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Name MillaMia’s New Video To Win

Looking for inspiration for your next knitting project? Look no further than this new video from MillaMia promoting their Little Rascals collection, and it’s being shown on the LoveKnitting blog as a world exclusive! Help us think of a title for this video to win some yarn and patterns to start knitting for your own little rascals, just scroll down for more details…

All knitwear in this video can be found in the MillaMia Little Rascals book – a brilliant collection of colourful children’s patterns influenced by Scandinavian design. All patterns are knit with MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino yarn, a 100% Merino yarn available in 22 gorgeous shades. If you’ve never knit with MillaMia before, we hope the video above will certainly inspire you!

How To Enter

Simply comment below and tell us what you would title MillaMia’s new video before 13th May, 2014. The winner will be hand picked by the team at MillaMia and win a copy of the Little Rascals book plus 10 balls of MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino in the colour of their choice.

Congratulations to Sharon H who chose the winning title Midsummer Mischief!

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Carly just can't decide what to knit next! She loves ballet, red velvet cupcakes, and dachshunds.

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82 Responses to Name MillaMia’s New Video To Win

  1. Ronnie Gosnell says:

    “MillaMia: Making Memories of Childhood”

    What a great collection! It has truly inspired me :>)

  2. Bouncee Shaw says:

    Love the video. Love the patterns. Love the children (especially that cute little baby!)

    I would name this video ‘Fun with the Rascals’

  3. helen powell says:

    ‘Fun in the Sun’ I love your bright colours and your patterns your designer/s are amazing , I also love your country 🙂

  4. Diana Wilson says:

    ‘Not a care in the world’ this is what the video says to me, so this is what I would name the video.

  5. Jill says:

    ‘Free to be…’
    A happy video of how childhood should be.

  6. Jan says:

    I would call it “Childhood by design”

  7. Barbara mcgibben says:

    Made With Love

    Video showed a world of joy and security enjoyed by too few children today.

  8. I loved the video and would like to call the book Yummy bubs and kids summer designs and would happily knit some of those designs for my granddaughter who already wears a hat and scarf and jacket which I knitted from your patterns and they all look great and she loves wearing them.

  9. Sarah says:

    ‘MillaMia: We’ve got childhood made’ great yarn and gorgeous patterns – I’ve used it before and will be doing so again 🙂

  10. Ann-Marie Gallagher says:

    What a lovely video, featuring beautiful and practical patterns for children.The kids looked really comfortable in them, too. The video depicts idyllic childhood scenes from the viewpoint of the child, so how about; ‘Kidscape; Milla Mia childhood knits’.

  11. Sue Alexander says:

    The name for the book: “It’s childs play!”

  12. Sue Alexander says:

    The name for the video: “It’s childs play!”

  13. Catherine Eldred says:

    What a delightful video.

    I would name it: “It’s a small, small, small, small world”.

  14. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    I wouldn’t mind living someplace cool enough for merino garments to be comfortable in the summer! (The yarn would still be great for spring & fall wear, though).
    The title that came to mind as I was watching this was: “Knit up some fun for your wee ones!”

  15. P Lambert says:

    I think a good title would be “Lasting Memories, Love Milla Mia”

  16. Sunita Advani says:

    I loved the kids in their beautiful knits! I think we should call it ” Young Ones Knitted Out”!

  17. Linda Rumsey says:

    Memories are made with MillaMia.

  18. Christine Wildau says:

    Love this video and the paterns – name the Video ” Stitches of Love”

  19. Fiadhnat McGrath says:

    Little Rascals Live!

  20. Maeve says:

    I would call this ‘Making Precious Memories with MillaMia’

  21. Dennise says:

    Fun shine knits by Millamia

  22. Jana says:

    Great knits and beautiful children!
    I’d call it “Knitting Fun and Love Together for your Little Rascals” by Millimia

    “Soft knits = Fun times for Your Little Rascals!”

  23. Zetta says:

    Merino Summer Days 🙂

  24. Lisa says:

    Cute video. I’d call it “Soft Knits – Kid Approved”

  25. Karen Stenback says:

    I think the video title should be:

    “Peekaboo…I see you!”

