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Published on October 1st, 2016 | by Kate O’Sullivan


Quick knits for autumn

This week, Kate O’Sullivan from A Playful Day reveals her seven favourite quick knits for the upcoming season… 


It happened yesterday morning…. That first creeping fog that felt like it brought a certain chill with it. The damp mist crept in off the sea and with it something snapped in my brain and the KNIT ALL THE WARM THINGS switch was activated.


As is always the case, I’m not prepared. Much like the cricket who played all summer long, my knitting duties have been overlooked in favour of beach combing and jam making. So now I’m looking for knits that work up quickly to provide warmth on every level for me and my family.

Here are my favourites this month:

1. Lumberjack by Tin Can Knits – A DK sock pattern that’s unisex and sized for all of the family. I’ve made these before and know I’ll reach for warm socks time and time again as the fog gets heavier and the wind, wilder down here on the southern coast.

2. Vernors Legwarmers by Thea Colman – Autumn and winter mean that wellies are an essential as we trudge mucky roads to the village café and little one throws herself in every puddle (with me occasionally joining in). Legwarmers that bring a little extra padding and warmth are much needed and these goodies from Thea mean that I can enjoy some cable knitting too.


3. Charlie Hat and Scarf set by Purl Alpaca – It doesn’t get faster than garter stitch so I worked up a quick set for my little monkey in no time a few weeks ago. This sweet set from Purl Alpaca is simple yet satisfying and who can resist squishy alpaca? The pompoms just finished it off.

4. Alaska by Jo Storie – Knit up in one piece in aran, this is a quick turnaround cardigan to help keep me warm this season. I love to have one or two woollens that just work with everything and are quick to style with jeans or a skirt. Jo Storie has hit the perfect happy place for quick knitting as well as layering.

5. Lola Shawl By Carrie Bostick Hoge – If I’m simply too time poor for a whole garment, a worsted weight shawl will be my next best thing. I love the clean lines of this shawl and sense that it will become a classic in my wardrobe pretty quickly. Definitely a must to wrap around cold shoulders on long work days in the studio.


6. Heggelia by Rachel Brown – Thick chunky soft cables that stretch my entire arm? That’s a yes from me. I suspect I’d get plenty of wear from these, layering them on the school run while still having my fingers free to do up zips and hold (yet another) conker.

7. Elbert by Ysolda Teague – Pretty colour possibilities, a pompom and a rolled brim makes this hat exactly right for keeping things cosy and appealing this season. I love that Ysolda has worked it up in a heavier weight yarn too so I can get this off the needles quickly and into the rotation. What’s more, I might even have some stash I could easily reach for….


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7 Responses to Quick knits for autumn

  1. Nikki E says:

    Especially like the socks and the shawl. I have to ask, though–what’s a conker?

    • Siân says:

      Hi Nikki,

      A conker is a nut that comes from a Horse Chestnut Tree 🙂 Great to collect in Autumn!

    • Sarah johnson says:

      Nut from a horse hasn’t tree…closest relation in America is a buckeye nut inside a prickly shell.

  2. Johanna Zeszutko says:

    I would like the purchase the pattern for the little girls hat and scarf. I am unable to find it.

  3. Nathanne Verner says:

    I found the pattern for the little girl’s hat and scarf by clicking on the Charlie hat and Scarf Set right after the number 3. Just click on this and it will take to right to the pattern.

  4. Alice Martin says:

    I am looking for a knitted baby blanket with ruffle. Saw the pattern at a site, can’t remember which one Hope you can help

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