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Three new competitions with great prizes!

To get ready for autumn, LoveKnitting is hosting three exciting competitions that are sure to get your needles moving!

Show off your most-loved knits!

knit sock

Each week between now and November 24th, someone will win £50/$50 to spend on, simply for sharing a project that you’re proud of. It could be anything, just make sure your project has the HotTag “MyProudestAchievement,” a photograph, and specifies the yarn you’ve used.

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Spooky stitches!

knit pumpkin hats

We want to see your spookiest stitches for this Halloween-themed contest. If you have any patterns with pumpkins, bats, witches or goblins, this competition is for you! Use the HotTag “Halloween” to win a giant stash of yarn. The winner will be picked on (when else?) Halloween!

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Circular vs. Straight – this contest is over

knitting needles

Do you use circular needles or straight needles? Simply upload a great project and let us know which needles you use by using either the  “SassyCircular” or “GreatStraights” HotTag, and we’ll give you 15% off the most popular needle type on October 5th! Upload your projects from now until September 30th.

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If you haven’t already created a Community account, come and join in! Sharing projects is a great way to connect with fellow knitters and crocheters, by favouriting projects, commenting and following each other. Find out how to upload a project here.

“What is a HotTag?!” I hear you cry. A HotTag is a specially created hashtag on our page. To enter any or all of the competitions, all you have to do is upload a Project on LoveKnitting and select the appropriate HotTag on the first page of the upload: you must include a photograph and specify the yarn that you have used. Winners will be announced in our newsletter and contacted by email with details of their prize. Not sure how to upload a Project on LoveKnitting? Click here to check out our guided tutorial.





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is a photographer, copywriter, rock climber, skier, traveler, and aspiring knitter. His work has been been published in many international newspapers, magazines, websites, books and even a billboard in Brooklyn. Crochet is the best.

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17 Responses to Three new competitions with great prizes!

  1. Leslie Spencer says:

    Do you have the witch pattern that is posted on your todays email?

    Leslie Spencer

  2. Karen Peak-Marder says:

    I love the little witch shown …where do I find the pattern??

  3. Margaret says:

    Where can I find the little witch pattern?

  4. Annie Hudson says:

    Id love the witch knitting pattern please

  5. Alexandra Woods says:

    Would love the little witch pattern also.

  6. Celia Whitmore says:

    I want the little witch pattern please

  7. Kathy says:

    For anyone looking for the pattern to the witches in the email search for Waldorf Halloween Witches.

  8. Andrea says:

    I’m interested in the partially finished sock shown above in black/ white/ coppery brown. Has a diamond pattern going down the leg. Anyone know where the pattern is?

  9. Bev58 says:

    I love the winners “Owl knitted pillow” I would like the pattern location please. I’m also a quilter and plan to make a pillow with scrap material as well.

  10. Carole says:

    I love the knitted jumper! Where can the pattern be purchased?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Carole,

      I’m afraid I’m not sure which jumper you are referring to. We haven’t featured a jumper in this post, was it perhaps a different blog post you were referring to?

  11. Irish says:

    Go to any urban ghetto in the United States and then tell me about how the â€st-ateœsponsored” schools are not segregated. Repeat for those who didn’t hear it the first time. This was outlawed in the US in the middle of the last century.

  12. Meryl says:

    Do you have cactus patterns

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