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Meet Clara Parkes & Win 1 of 5 signed copies of Knitlandia!

Her new book Knitlandia has thrilled yarnies all over the world – we had a good chat with Clara Parkes, founder of Knitter’s Review, and asked her all about it…


Clara Parkes (photo credit: Pat Philbin)

From a career in high-tech publishing to becoming the founder of the hugely successful Knitter’s Review and author of several books – How did the transition come about?

I’d call it a lucky mix of circumstances, hard work, and seemingly disparate professional experience coming together and pointing me toward something I loved and understood. I’d worked as a writer and editor. I’d managed product reviews for a tech magazine, so I understood the value and artistry of a really well-done review. I’d begun to feel the enchantment of using weekly email newsletters to build a community of people who share a common passion, again within the tech environment. And then, like a lightning bolt, I saw how I could apply all this experience toward a subject I was passionate about: yarn.

But it wasn’t an overnight transition. I had to keep working in tech as a freelancer for several years before I was really able to make the leap and work on Knitter’s Review full-time. Then came the books, and now the small-batch artisan yarn. It’s been quite a ride!

Do you have any tips for knitters wishing to give up the day job for a more creative life?

Take tiny steps every day, and trust that they will build upon one another and move you in the right direction. Set aside an hour a day, half an hour, whatever time you can, and dedicate it to doing what you love. Do it consistently, make it a practice, a habit. You’ll know if and when you’re ready for the big leap.

I’d also argue that you should crunch the numbers and be realistic. This is a tough industry. A lot of people will try to get you to do work for free (for the love of the craft, or for that dreaded word, “exposure”). I’ve certainly done it, and it did help. But there needs to be a point when we stop giving it away for free or we risk permanently devaluing our work and contributing to an industry that is not economically realistic or viable. Ultimately, that will help nobody.

There is a lot of talk in the media today about how knitting is ‘the new yoga’. Does knitting help you with mindfulness?

Knitting totally helps me with mindfulness. It lets me churn through miles of yarn when I’m feeling peevish, it occupies that part of my brain that would otherwise be clicking a pen over and over again. But it also provides a deep tactile, sensual satisfaction, like rolling out pie dough or sinking into a hot bubble bath. I can turn off my brain and focus on the fibers and stitches, if that’s what I need; or I can totally go into my thoughts, solve puzzles, and trust that the yarn will keep my fiddly fingers busy. It’s an endlessly adaptable activity that helps fill whatever need I have.

Who taught you to knit?

My maternal grandma. Both of her parents were born in England and they emigrated to the United States as children. She was an amazing knitter. She worked sculptural magic on the tiniest needles. Her sweaters were like works of art, so perfect the shaping and structure and stitches.

What is on your needles right now?

I could pretend I only have one project going right now, but that would be a lie. Let’s just say I like variety! Right now the majority of projects in progress are shawls or cowls, because—living in the cold coastal climate of Maine—those are the most useful kinds of garments to wear year-round. I’m also really enjoying playing with stranding different fibers and textures. I’m halfway done with a Capture cowl by Lisa Mutch, stranding a superfine brushed Shibui Silk Cloud and a spongy succulent Woolfolk Får together. The fabric is delicious.


Knitlandia by Clara Parkes, published by STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book (£12.99)

Your brand new book has hit the shelves, what can knitters expect from Knitlandia?

They can expect stories from some of the most legendary and remarkable places where knitters have gathered over the years—from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival to the annual sorting of the sheep in Iceland to a sliver of a yarn store in Paris. I wanted to give people the delicious feeling of being there. I also wanted to document our culture, and to explain our rituals, our traditions, in a way that outsiders would understand. The next time you tell someone you’re headed to a knitting retreat and they roll their eyes, you can shake your head, hand them this book, and simply say, “Read it.”

What is your favorite travel destination as a knitter?

Wherever I go, I manage to find the yarn, the sheep, the mills, and the knitters. It’s an occupational hazard. But if I had to pinpoint certain favorite destinations, they’d be anywhere with a cold-weather climate and rich knitting tradition. Scotland is at the top of my list, along with Iceland. For much the same reasons, I’d love to spend more time visiting the nooks and crannies of Scandinavia. There’s so much wool out there waiting to be discovered!!

What events will you be at this year? Where can fans find you?

