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Knitting for Charity

As the knitted hat-wearing “Innocent” smoothies sold from the shelves of our supermarkets, a huge amount of money was being raised for Age UK through “The Big Knit“. With that in mind, we wanted to tell you about a few different ways that you could use your knitting skills to get involved, and help the good causes that need our support. Whether you knit jolly jumpers or snugly scarfs for yourself or loved ones, so many people appreciate something that’s thoughtfully handmade. Especially at this time of year. So here’s a list of some of the current opportunities to help make a difference.

big knits

Knit for Peace is a charity that collects all kinds of knitted donations to distribute to many charities, communities and hospitals around the World. They also offer an incredible knitting holiday, as we recently blogged about , where all profits made are distributed to charitable and environmental projects in India, including Knit for Peace.

But rather than you doing all the hard work, Ricefield Collective  has a very different story to other knitting charities. “We are an innovative social business that sells our products to a global clientele while training, employing, and empowering women from the Ifugao region of the Philippines to stay on their ancestral land- the Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.” The beautiful designs and colours used on their knitted garments, together with the big smiles on these ladies’ faces, make this a very humbling cause.


Maricel wearing Cable Set in Honey

If you’d prefer more of an entertaining way to raise money and awareness, Save the Children has officially designated Friday 13th December as “Christmas Jumper Day“!  There are many ways to take part in this year’s events, such as donating a pound to wear a Christmas jumper, an embellished jumper of your own, or a specially designed one from John Lewis, on the 13th. Another fun way to raise money before December 30th, is to bid on your favourite of the uniquely customised jumpers, designed by 14 of Britain’s best fashion designers. But it’s no ordinary auction! The lowest unique bid will win the jumper!


So which way would you choose to knit for charity?

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loves changing her hair colour, buttons and the rain. As a relatively new knitter with an Interior Design background, she loves to make cushion covers using chunky yarn. Especially colourful ones.

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8 Responses to Knitting for Charity

  1. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    I’ve crocheted several pet rugs for the Snuggles Project, and plan to drop them off at a participating animal shelter before Christmas. I’ve also “adopted” a family as a volunteer shopper for a local charity, Christmas for Kids. The oldest of the 3 children in my assigned family is a teenage girl who (among other things) requested room decor in her favorite colors, purple & white; rather than buy those things, I crocheted a scatter rug, pillow cover, and lapghan/throw — thus saving money to buy the electronics items & name-brand clothes she also had on her list.

  2. Pamela says:

    I knit all year long for charity; I do not sell my knitted, mitts, scarves, vests, hats, I give them to local shelters.

  3. Janet says:

    I too knit all year round for charity. Each year for the last 5 years I have made 100 hand puppets for the children’s shoebox charity Operation Christmas Child. ( Every puppet is unique. We also have many knitters who make hats, scarves and gloves for the shoeboxes.

  4. Sue Millar says:

    Hi charity knitter wanted to save Gromit!!
    My mum was knitting a navy Patons Gromit jumper (using a registered Patons Gromit pattern) but sadly, due to illness, has only knitted half of it. I am a novice knitter and so I am not able to finish it. I have all the wool, does anyone know of a knitter that would kindly finish this and then be able to donate the garment to a good cause (maybe as a charity raffle prize?)

    Any help, or ideas would be very much appreciated.
    Kind regards. Sue

    • Sylvia Duff says:

      Hi Sue So sorry to hear your mum is unable to carry on with the jumper,
      I love knitting,I am doing a hand puppet of sweep at the moment for my friend for her grand child.
      Anyway I am offering my service to complete the jumper for your mum if you would.
      I have done loads of knitting so I’m sure I could do it. Let me know either way. Sylvia.

      • Sue Millar says:

        hi. Thanks for this. That would be very kind. Please let me have your details and I will forward to you. My email is please send me a photo once completed. thanks so much and apologies for my tardy reply. not much good at this blog thing………

  5. Elaine Jones says:

    Knit for Life is a UK charity based in Shropshire. We encourage everyone, but particularly those who are elderly, lonely or in care, to knit for a cause. Everything we receive is distributed to good causes, either at home or abroad. We support several other charities but our main beneficiary is Knit-a-Square in South Africa ( 8 inch squares are knitted by contributors all over the world and send to South Africa where they are sewn into blankets and distributed to children made vulnerable or orphaned by the ravages of poverty and AIDS.

  6. Janet MH says:

    This charity works to reduce maternal mortality and also distributes vests to newborns in Africa. (I use a Mac and it doesn’t work with Preview but is OK with Acrobat)

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