heart arch: K1, YO, (K2tog), K to end of the 5 stitches.

Row 3 of the right heart arch: K1, (K2tog), K to end of the 5 stitches

Cast off: K1, (K2tog), K1

Left heart arch: ( attention please: this row starts in the middle of the heart!): K1, YO, (K2tog), K to end of the 5 stitches.

Row 2 of the left heart arch: K1, YO, (K2tog), K to end of the 5 stitches.

Row 3 of the left heart arch: K1, (K2tog), K to end of the 5

Cast off: K1, (K2tog), K1

Weave in the ends or partially leave them like I did and with large stitches of embroidering floss sew the chunky knitted heart onto a pillow case or any other place you like. My pillow has a diameter of 60cm.


Anettefree knitted heart tutorial by Lebenslustiger on LoveKnitting

Thank you so much for this free knitted heart tutorial, Anette! To read more of Anette’s crafting adventures, click here to visit the Lebenslustiger blog and see her beautiful life.

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