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Published on December 4th, 2015 | by Angie


MillaMia Knit-A-Long: cable and fair isle stockings

Now that most of you are finishing up your striped stockings, the next step is to start on the cable or fair isle stocking. Which MillaMia Knit-A-Long team are you on?

This week, we’re casting on both the cabled and fair isle stockings, knitted up in gorgeous MillaMia yarn. (If you’re just getting started, click here to read more about the available color packs.)


MILLAMIA KNIT-A-LONGClick this image to download the free pattern

Ready to cast on? This helpful tutorial video will show you how to do the cable cast on, which is slightly different than the common long-tail cast on. Check it out:

Now you’re ready to learn how to cable. There are two different methods in this pattern, the cable back and the cable front. This is the tutorial on how to cable front, when you hold stitches on a cable needle in front of the work. This is also known as a “cable left.”

This stocking also calls for a cable back, also known as a “cable right.”

If you need a refresher on how to turn the hell and pick up stitches for the instep, make sure you visit this post which has the archived tutorials for the MillaMia Knit-A-Long.

MillaMia Knit-A-Long

MillaMia Knit-A-LongClick this image to download the free pattern

If you’re on team fair isle nordic star, get ready to cast on! This stocking uses a normal long-tail cast on – if you need some help with that, click here for some guidance.

If you’re new to fair isle and stranded knitting techniques, you’ll find this video tutorial helpful to see just how the different colors need to be wrapped to avoid a hole in your work.

Just as mentioned above, you can click here for help and video tutorials on turning the heel and picking up stitches for the instep of the stocking, in case you didn’t knit the striped version first.

Join the rest of the MillaMia Knit-A-Long participants Рshare your projects on Twitter and Instagram with the tags #TeamCable or #TeamFairIsle. Which team are you on?

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