In a few weeks I’ll be giving the keynote at the perfectly named Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland, Colorado, and from there I’m headed to the gorgeous Asilomar conference center in northern California for Amy Herzog’s Make Wear Love retreat. Then there’s Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and our semiannual industry trade show TNNA in Washington, D.C., and of course the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck…Click here for a full schedule of my travels.

If you could be a yarn, what would you be? 

I’d be a nice rugged woolen-spun two-ply yarn, probably DK weight, that’s easygoing and ready to do whatever you want it to do. They’re not the glitzy yarns, but they stick with you through thick and thin.

What’s next for Clara Parkes?

I just acquired a bale of gorgeous wool from a flock of sheep in Montana that’s tended by some of my favorite people in the world. I cannot wait to figure out the right mill for these fibers, the right twist and ply, and get this yarn into people’s hands. It’s going to be amazing.

And then? What else…another book!

knitlandia: Clara Parkes on the LoveKnitting blog

WIN one of 5 signed copies of Knitlandia!

Thanks to Abrams & Chronicle books you could win one of 5 signed copies of Knitlandia. To be in with the chance of winning, simply tell us in the comment box below where your favorite place to knit is before 15th April, 2016 and we’ll contact the winner by 22nd April, 2016.


Read Clara’s blog here, and fantastic “intelligent talk about yarn” over on Knitter’s Review!

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117 Responses to Meet Clara Parkes & Win 1 of 5 signed copies of Knitlandia!

  1. Jennifer Robson says:

    My favourite place is on a knitting cruise to see the Northern Lights!

    • Louise D'Aoust says:

      I belong to a Bar Knitting Group and we meet on Wednesday every week. We help and encourage one another. Friendships have blossomed outside the group. We have made a couple of road trips to a yarn store to add to our stash.

      I also enjoy knitting while watching TV and in the car.

  2. Ann Sinclair says:

    My favorite place to knit is on the porch of my summer house at Lake Hopatcong, NJ, looking out on the lake and listening to the birds singing in the trees. Very restful!

  3. Melissa M. says:

    I love to knit when we visit Traverse City, Mi The bay there is so relaxing and peaceful!

  4. Jenny says:

    My favourite place to knit is by the brawds in Norfolk, it’s so beautiful and there’s loads of nature.

  5. KCausey says:

    My favorite place to knit — in my very own home!

  6. Geri says:

    My favorite place to knit is on my front porch with a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Of couse, Alaska would be nice too!

  7. Marian says:

    My favourite place to knit is anywhere where there are with other knitters…wherever I go I find knitters are always welcoming, interesting and share such great ideas!

  8. Lori S says:

    I love knitting at home surrounded by all of my yarn, books, and needles, and of course, surrounded by my two Yorkshire terriors, Sophie and Spanky!

  9. Connie Miester says:

    I love to knit in my recliner at home in my reading area of the dining room with my yorkie “Toto” on my lap. He doesn’t mind when the needles rub against his ears!

  10. Christel says:

    More than 1 place actually
    at home: on my favourite coach or on the porch on Summer days;
    in the company of other knitters: in my LYS or the local library, where my favourite things in life meet: books, yarn and knitting

  11. Frances Turner says:

    I like to knit in public even though some say this is “inappropriate”. The only way to make knitting more “acceptable” is to bring it to everyone everywhere.

  12. Dani W says:

    My favourite place to knit is on the patio of my mom’s house in South Africa, with the sun shining and a nice, cold drink at my side and the birds tweeting.

  13. Clairellen McLaughlin says:

    I love your book, Clara. And I enjoy the way the chapters are written. -it’s easy to pick up and read a chapter at a time, much like a travelogue. If love to win another copy to give to my friend as she recovers from a serious kidney problem. Thanks!

  14. Shanna says:

    This may not be the most exciting answer, but my favorite place to knit is sitting on my couch with the cat in my lap and the dog at my feet!

  15. Judy says:

    I love to knit on the patio of my ocean-side condo. I live in a small town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Any time I sit out the hummingbirds, who live in a big cedar tree nearby, buzz by to check out any bright colors I may have in my knitting basket.
    In the rainy winter I knit by the fire indoors. The hummingbirds remain throughout the wet times.

  16. Wanda Swartzbaugh says:

    My Favorite place is My Bed in the evening, sitting up with my Headphones reading a book to me from my Kindle.

