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Melanie Berg’s knitwear picks

We’ve been asking some of your favorite designers what their knitwear choices are. This week, Melanie Berg’s knitwear picks are blowing us away! 

Last week, I learned Hannah Fettig’s knitwear picks. This time around, I’m talking to Melanie Berg, designer of beautiful shawls, sweaters and accessories. I made Melanie’s Quicksilver Shawl last April (click here to check it out on the Projects platform), and I loved making it! Melanie says:

Melanie Berg's knitwear picks: Solaris shawl - download on LoveKnittingAbove: Solaris shawl by Melanie Berg – click this image to download the pattern

I love December for its Christmas spirit and the magic that surrounds those days, but it’s also a month that’s jam packed with work for me. Entering the new year, it feels good to have a little more time for myself, and to possibly think about some selfish knitting. I’d love to make another Solaris shawl for myself! It’s been so much fun picking colors and seeing them all come together, and all the garter stitch knits up so easily and allows for some daydreaming. And some daydreaming is never wrong, is it?

Melanie Berg's knitwear picks: Solaris shawl at LoveKnittingAbove: Melanie Berg’s Solaris Shawl – click this image to download the pattern

Åsa Tricosa has designed some wonderful garments – modern, cute and stylish. “Stripes Ahoy!” is definitely a piece I’d love to have in my wardrobe! Having a hand-knit sweater that you can simply toss on over jeans and look great in is just awesome. A hint of waist shaping for a flattering fit, no seaming at all and fancy stripes make this the perfect selfish knitting project. (Click here to see all of Åsa Tricosa’s patterns!)

Melanie Berg's knitwear picks: Asa Tricosa's Stripes Ahoy - download at LoveKnittingAbove: Åsa Tricosa’s Stripes Ahoy – click this image to download the pattern

Thanks, Melanie! If you want to see all of Melanie Berg’s patterns, click here. Tune in next week for more pattern picks from your favorite designers, and more inspiration for your stash.

What do you think of Melanie Berg’s knitwear picks?

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