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Knitting World Records

One gift that I always hope to receive at Christmas (and usually end up buying for myself), is the book of Guinness World Records. I love the weird and wacky ones – the ones that make you wonder how or why it occurred to that person to keep (and count) over 2 million human teeth, to find out how many golf balls they could hold in one hand,  or the amount of balloons they could inflate in an hour, using their nose. So I, delighted by the fact that a few of my dropped hints were picked up, found myself looking for knitting world records.

On page 246 in the 2014 book of Guinness World Records, there is one knitting related entry. Back in April 2013, Susie Hewer (below left) from Sussex became the World Record holder for the longest scarf knitted while running a marathon. She completed the 6foot-8.7inch (or 2.05m) long scarf during her 26-mile run across London, in 5hrs 54mins and 23seconds. Unfortunately, just after the book’s publication, Ms Hewer’s record was broken. In October 2013, American David Babcock (below right), a graphic design professor at the University of Central Missouri, knitted a scarf just under 12ft 1.75 inches during the 5hrs 48mins and 27seconds that it took him to complete the Kansas City marathon.

knitting marathon   knitting marathon babcock

Last week it was also confirmed that the lovely folks at Woman’s Weekly have secured the World Record the longest knitted bunting line measures 3,212.41 m (10,539 ft 4.58 in). In total, 926 people helped Women’s Weekly magazine achieve this record, as they knitted a total of 13,428 triangles. 335,700 m of wool was used to create this knitted bunting line


In 2011, 1,805 people of Kaohsiung City (Chinese Taipei) got together to break the World Record for the most amount of people to knit simultaneously in a single location. Scarves were knitted for the elderly and less fortunate members of the community, at the Tsaogong River Festival.


World Record Challenge Exterior finished piece copy

Ingrid Wagner (above) broke the record for the World’s largest knitting needles, in March 2008. They measure 3.5m tall, with a diameter of 8cm and were used to knit a tension square at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle.

Edward Hannaford (below) of Sittingbourne, Kent, holds the record for the World’s longest french knitting, which measured 16.36 miles in October of 2011. He started in 1989, and still continues to add to it!

french knitting record


What’s your favourite knitting record? Do you have any plans to beak an existing one? Let us know!

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  1. Cheryl Hockham says:

    You’ve missed the “Mile of Mice” record set by knitters who raised over £10,000 pounds for the Alzheimers society (check out their page on facebook). Knitters and crocheters made over 7000 mice which measured nearly 3 miles.

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