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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by Faith


Meet The Knitter: Leanne from Knit Me A Cake

We’re always so happy to find bloggers who write about their crafts, inspiring others and sharing our passion and delight in knitting. This week, Leanne Beale, from Knit Me A Cake caught our eye with her wonderful sky blanket and we just had to find out more…

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name’s Leanne and I’m 28 and living in Surrey, UK. I craft alongside my cat Freds (he’s got a big following on my blog!) and I love to be creative – from knitting and baking to sewing and crochet, I’ll give anything a go.

When I’m not crafting you’ll find me working in marketing, a job I get a lot of satisfaction from. I’m also a fan of seeing bands play live, binging on the latest TV box sets and visiting new places – a trip to California is something my boyfriend and I are hoping will become a reality next year!

In the last few years I’ve been to Italy, Vietnam, America and Morocco, and I really hope that list keeps growing.

Who or what inspired you to pick up the needles?

That’d be my Mum and grandparents. For as long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by my Nan and Grandad knitting. I’m so proud of how much they’ve knitted for charity over the years – from baby hats, to blankets and toys, they’ve done so much.

My Mum is also an amazing crafter; if she puts her mind to it, she can achieve anything. Both my Nan and my Mum took the time to sit with me to teach me how to knit and how to read patterns. Even now, if I’m ever in a crafty rut, it’s my Nan who encourages me to keep going.

Meet the Knitter

What was your first knitted project?

My first knitting project was a few bottle toppers, all part of the Innocent drinks Christmas charity campaign. That was in Autumn 2011 and the appeal of them was that they were little, they were getting wide coverage, and I liked the idea of putting together different colours.

I think I made around half a dozen before I got bored and decided to challenge myself with a baby’s cardigan. My Mum sat with me and broken the pattern down paragraph by paragraph; a really good way of learning!

Where do you look for inspiration when you are about to start something new?

I’m fortunate enough to never be out of inspiration – both blogging and a general interest in crafts means I’m always surrounded by ideas. My general avenues include fellow bloggers, Pinterest and magazines. I’ve also got quite a stash of craft books these days, which all have more projects than I’ll ever be able to complete ;).

How and when did you decide to start blogging?

It was back in October 2012, after playing around with a few ideas earlier that year. I was already trying to be more creative, but needed something to push me further. Blogging felt like a good outlet for me; if there’s something there, as a definite, then I don’t want to let it fall behind.

I also do a lot of writing in my job, and wanted to find more outlets to push this further. I had no idea where blogging would take me, but I wanted to create something of my own that I was in control of.

What are you focused on now? And what do you have planned?

My main focus is my sky blanket project; it’s a year-long project that I’m determined not to fall too far behind with. That being said, I also have other projects on the go and this year I’d like to really get to grips with crochet and get back into cross stitch. I used to cross stitch a lot when I was younger, and I’ve recently bought two projects that I can’t wait to crack on with.

Meet the knitter

How many pieces of work do you have at home right now that haven’t been finished?

Oh no, don’t ask me that! I’m the worst for starting things and never finishing them. I get distracted easily by shows, magazines, Pinterest and blogs. In total, excluding my sky blanket, there are five pieces of work. There are also at least a dozen things I’ve bought and am yet to start! Oops.

What are your knitting aspirations?

Good question! The first one that comes to mind is to speed up my knitting; I see others and feel like I’m quite slow. This means that projects take me a while to finish, though my sky blanket is helping me to speed up a bit.

I’d also really like to be able to knit some more complicated pieces and perhaps some clothing for myself. I’ve recently discovered Pompom magazine and the items in there are so beautiful. I’d also like to have a go at some cable knitting and knitting in the round this year.


Thanks for featuring on our blog this week, Leanne! Keep us updated with your progress on the sky blanket!

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