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Men who knit

When I tell people that I’m a knitter, they’re extremely surprised. Over the past six years, since taking up knitting, I’ve even had a few people laugh in my face. They truly believed the stereotype that only Grandmas are the ones that knit – sitting in her rocking chair by the fire, with the basket of yarn beside her while the cat seems to be pouncing and chasing balls of wool around. They don’t expect that a “young lady” in her twenties could enjoy knitting. Let alone a man!

Unfortunately we don’t hear about men who knit, very often. However, the knitting world is littered with inspirational male knitters. From actors to artists, there are all kinds of men taking up knitting as a hobby, some of whom may or may not be familiar to you.

Arne & Carlos, are a very successful Norweigan/Swedish duo known for their knitted clothing company. Living and working in Norway, their home and their lifestyle are both very “hands on”. Building their house, growing their food and generally being self-sufficient, is what’s important to them. They have recently been working on their latest book titled ‘55 Christmas Balls to Knit‘, which contains plenty of patterns to decorate your traditional Christmas balls, with a Scandinavian feel.


American born Kaffe Fassett moved to London in 1964. Since then, he’s become famous for his love and use of colour, through many arts and crafts, including painting, ceramics, needlepoint, patchwork, and knitting. When some of Fassett’s collaboration work with Bill Gibb, was picked as Dress of the Year for Vogue in 1970, this showed that it was acceptable to use traditional textile handicrafts as part of mainstream fashion. Since then, Fassett has gone on to become author of over 30 books, and a television host for programmes on BBC and Channel 4. Currently he is the primary knitwear designer for Rowan Yarns.


Many male celebs also like to pick up their knitting needles during slow days on the film set. Actors such as David Arquette from ‘Scream’, heartthrob Ryan Gosling from ‘The Notebook’ and everyone’s favourite, Russell Crowe, from Gladiator and Les Misérables. Offering personal knitting lessons from any one of these gentlemen will certainly be one way of increasing the amount of women who knit!!

russell-crowe knitting

For further reads, the UK Hand and Knitting Association have collated a number of articles written about men who knit, from over the years. Or if you’re looking for tips and patterns perfect for the modern man, take a look at ‘Knitting With Balls‘.

Who would you say is the best inspiration for male knitters?


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  1. Russell Crowe is NOT knitting in that picture! Such a pity they couldn’t pose him properly, at least…

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