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Share the Love competition!

Everyone appreciates getting a little love on their projects. Whether they get a nice comment from a fellow knitter, or if knitters add a project as a “favorite,” it feels great to get some recognition. This month sharing the love can get you a $50/£50 LoveKnitting Voucher. Read on to see how you can win!

Share the Love!

During the month of February, we’ll be giving away a $50/£50 voucher to spend on each week! All you have to do is comment on other knitter’s projects, click the little heart to add the pattern as a favorite, and follow the maker. We’ll choose a favorite comment per week, and the lucky winner will get a voucher. Couldn’t be easier!

The three patterns in this post would be a great place to start. The Broken Rib scarf by Josephine, the Men and child aran sweater by Heather D, and the Joseph’s Henley sweater by Sally M are all fantastic patterns that deserve some love!


 Broken Rib Scarf

Broken Rib Stitch scarf


This Broken Rib scarf was knit by Josephine R and has been the envy of everyone at the LoveKnitting HQ for weeks. Made from Rowan Lima yarn, it is incredibly soft and delightfully warm.



Aran Sweater

Aran Sweater


What a great idea to make these marching cardigan/jumper for the baby and his great grandfather! Look how happy the little guy looks! Heather D made the cardigan for her husband’s 70th birthday, and used the remaining yarn to complete the set.


Joseph’s Henley Sweater

Joseph's Henley Sweater


Another great baby jumper/sweater, this one made by Sally M for her grandson Joseph. The little buttons on the shoulder give the sweater a regal touch, and the Baby Merino Silk DK yarn will be so soft that her grandson won’t ever want to take it off!


So go ahead and start commenting on and favoriting any patterns that inspire you. Click on the Community tab or your Feed to find patterns you love!

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

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is a photographer, copywriter, rock climber, skier, traveler, and aspiring knitter. His work has been been published in many international newspapers, magazines, websites, books and even a billboard in Brooklyn. Crochet is the best.

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20 Responses to Share the Love competition!

  1. Ross says:

    I was once told that every time we create something the Angels sing. A whole chorus must be singing for the Jumper/Sweater, Cardigan/Sweater and Broken Rib Scarf above. Thanks for the lovely photos and inspiration!

  2. Janet Wagstaff says:

    Your creations are so beautiful thank you for sharing themx

  3. Kathi Theriault says:

    Love the patterns!

  4. Barbara Mcgibben says:

    I love Rowan Lima,such a beautiful yarn which makes luxurious garments.I crocheted a snood for each of my two adult daughters last year and have been waiting for my favourite colours to become available again.The broken rib scarf looks wonderful,definitely one to try.It is always worth paying for superior yarn,especially if you are putting a lot of work and love into your project.

  5. DIANNE GOLDEN says:

    I am a knitter who can not do seams they seem so bulky. I admire the sweaters but will try the scarf if I can find a pattern like it. Maybe I can make the scarf into a blanket, no seams

    • Anna Marie Shuster Smith says:

      Dianne, I also hated doing seams. I found a stitch with an awesome tutorial video. It’s called the Kitchener stitch. Give it a try. The video is on

      • Jess says:

        Thanks for the tip Anna, I’m definitely going to check it out. I’ve taught myself to knit from books and pictures but some things just don’t seem right, seems being number 1

        • Laura says:

          Have you tried knitting with circular needles? I just finished a jumper for my daughter with no seams whatsoever and only a couple of ends to sew in at the end.

  6. Jan Lawrence says:

    What a great idea, knitting sweaters for great-grandfather and baby. I love the pattern.

  7. Wendy Mead says:

    I just love the idea of matching sweaters for great granddad and his great grandson. My only grandchild was born on my dads birthday and was named after him too so they are both called Ted. I’ll be following your lead and making them matching sweaters. The photos are definitely going to be treasured along with the sweaters.

  8. Barbara Prinsloo says:

    Oh WOW dont the lads look cool in their matching jumpers – great way to use up left over yarn. I knit prem baby hats and jackets for the hospital with my left over yarn – so rewarding.

  9. Sue Carlton-Jones says:

    Will you be having a knitting competition soon? Would love to enter particularly if it was a set menu! You set the style etc. Sue

  10. Sue Carlton-Jones says:

    Please set a knitting competition soon. With rules and particulars that we the knitters must follow to the T! Sue

  11. Roxanne says:

    Joseph’s Henley sweater has it all: a variety of stitches (love the little garter stitch caps at the top of the sleeves); easy on/off with the buttons at the neckline; and the fabulous Baby Merino Silk DK yarn! If that isn’t enough, I also have a grandson named Joseph! Okay, he’s an adult now, but the sweater is classic.

  12. Jay says:

    Joseph’s Henley has created a timeless classic which can be passed down the generations. I also love the fact he has not lost the thought, a baby will be wearing it, comfortable and warm for bub to wear, and, easy for on/off for mum.

  13. Janice Rose says:

    I am SO excited about my newest discovery of circular bamboo knitting needles that are only 8″ or 9″ in length. They make knitting fingerless gloves SO much easier. I am almost able to knit 2.5 times faster. WHAT a fabulous boon to me since I tend to be such a slow knitter (perfectionist!).

  14. Carolyn Craft says:

    How wonderful to match great grandfather and great grandson with this beautiful set of Aran sweaters. I can imagine saving them for Great grandson to carry on the tradition as he becomes a father, then grandfather. What a wonderful family heirloom and tradition they can become.

  15. Liezel Miller says:

    I use to run a wool shop so I have a stash that would put a lot of knitters to shame. My family supports me because they know they get beautiful things. I cannot knit that fast anymore because I have neuropathy in my hands but the doctor says its the best thing I can do. What a blessed person am I. I would love a knit competition. I might not be able to finish it in time but it would just be an immense pleasure knowing that I had finished it. God bless and keep the needles clicking!

  16. Gail Innes says:

    Loved the Arran jumpers ,great use of leftover wool

  17. Chris Hunt says:

    Did anyone win this?

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