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Our Favourite Things…

No Christmas season would be complete with a showing of The Sound of Music – so we thought we’d find a few of our favourite things to tie in to that most iconic of songs! 

The von Trapp family

If you have never seen the film, or the show, it’s the sweet story of how Maria Rainer, a young postulant nun is sent to look after the seven children of the rather stern but handsome Captain Von Trapp, a famous Captain in the Austrian Navy. After a bumpy start, the children adore her and she teaches them to sing – and the Captain falls in love with her! They escape from Nazi soldiers by trudging over the mountains, where Maria grew up – and everyone lives happily ever after. What is lovely, is that it is a real life story – Maria Kutschera, and Captain Georg von Trapp really did meet in Salzburg where she was a nun, and they did live happily ever after.

After being made into a film, it was then transformed into the memorable musical we love today, by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, and the songs are known the whole world over!

We thought it would be fun to find patterns and yarn to match that most wonderful of songs, “My Favourite Things!”, and seeing as I have a personal connection with this lovely story (my mother was in a production of The Sound of Music in London during the 60s), I started looking through our gigantic pattern library for inspiration!

Raindrops on roses….

Emma Wright Umbrella Jumper

Emma Wright’s fabulous Umbrella Jumper is a joy to knit, especially if you love intarsia! The little umbrella handles are Swiss-darned afterwards, so there are only the umbrella tops to work as you go along. Pick your favourite DK and knit one to wear ready for the spring!

and whiskers on kittens…

Katie Kitty by Browneyedbabs

You’ve still got time to knit this sweet little puppet! Katie Kitty by Browneyedbabs is a perfect little stocking filler.

bright copper kettles …

Christmas pudding tea cosy by buzybee

OK, I haven’t found you a bright copper kettle, but I have found you this rather splendid Christmas pudding tea cosy by Buzybee! Another quick knit in time for Christmas morning, and that first, fabulous, festive pot.

and warm woollen mittens…

Wingra mittens by Jane Tanner

These fabulous warm woollen mittens will keep your hands cosy all winter long! I love the cable detail on Jane Tanner’s Wingra mittens – a great way to practise cables if you are new to cabling!

brown paper packages tied up with strings…

Sycamore cushions by Woolyknit

Tied up with buttons, not strings… but parcel shaped! Might this be something to knit over the Christmas holidays? Something cosy and comfy to curl up to? Woolyknit’s pattern includes the Sycamore and Hawthorn cushions, both knit with super chunky yarn for a speedy finish.

(sing along) …these are a few of my favourite things!

cream coloured ponies …

Hobby Horse for little knights by Aurelie Colas

Oh, wouldn’t you have loved one of these as a child? Aurelie Colas’ Hobby Horse for Little Knights is just fabulous and a wonderful idea for pony mad princesses too.

and crisp apple strudels…

Strudel by Woollywormhead

You can always count on Woolly Wormhead for a glorious hat pattern, and she doesn’t disappoint! This gorgeously warm Strudel really does look good enough to eat!

doorbells and sleigh bells…

Rico Gold Bells

We have bells! The perfect accessory to attach to your bunting/garlands/baubles/toys/festive paraphernalia!

schnitzel with noodles…

Noodle by Susan Claudino

This little chap is called Noodle – I couldn’t actually find a pattern for schnitzel or noodles – tell me in the comments if you can! Susan Claudino’s Noodle is a quirkly little friend and I’m quite sure he’d be loved if found in a Christmas stocking!

wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings…

Flying Geese Cowl by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Perfect! A Flying Geese Cowl by Mary Jane Mucklestone! This is a gorgeous knit – neat, cosy, just a little bit of colour work to thrill the knitter, and sure to be admired by all.

Don’t ask me about dog bites and bee stings, knitting is one of my favourite things!


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