  17. Abby says:

    My favorite place for fiber arts is anywhere. I have a pot holder in my purse, a shawl in the glove box, baby slippers on my night stand… I’ve dreamed of being a knitter my whole life, but being left handed I couldn’t find a willing teacher (confusing because you use both hands so it doesn’t matter right?) Thats why I’m a crocheter. But I haven’t given up on knitting, one day I will be a Knitter and I will be knitting everywhere.

  18. Judy says:

    My favorite place to knit is in the car when my husband is driving through a rainstorm. The pelting rain splashing onto the windshield making it (momentarily) impossible to see the road used to (before knitting) cause me to annoy my husband by telling him to “pull off the road and wait”. Now, I’m able to keep my eyes on my knitting, my mouth shut and pray!

  19. Pat Collingwood says:

    My favourite place to knit is in my garden studio listening to the birds sing.

  20. miss agnes says:

    My favorite place to knit: in winter, on my couch, and in summer, in my garden, shaded by the lilac trees.

  21. Deb A says:

    My favorite place to knit is at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.

  22. Jayne Yeomans says:

    My favourite place to knit is at home,sitting on the sofa,I have my knitting bag on the floor by my feet,my pattern,cable needle,small scissors etc on my right side,on the sofa ,and my elderly chihuahua curled up against my thigh on the other side,a can of Diet Coke on the sideboard in arms reach and I’m rearing to go.sitting like this reminds me of being a young girl 10 or 11 years old at my nannas house,I would sit just like this on her sofa,while she sat right in front of the coal fire in her winged chair.we would sit like this for hours happily knitting and chatting,nanna would help me with decreasing and increasing till I got the hang of it,we had tea and nannas homemade cakes or scones when we had a break.Im 58 now and every time I pick up my needles I think of my nanna and those wonderful winter afternoons,

    • Quinn says:

      I hope it’s okay to comment in a giveaway thread, because I just have to say how much I love this description of you and your nanna knitting together 🙂

  23. Jenny Wiese says:

    I can knit anywhere…but prefer my recliner at home in front of the fireplace. Sometimes with a cat next to me, and sometimes not. But always surrounded by my yarn, supplies and a cup of coffee. Life is good! 🙂

  24. Tehmina says:

    My favourite place to knit is curled up on my couch at home. Love relaxing there after a long day at work.

  25. Pat says:

    My favorite place to knit is on the bench in the backyard under my favorite maple tree. With my dog snoopervising the whole time.

  26. Vicki says:

    My favorite place to knit is anywhere that I can get beautiful natural light, a cool breeze and a reclining chair that will let me put my legs up( a nice drink at hand is great too!) So I may be in my chair at home but I can watch a video or play music and let my mind wander to the paradise in my head.

  27. Tricia says:

    Anywhere really but I especially love sitting quietly by the lake while my son is fishing.

  28. Helen in Tasmania says:

    At home, in the car …

  29. Naturaleza says:

    My favorite place for knitting is in my living room in my favorite sofa with the sun throw the window.

  30. Tina Ludwig says:

    I love knitting in my recliner listening to some beautiful music.

  31. Deborah says:

    with my mom, both of us knitting, does not matter all that much where!

  32. Vivella says:

    I can pretty much knit anywhere.

  33. Jeannette Cripps says:

    My favourite place to knit is in our local coffee shop.
    A wonderful cup of coffee, whatever I’m currently making and a comfy chair – lovely.
    It always has people asking what I’m making and “I used to do that, must try it again”.
    Failing that, at home with a snoozing cat nearby or at knitter/crochet group where we can all share experiences.

  34. Jennifer says:

    The place I love to knit would be in the countryside surrounded by family and friends, combining my two loves of knitting and nature. It is really relaxing and when the weather is nice, although not often, I am able to do it outside.

  35. Jill says:

    I like curling up on the settee to knit with my greyhounds asleep at my feet. I’m usually watching TV too, particularly Scandi crime series. I love spotting the knitted sweaters (Trapped an Icelandic series has some great ones), but it’s difficult to concentrate on a tricky pattern while reading sub-titles!!

  36. Deborah Garretty says:

    My favourite place would have to be in “my” chair at home together with my overflowing workbasket and our three, snoozing cats.

  37. Louise D'Aoust says:

    I belong to a Bar Knitting Group and we meet on Wednesday every week. We help and encourage one another. Friendships have blossomed outside the group. We have made a couple of road trips to a yarn store to add to our stash.

