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Some of our competition entries

Well, our very first monthly project competition is now well under way, and some of the entries are so lovely we just had to share them with you all!

Granny Square Blanket by Janet

Last year I decided to take up crochet and knitting again.

I started with crochet. I bought a ball of wool and started to do granny squares, from memory! I hadn’t done crochet since I was about 15yrs old, and I am now 55 lol.

After a lot of trial and error I got it right…..I bought all sorts of colours and the squares were 12cm x 12cm. After I had done 165(!) of them. I decided to put them all together. The result is the photo. I was so pleased with it. Off the back of this blanket I have started to receive orders for all sorts of things, as I can sew as well. I have done Christmas decorations and knitted hats etc….

So this is my new beginning for this year: more of everything, as I enjoy it so much……loving the shop by the way……

Granny Squares pic

We love: the striking bold colours, and Janet’s going for it after such a long break from her craft. (We also love that she loves, of course!)


The Norwegian Bird Sweater by Jennie

My daughter wanted a Norwegian Sweater but as she is very slim I could not find a pattern small enough – so I designed my own.  I included some traditional Norwegian motifs but added a row of birds as she is a keen birdwatcher.  Fortunately she loves it and wears it a lot.  I knitted it in the round and used steeking for the armholes (scary but successful).  Though I worked out a design beforehand I still had to make changes as I progressed – knitting on paper and knitting in progress are two very different things.

PS: the photo is of me wearing the jumper – we are a similar size.


We love: The incredibly intricate colourwork designed by Jennie, combining traditional aspects of a Norwegian jumper with something to reflect her daughter’s personality – this is the sort of lovingly-made garment that only a home knitter can produce! Also, I (Serena) am marrying a Norwegian in June so I’m biased 🙂

And finally (for now!)


The Joy of Socks

I rediscovered knitting after a fifteen year gap, whilst on holiday in Ireland. I passed by a yarn shop, saw a skein of Noro yarn in the window and that was it! Bitten by the bug. The rest, as they say, is history!

A very dear friend of mine, Maggie, who worked in my local yarn store, tried to persuade me to give knitting socks a go. But I had never knitted on double pointed needles before, it looked completely terrifying!! However, Maggie kept encouraging me and showing me balls of attractive sock yarn, and before I knew it, I’d come away with two balls of Regia sock yarn and a set of dpns! The first few rounds were like wrestling a hedgehog, and I had ladders at the joins! I can still remember Maggie’s words -‘don’t read too far ahead in the pattern, or you’ll be scared off! Everything falls into place as you knit each part of the sock.’ How right she was. Before I knew it, I’d knitted my first pair of socks. Now, some 74 pairs later (not all for me, I hasten to add!), I owe Maggie a huge debt of thanks. She died soon after I finished my first pair, so she never found out about my addiction to sock knitting.

Socks are such a great project. They are portable, easy to pick up and put down, require very little finishing and make perfect gifts. Once you have worn handknit socks, you’ll never want to wear shop bought ones again. Sock yarns are fun to buy as there are some amazing skeins out there in a variety of fibres, and you can treat yourself relatively inexpensively to a little bit of luxury. I like to try and find a yarn ‘souvenir’ when I go on holiday, and that inevitably is a skein of sock yarn. I always do a little research before visiting anywhere new so I can casually come across a yarn shop with my husband!!

Since starting my love affair with sock knitting, I have set myself the challenge of knitting a different pair of socks a month, by picking out 12 patterns and 12 yarns at the start of the year, and then pulling one out each month. I have taken part in mystery knitalongs where each week a new clue is released to knit the next part of the sock. I have knit samples for my local yarn store and testknit socks for a designer. I have dyed my own sock yarn and taken part in a sock design class lead by Cookie A, at Knit Nation in 2011. What I would like to do next is to be able to spin myself some sock yarn and have a go at designing a pair of socks. I just need some more knitting hours in the day!!

If you have not yet discovered the knitting socks, I urge you to give them a whirl! It’s the start of a very slippery slope, but you won’t regret it!

Thanks for running such an interesting competition.

The photo I have attached shows my first pair of socks. The sock pattern I used (and still do for plain socks) is the Violet Green sock generator pattern. I like it because it customises the pattern for your size foot. That was great for me as a new sock knitter with bigger than average feet, as I was pretty much guaranteed that the sock would fit!

The Joy of Socks

We love: taking the plunge to discover a new knitting skill! And the story of the wonderful mentoring provided by Maggie – all knitters need a Maggie in their lives to encourage them. Alright, the title made us giggle too 😉

Coming soon:

There are still more entries that we’d love to share, so watch this space for Skyla’s Throw, The Little Red Scarf For Charity, Swag Jacket, Twiglet Mitts, Mousy Set, Pram Blanket and Doggy Bootees – very generously submitted with a free pattern! and more…

Feeling inspired?

If you’d like to enter yourself for a chance to win £100 (or other local currency equivalents)to spend at loveknitting, full details can be found here.

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