  26. Georganne White says:

    With Love Knitted in, Ready for Everything!

  27. Marilyn Prince says:

    I would call it “Chilling out at the Cottage”. It looks like it would be nice and cool there on a hot summer day.

  28. Regina says:

    I think that the video should be named Oh, to be young!

  29. Heather Duncan says:

    “Come Dance With Me!”

  30. Bonnie Avery says:

    Joyful knits

  31. Sue Harbottle says:

    MillaMia Magic Moments

  32. Jessica Reals says:

    Suns and Daughters (or in Swedish: Solar och Döttrar)

  33. Lara says:

    “KNIT to PLAY”

  34. Kim Chell says:


  35. Samantha Green says:


  36. liz Dobson bell says:


  37. Mrs Linda Laidlaw says:

    MillaMia Merino Knits for Little Sprites

    Lovely video and adorable patterns. Would love to knit these for my grandchildren.

  38. shari says:

    Babes in Woodland

  39. Franki Oxlade says:

    The World of Make Believe

  40. Anne Hegg says:

    Sweet Innocense

  41. Annette says:

    Memories Made.
    I recall my granny knitting my sister and I a poncho each, which back in the early 1970’s was in fashion. I remember being taken to the wool shop to pick the colours we wanted and for me, those provided happy memories 40 years on. Every time I look at children wearing knits, takes me back to happy memories and makes me get out my own knitting needles!

  42. Marjorie May says:

    Turn your little rascals into little angels with MillaMia

  43. Patricia Casey says:

    Childhood Treasures – with love and laughter in every stitch.

  44. Emme COSSEY says:

    MillaMia’ s ~ magical New ‘ILIRIYA’

  45. Tamara Lewis says:

    Little Rascal Enchantments by MilliMia

  46. Young and carefree – come and knit with me.

  47. Shelley Kousek says:

    Wear the wild( and wooly )things are.

  48. Colleen James says:

    Breath Of Life – The wee ones dancing and running around are like a breath of fresh air 🙂

  49. Jean Espie says:

    Classy Fun in the Outdoors

  50. Sharon Durant says:

    Come home to innocence – MillaMia Innocence

  51. Nancy J. Gonzalez says:

    Stylish Knits for Tomorrow’s Leaders

  52. Colleen Mackenzie says:


  53. Marion says:

    Naturally fun.

  54. Deborah says:

    Childhood Daze

  55. pamela loader says:

    Hide and Seek

  56. Kim Bowser says:

    Hand made memories.

  57. Long live knitting, let it continue.

  58. Janet R says:

    Childhood dreams!

  59. Cheri Adams says:

    Country fun, comfy MIllaMia style

  60. Dona Carruth says:

    Everyday Knits for Everyday Kids!

  61. Kathy Wiles says:

    The Whimsical and Wonderful World of Wool!

  62. Lynne Meadows says:

    Funtime Rascals

  63. Juliana Fehr says:

    Little Knits for Little Rascals

  64. Jenny Sokol says:

    Little Rascals – Summer Fun Knits

  65. Marilou Mabale says:

    Knitty wears for cutie little ones…..bright colors as the sun….

  66. Carol Gresham says:

    “Making Childhood Memories”

  67. Gill Harrison says:

    New Horizons

  68. eileen elder says:

    Outdoors Nordic style.

  69. karen turton says:

    Summer Knits for Lazy Days

  70. Linda Pritchard says:

    Baa, Baa, Rainbow Sheep …………

  71. Bic Nguyen says:


  72. June Schwierjohn says:

    “Child’s play on a Summer Day”

  73. maria manole says:

    “innocent elegance”

  74. Sharon Hill says:

    Midsummer Mischief.

  75. Wendy says:

    Rays of Sunshine

  76. Sue A says:

    Soft Swedish knits for fun in the sun

  77. Kim Browning says:

    Knit , Love , Live

  78. susan graty says:

    happy children dressed to impress

  79. Kaz says:

    Yarns of Forest Love

  80. Florian Tavistock says:

    Scandesign Summer

  81. Antoinette Acosta says:

    Warm Summers brought to you by Sunshine & Little Rascals

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