    I also enjoy knitting while watching TV and in the car.

  38. Estelle says:

    The everyday knitting : In the car in front of the school, waiting for the kids to come out. At the docters/ dentist/ mechanics waiting for an appointment to begin or end. Late night infront of the television with sleepy dogs at my feet and the rest of the family in dreamland. Then also the special sessions : Sitting at the big dining room table with my girls on each side knitting all together and laughing. A visit to far away family and sitting down late at night at the table in the just cleaned kitchen and sharing a last cup of tea and knitting while we catch up on each others life over the last year. That is the knitting I would like to do everyday.

  39. Chris Hunt says:

    I am a born-again knitter right now and trying to catch up with al I have missed over the years. I am knitting at home but its a wonderful revelation to me that knitting is so portable. I intend to take it with me on holidays and when travelling. All that waiting around in places, when I’m too tired to read or its too noisy – I can get the knitting out and start click clacking away. Looking forward to it!

  40. Diane says:

    My favorite place to knit is sitting on the screened porch of my house by the coast. I can hear the sound of the gulls and see people ride by on their bicycles.

  41. Mary Alderton says:

    I love to knit in my back garden on a sunny day with the company of my little dog and the sparrows chirping away on the nearby bird-feeders,,,,,,,,, very relaxing.

  42. Quinn says:

    Outdoors. At the moment, my favorite place to knit is in a chaise that I’ve dragged out to one of the paddocks, where I am surrounded by my little herd of cashmere goats. It’s only really comfortable in the Spring and Autumn, so in recent weeks I’ve treasured every day I can get out there even for an hour.

  43. Dayna Turner says:

    My favorite place to knit is humble and unsophisticated. It is anywhere I happen to be: my home, my car, my easy chair, in the waiting room at the clinic, on my camp chair in the blue mountains, on my horse, walking my dog, and when I am spending time with the people I love. I prefer it be quiet but I can zone out in a noisy place. I would love to knit in the stressful environment of my work but it is unfortunately frowned upon – they not being aware that I could likely be even more productive through the therapeutic soothing that knitting brings.

  44. Vicki Zilai says:

    My favorite place to knit is our weekly lunch and knit circle. . We have 5 members. One person prepares lunch and dessert . We then discuss all kinds of things and of course KNIT !!!!

  45. Anne Marie says:

    Cozy on my couch by the wood burning stove.

  46. Kari Morandi says:

    I love knitting on the couch, sitting next to my husband and watching TV. A big plus is that he’s always willing to count stitches for me!

  47. JD Doyle says:

    My favorite place to knit is at home, on the couch, with my lovely little canine friend nuzzled up against me. Perfect!

  48. Helene says:

    My favourite place to knit is my balcony!

  49. Amy C says:

    My most productive place is in the passenger seat of the car – no distractions, few interruptions, lots of scenery. Next is at my LYS for the lovely people, or at a coffee shop with a friend, or at home in the evening on my couch!

  50. Tesla says:

    My favorite place to knit is by the Ohio River. I used to live in Madison and moved away for a few years. Now I live near the river 100+ miles from where I used to. Though I seldom get to go there these days (thanks to three small children) it will always be my favorite place to knit. I love the cool breeze and sound of the tiny waves.

  51. Kimberley Parfitt says:

    The corner of my couch, with my feet elevated, my puppy snuggled in tightly between the armrest and I, with my kitty lounging alongside, freely stretched out with his head turned under… This is where my heart longs to be when my needles are clicking away.

  52. Lisa Stanton says:

    My favorite place to knit is on my deck with my mini schnauzer, Sandi, cuddled up next to me.

  53. Terry Swindell says:

    My husband and I love to go to Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of NC, where we fish and knit on the beach. We have a small trailer on a permanent campsite that is just a mile away from Cape Point in Buxton, which is the location for the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. My Husband takes a picture of me knitting on the beach on every trip.

  54. Sarah says:

    On the train. Listening to knitting podcasts. I’ve discovered this is the most relaxing thing ever.

  55. Alicia says:

    My favorite place to knit is in my Lazy-boy recliner with my cat in my lap under my knitting. Fortunately he doesn’t mind the knitting or play with it.

  56. Nancy Campbell says:

    I knit during thr sermon at church. It helps me to concentrate. One time I didn’t have my knitting and on the way out my minister ask me if I was OK.

