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Published on August 27th, 2015 | by Angie


LK Personals: the most meaningful thing Helen ever knit

Many of us knit for loved ones, and when we knit a little piece of our heart goes into the project. Read on to see the most meaningful thing that Helen ever knit. 

The most meaningful thing Helen ever knit: LK personals

Helen wanted to make something special for her friend who lives on the other side of the world. This is the finished project – a stunning lace baby blanket, knitted in grey 4 ply yarn with tender care. Helen says,

I knitted it for my friend’s second baby, but totally bit off more than i could chew as it was only the third thing i had ever knitted. I started in September last year, in time for his due date just before Christmas (or so I thought). I finally sent it to him in March this year! But for me it really represents what knitting and homemade gifts are all about – I really miss my friend and her children and she now has something which really shows her that – there are over 60,000 stitches in it, and i thought of them on the other side of the world every time i knitted. I remember sending her a text with this photo saying don’t think i never think of you – i am thinking of you every day – on the train, in the pub, and in front of the telly.



Helen’s international friend loved the blanket, and told Helen that her baby had to be taken to A&E (the emergency room), and the baby was wrapped in Helen’s blanket. Seeing that blanket made her friend feel like Helen’s love was there in the waiting room, even from across an ocean.

We all knit things for people we love: a baby blanket, a wedding shawl, or a winter hat to keep out the chill. Each of these things are knitted with love, with emotion and care poured into every single stitch. Here at LoveKnitting HQ, we’re no different – we knit for our loved ones just like our readers do!

The most meaningful thing Helen ever knit: LK personals on LoveKnitting

Tell us, readers: what’s the most meaningful thing you’ve ever knit? Tell us in the comments.

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8 Responses to LK Personals: the most meaningful thing Helen ever knit

  1. Kathy says:

    Do you have a pattern link to this blanket? It is gorgeous!!!! Thanks, Kathy Sodt.

  2. Gayle Klein says:

    I have mad many charity items. But the most meaningful thing I have knitted were little blanket wraps for stillborn babies. I know they are a tangible item to help Moms grieve such a sad situation. Something they will have that their babies had been in.

  3. Charlie says:

    I had only knit a few things after teaching myself from a book when I decided to tackle an afghan called Berry Patch. For some completely irrational reason, I entered the finished afghan in the 1977 Kentucky State Fair and I won first prize! I was pleased to present the afghan (and the blue ribbon) to my mother who cherished it until her death in 2012. Now it has pride of place on the sofa in my own living room.

  4. I taught myself to knit many years ago,watching my mother ,and reading “How to knit books”Now I can almost knit any pattern ,but mainly knit for babies,layettes ,shawls,and many more things.Knitting has always been my hobbywhich I’ve always enjoyed doing and I’m 72years of age ,started at the age of 10.

  5. I knitted a shawl for my first son in 2ply yarn with an intricate diamond pattern. When my grand-daughter was born 32 years later I passed it on to her. I hope that Maya will pass it on to her first born when the time comes. Every stitch knitted with love.

  6. JoAnn Hoffman says:

    The most important thing I ever knitted was a baby shawl I made for my sister-in-law. It was very lacy. She still has it, and cherished it. I have made a baby shawl for my granddaughter. I don’t think she has ever appreciated it. I have never seen my great-granddaughter wrapped in it. I know the love that went into it.

  7. Wanda says:

    Pattern please.

  8. Sharon says:

    …when we knit a little piece of our heart goes into the project.

    Does it ever! Be joyful when the miracles are manifest!! The very first knitting project (I didn’t pay attention when my Mom and Grans were living) was a lap afghan for a policeman who was so horridly injured in a car accident by an impaired driver, it was thought he wouldn’t make it or be crippled for the rest of his life. Every simple stitch was a prayer and positive thought. The policeman still goes to work each day.

    A very dear friend of mine’s daughter is trying to deal with her parents’ divorce. She’s a Daddy’s Girl. I made a scarfie for her, as a Valentine’s gift from her Daddy, telling her Daddy will never leave her or abandon her. The scarfie is so very girly-girl, it’s almost ridiculous. It was like pulling eyeteeth to get it from her to wash it and put it away for the summer season. Daddy also got his Christmas present in time for Valentine’s day. A very gentlemanly afghan in manly colors and a subtle textured pattern. It helped to keep him calm and focused while getting through the first difficult months of the end of his marriage. I put a lot of prayers, best thoughts and emotions into that project.

    I’ve knitted lap afghans and shawls for gift baskets as raffle prizes for fundraisers for First Responders, the police and fire. I am always so thrilled to learn the ladies stuff the bins with raffle tickets, with the hope they take home the baskets. At a $1 a ticket, you know that big money is going to a very needy cause!

    I never regret any of my projects for others, especially my charitable giving to those less fortunate. We’re always rewarded with good graces when doing from the heart for others.

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