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Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by Christine Leech


Mini Springtime Easter Wreaths by Christine Leech

These wreaths are beautiful mini decorations, perfect for your Easter parties or just to brighten up your walls until Spring finally decides to make an appearance!

Christine Leech Springtime Easter Wreath

If you don’t want to use embroidery hoops for the wreath you could buy small twisted willow ones or make ones from wool-wrapped wire coat hangers. Using super-soft wool like angora or mohair means your pompoms become amazingly soft little balls of fluff!

You will need:  Felt in various colours, soft mohair or angora wool – try Wendy Air or Debbie Bliss Angel, a fork, needle and thread, glue gun, a strong cotton thread like Rico Essentials Crochet thread, embroidery hoops in various sizes – I’ve used 13cm, 17cm and 21cm.

To make the pompoms

Springtime Easter Wreath by Christine Leech

  1. Take a length of thread and place it between the middle tines of the fork.
  2. Begin wrapping the mohair wool around the fork. To make it easier wrap several strands at once.
  3. When you have made quite a thick bundle of wool take the two ends of the cotton, pull tight around the bundle and tie a knot.
  4. Slip the bundle from the fork and wrap the cotton around the bundle again, pull tight and then tie a double knot.
  5. With scissors cut the two sides of the bundle releasing all the strands of wool.
  6. Trim the pompom till it is nice and spherical.
  7. Make lots more poms. You can alter the size of them by wrapping more or less wool around the fork.

Christine Leech Spring Wreath for Easter

To make the flowers

Spring Easter Wreaths Christine Leech

  1. Cut a piece of felt 2cm x 8cm then concertina it into five.
  2. Holding it between your thumb and forefinger cut an arc across the top edge, making sure you don’t cut completely through the folds of the felt.
  3. Unfold the felt and if necessary trim the arcs so they are neater and more petal shaped.
  4. With a needle and thread sew a running stitch along the straight edge.
  5. Pull the two ends of the thread to gather the felt into a flower shape. Tie a double knot to secure. Do not cut the thread yet.
  6. To make the middle of the flower, cut a 1.5 x 5cm rectangle of felt in a contrasting colour, then snip into a fringe.
  7. Roll up and fan out the fringe.
  8. Poke the roll of felt into the middle of the flower, secure in place with a few stitches.

Make more flowers in different colours and sizes:

Christine Leech Easter Springtime Wreath

To make the buds and leaves:

Christine Leech Easter Springtime Wreath

  1. Cut a length of felt 2.5cm x 6cm, cut a series of curved fronds – they can all be a little bit different so don’t worry if they’re a bit wobbly wobbly!
  2. Roll up the felt and secure with a couple of stitches.
  3. Stitch through all layers of felt to make sure the middle doesn’t spiral out.
  4. Cut several different leaf shapes from a variety of greens, stitch through the middle of the base of the leaves to create shape.
  5. Stitch a few leaves together.
  6. Make several different clusters of flowers and leaves.

To construct the wreaths

Christine Leech Easter Springtime Wreaths

Take one of the embroidery hoops and using a glue gun fix the pompoms and then flowers in place. The wreaths look lovely both with flowers and pompoms covering the whole wreath or just places in specific spots.

Christine Leech Easter Springtime Wreaths

A beautifully joyous wreath to welcome the spring! 

Christine Leech Easter Springtime Wreath

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  1. Rebecca Foot says:

    These look such fun! I bet I could get the kids involved too over the Easter holidays.

  2. Susan Thompson says:

    This is such a cute project!!! Happy Easter!

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