  57. Tiffanie says:

    Thank you for sharing Clara’s story so vividly. She is a yarn champion in every sense of the word.

    Knitting at home while reading or listening to music comes in second only to my first favorite which is knitting while traveling with my extended family. Most recently we spent time together at a golfing retreat near San Diego, CA. We don’t often travel far, but we love to spend time together having adventures. My knitting becomes a tangible reminder of those good times and good feelings.

  58. Jodie B. says:

    My favorite place to knit is wherever I happen to be but knitting while camping is extra special!

  59. Sunny says:

    My favorite place to knit is my back deck, with my shoes off and one of my cats nearby. I can spend a happy Sunday afternoon there with a glass of water and a book to read while knitting.

  60. Joy says:

    Definitely my bed at night listening to podcasts or an audiobook.

  61. Audrey Schneider says:

    Along the fishing beat bet at Kildrummy on the River Don in Scotland – of course after a morning of casting the fly with tight lines!

  62. Pat says:

    Afro me, it’s not so much a physical place, it’s more of a head space. Knitting is best when I can let go and just be with the yarn and the project. This means having an attitude of watching the project evolve, never one of “getting the project done”.

  63. Lynne Ulicki says:

    I like knitting everywhere and anywhere, but my favorite place to knit is on the screened porch in the woods, in the Adirondack Mountains, in the summer with the birds and chippies all around and music on the radio.

  64. Judith Rance says:

    My favorite place to knit is on the sofa in my home, sitting next to my husband. But I can knit anywhere; doctors’ offices, soccer games, swim meets, on road trips, and just about anywhere. My knitting is portable.

  65. Elisha says:

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  66. Anne V says:

    With Helene Magnusson in Iceland – magical!

  67. Charlene says:

    My favorite place is in my comfy recliner chair with my cat on my lap.

  68. Dyanne says:

    My favorite place to knit is my own home in rural Hunterdon county NJ surrounded by pets and nature. I do take my knitting with me wherever I go. A row here, a row there.

  69. Elena says:

    At home in the west suburbs of Chicago, in bed, with the tv!

  70. Shawna says:

    My favorite place to knit is in my sunroom.

  71. Carmen N says:

    At home, on the couch, with my family around me.

  72. Kristopher says:

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  73. Beth Rudo says:

    With new and old friends at a knitting retreat.With old friends at a coffeehouse or bookstore. Or, frankly, anywhere and everywhere.

  74. Alice Fraser says:

    My favourite place to knit is my local knit and natter – more natter than knit though!

  75. Yvonne Bujold says:

    In winter …in my favorite chair and summer outside in garden. I always bring my knitting every where I go.

  76. Melaine says:

    My favourite place to knit is in my Sunroom.

  77. Judy says:

    My favorite place to knit has to be my spot on the couch. The leather is worn to fit my bottom and the throw is close by in case I get chilled and need to cuddle up.

  78. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    I like to knit in front of the TV.

  79. Kate says:

    At home, by a blazing fire.

  80. Linda Rumsey says:

    My favourite place to knit is wherever I happen to be sitting!

  81. Jill says:

    My favorite place to knit is where ever I am when I have the time to do so. Sometimes that’s on the couch watching TV with my husband. Other times, it’s in the car on a long trip.

  82. Muriel McGregor says:

    Anywhere I have room to move my knitting needles around when knitting.

  83. Maureen Corrado says:

    I love knitting in my bed either sitting up or laying down. Snuggled in my flannel sheets and duvet I knit into the wee hours of the morning. It relaxes me and I love creating things!

  84. Dee Thompson says:

    In my big leather recliner in my den with all my knitting things within reach!

  85. Lara says:

    My favorite place to knit is on the couch with a cup of tea, and with a cat if I’m lucky. It means I finally have a moment of quiet all to myself while the kids are off being busy somewhere else.

  86. Keri Goldsmith says:

    My favorite place to knit is in my rocking chair in front of a fire.

  87. Julie says:

    My favourite place to knit is in my mum’s lounge room, wonderful light and a view of the sea.

  88. Christine Milway says:

    I have a rocking chair tucked into a corner of my living room that’s a great place to knit.

  89. Aine Ruane says:

    It will be easier for me to talk about WHERE I DON’T KNIT…the shower. Otherwise, where ever I am, I am knitting.

  90. Tomeka says:

    I love to sit on my porch and knit. It’s screened in so that the bugs don’t bug me. It’s a very happy porch.

