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Published on August 28th, 2015 | by Angie


Knitting for beginners: learn more techniques

We’ve spent this week learning more about knitting, and it seems like there’s always something new to discover! Learn more with our knitting for beginners series, today with more techniques and advanced tutorials.  

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Learn to knit entrelac

This knitting fad has been taking the craft world by storm – why pick one color for a project when you can pick 5 or 6? This tutorial from VeryPink Knits makes the impressive technique accessible for most advanced beginners.

Learn Fair Isle knitting and create beautiful designs

Stranded knitting is one of the easiest ways to introduce multicolored designs into your projects. Though it can seem daunting, this tutorial from Cotton and Cloud will have you knitting Nordic sweaters in no time!

Knit in the round for seamless projects

Seaming up projects is boring and time consuming – decrease the number of seams by knitting in the round using double pointed needles or circular needles! This video from Iknitwithcatfur makes simple work of circular needles.

Are you more of a double pointed needle kind of person? Check out this excellent tutorial by Howcast to get to grips with using multiple needles instead of a circular.

Double knitting – it’s more than just yarn

When some knitters hear ”double knitting,” they think of DK weight yarn – but this turn of phrase is about technique, not the yarn weight. With double knitting, a knitter can create a doubly thick piece of fabric with stranded designs on each side – it’s perfect for scarves, potholders, and more! Very Pink knits has done it again with this fabulous and concise tutorial.

What tutorials do you want to learn? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I’d love a really simple tutorial on how to knit with dpns. I have tried to teach myself but I struggle to control all the needles! I know mostly using circular needles but often when decreasing a pattern calls for dpns, and I can’t finish x

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