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Published on April 21st, 2015 | by Merion


Knitting dolls’ clothes: Tree Change Dolls

Dolls never go out of fashion – whether they’re knitted, patchwork or plastic.  We love this story of upcycled dollies in Australia  – the “Tree Change Dolls” …

Have you seen the brilliant “Tree Change Dolls” that have been created by Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh? Transforming dollies that she bought in charity shops, Sonia has inspired a global audience reaching women and girls all over the world!

Tree Change Dolls - Sonia Singh on the LoveKnitting blog

Removing their make-up with nail polish remover, Sonia repaints the dolls’ faces to look natural and youthful, and if that weren’t fabulous enough, Sonia’s mother knits them clothes!

Tree Change Dollies - Sonia Singh.  Loveknitting blog

Knitting in miniature is great fun – and very rewarding!  Knit your daughters and granddaughters whole new wardrobes for their dolls, and use up all those cutesy buttons and pieces of ribbon you have stashed for rainy day projects!

Sonia includes some DIY videos on her Tumblr feed about how to remove old factory face make up from the dolls and repaint them, so we thought we’d find you some gorgeous knitting patterns for dollies from our independent designers too!

Independent designer Pollymakes has created a range of frankly gorgeous patterns for the Blythe doll – who is 11″ tall, and these patterns will fit most fashion dolls of this type.  Below, the “Lacey Lovely”, Shrug and Flirty dress are all patterns from Pollymakes – some are free downloads, and some are paid patterns but so fabulous to create over and over again in your favourite left over yarn scraps!  Explore more Pollymakes patterns

Dolly clothes for 11" dolls - Loveknitting blog - Pollymakes

Don’t forget of course, that every creation will be original – in your yarn, and the sky is the limit when it comes to embellishment!  Buttons, tiny silk flowers, bows and ribbon are all possibilities -not to mention personalised embroidery!  (Don’t forget, when adding embellishments, to make them safe if children under three will be playing with the dolls.)  Below, from left to right, Lace Tunic, Lacey Mini Dress and Sweet Socks!

Pollymakes teeny tiny dolls clothes for 11" fashion dolls - on the Loveknitting blog

We have dolls clothes patterns for most sizes of doll – take a look here at our selection from independent designers all over the world!  We’d love to see your own upcycled dollies!  Please upload pictures in the comments section!  (Excuse me now, I have to have a rummage in my stash, there are some old Barbie dolls upstairs….)

How to buy the pattern downloads:  Click on the images to download the patterns. Add the pattern to your basket, and select ‘Go to Checkout’ – this requires you to create an account with LoveKnitting. If you’ve already shopped with us, then you will already have an account and can simply sign in. Follow the checkout process to receive the download.


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2 Responses to Knitting dolls’ clothes: Tree Change Dolls

  1. Sue says:

    This is brilliant on so many levels! The dolls are wonderful!! Great idea. I don’t even know how to describe those gorgeous teeny-tiny knits!!! B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!

  2. Mansuri says:

    Doll Knitted clothes are very beautiful and colours – so nice. Only one word for beautiful tinny clothes is ‘Awesome’.

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