  91. Rebecca GAbriel says:

    My favorite place to knit was driving all through Ireland in 2010 – hubs was driving and I was knitting in the passenger seat trying not to scream. I knit an entire sweater in the 2 weeks we were there….in the car. I got the perfect shawl pin for it in Dublin. So memorable.

  92. Betti says:

    My favorite place to knit is wherever I happen to be. I mostly knit at home, but take my knitting along whenever I leave home, so I can always do a little.

  93. Nancy Show says:

    Anyplace where I can be knitting with my friends. A beach house rental is always good!

  94. Kathleen Meggitt says:

    I get all comfy in my chair, with the TV on, a hot cup of tea, and my latest project. I just zone out and knit. The satisfaction is enormous.

  95. Andrea says:

    My favorite place to sit is on the couch underneath the living room window. That way I can knit and watch what’s going on on the street.

  96. Alex says:

    Knitting with my sister, especially when we’re both snuggled up under blankets watching Netflix together!

  97. Judy H says:

    At my kitchen table – with the best windows and natural light in my house. Best view, too. I push my chair away from the table, have my pattern, notions and drink at hand. And I can also see and interact with my family. Home sweet home!

  98. Vee Phillips says:

    My favourite place to knit is the sunny end of the garden – I tend to attract the local cats, which is fine by me. But my usual place to knit is just the plain old sofa, with or without my OH by my side.

  99. Denise says:

    My favorite place to knit is in the early evening on the beach. So relaxing!

  100. Carole says:

    My favourite place to knit is anywhere I’m able -at home, on the train, on a long car journey (as a passenger!), visiting friends. The best thing about knitting is it’s so portable?

  101. Sally says:

    My favourite place to knit is in the apartment in Val Thorens! All warm and cosy whilst my husband and boys ski outside!

  102. Iva Butler says:

    My usual place is my lounge while I listened to music, but I do love to knit by the seaside when on holiday 😉

  103. JJ Gilchrist says:

    If I am knitting a “mindless” project, my favorite place is at our weekly knitters’ group get-together. If I am knitting something that takes a lot of concentration, then my favorite place is by myself in my office/studio or in our enclosed linai.

  104. Julie Paterson says:

    In the back garden when the sun is shining! ☀️

  105. Janet Reinhart says:

    My favorite place to knit is on my leather loveseat, right next to my yarn stash in our TV room. I’m happy knitting in the Philippines these days (we’re volunteers) but I’d love to knit in a group someday, be part of a knitting community!

  106. 1SGT Deb says:

    I too knit everywhere, from meetings to travel to waiting rooms and even on my exercise bike. My favorite though is on the deck early in the morning overlooking the lake and watching the world wake up.

  107. Tara says:

    My favorite place to knit is EVERYWHERE! My knitting makes anywhere feel like home. It calms me. It connects me to others. It turns strangers into friends when I’m approached in public about my knitting. The work of my hands is the continuous thread in my life, tying together who I am in all situations.

    Thank you for the lovely interview and the very generous giveaway!

    Tara (chavahsdaughter on Ravelry)

  108. Christina says:

    My favorite place to knit is at a cafe with friends!

  109. Mariana Hamilton says:

    I love knitting on airplanes! It lets me just melt away to somewhere else. Knitting is so meditative …. The click, click of the needles is very therapeutic!

  110. Nessa says:

    I love to knit in front of the TV in the evenings, next to my husband and fur-babies.
    Thanks for this chance to win a copy. I really enjoyed reading your interview, good questions!

  111. Pauline McPherson says:

    It doesn’t matter where I knit, as soon as I start, it’s just the needles , the yarn and the excitement of seeing my work grow. The knitting iIS the ‘place’.

  112. Maria says:

    in my conservatory it’s really quiet and peaceful

  113. Lesley says:

    My favourite place? Anywhere I can find. Just love knitting.

  114. Margaret Stewart says:

    Apart from home, where there is always something on the go, my favourite place to knit is in the doctors or hospital waiting room. Not only does it take your mind off where you are but also generates interest from others and some very pleasant conversations about this wonderful craft.

  115. Heather Duncan says:

    My favorite place to knit is on the Gulf Islands ferries that transport me to either Victoria or Vancouver BC. I get a lot of knitting done while enjoying the view, plus there always seems to be another knitter interested in what I am working on!

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