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Published on February 18th, 2018 | by Merion


Exclusive Interview with Olympic Knitter Lizzy Yarnold!

British athlete Lizzy Yarnold shot to glory winning the Gold Medal for the Skeleton Event at the Sochi Winter Olympics on 14th February 2014. During those tense competition days, we spied her knitting! Now, after winning another Gold Medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, there’s no slowing down for Lizzy when it comes to sports or her favourite craft! What’s she going to do between now and the next Olympic Games in 2022? Knitting is certainly high on the agenda! Read our exclusive interview with Lizzy from 2015 below:

A keen athlete as a child, Lizzy grew up on a farm and tried her hand at most sports, later studying Geography and Sports Science at university. She is passionate about environmental issues and encouraging healthy role models for young people. Let’s hope her passion for knitting encourages more young people to take up our fabulous craft!

Who taught you to knit? Can you remember the first project you knitted?

I was taught to knit by my grandmother Ursula a few years ago. Whenever I visited her as a child she would be half way through a huge project, giving hats and blankets to charities. The first thing Ursula told me to do was to keep knitting until I got to 40 across and 40 down, and then cast off and do it again. It was great practice.

Do you have a favourite project?

My favourite project would have to be some teddies that my mum knitted for me this summer for me to take away on the circuit with me! I need to learn how to do them too!

Why do you knit?

I often knit when I need time to think about something, or time away from physical training. It is perfect for long flights to North America, I’m always relieved when I get my needles through the security control.

Knitting and the Skeleton seem very different! You have talked in the past about having a bit of a split personality – where does the knitting fit in?

Knitting fits my personality away from skeleton sliding and when I am more relaxed and calm. I can sit and knit with the other athletes and we chat and spend time together.

How does knitting help your mental state when competing?

I find knitting helps me relax mentally and physically, relaxing my shoulders down and releasing pressure in my neck. I have to have a loose technique or it’ll look terrible.

What is it about knitting that you enjoy?

I like being able to make something and relate it back to a time when I was away competing knowing that the process helped me, bringing the past to the present.

What’s on your needles at the moment?

Some yellow strips!  I will hopefully create something out of them soon!

Lizzy bcame the first Briton and the first skeleton athlete to win back-to-back gold medals with her win  in PyeongChang! The win makes her the most decorate British Winter Olympian – way to go Lizzy!

Check Lizzy’s website for updates!



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Merion admits that her stash is wildly out of control, but has many projects in dream-form! She loves knitting, crochet, Shire horses, cake and garden swing-seats.

Last updated: February 20th, 2018.

5 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Olympic Knitter Lizzy Yarnold!

  1. karen andrews says:

    well done
    keep calm and carry on knitting

  2. Nancy says:

    I have enjoyed seeing all the knitted hats on the different teams this year. Chloe Kim’s USA hat has already been recreated on several websites. I liked the USA sweaters from last time (4 years ago), but never found a pattern for it. Now it seems people can figure out a pattern and put it online quickly.
    With Lizzy and the Finnish coach knitting in public, it is a good way to showcase the craft. Nice job, knitters!

  3. Alexandra Graziano says:

    I loved seeing the hand knitted hats at this years Olympics, people in the audience and also competing athletes and their coaches wearing them. Keep on knitting, it is so relaxing.

  4. Robin says:

    I love this story! I too give a huge sigh of relief when I get through security at the airport with my much loved knitting needles!

  5. Susan says:

    Great article. This reminded me of my Mum. She always had some knitting on the go to keep relaxed. She knitted so many toys for people and she taught my sister and myself how to knit and some of her grand children too.
    Loved the knitted hats of the Olympians ! Way to go Lizzy !

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