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We bet you can’t name all of these stitches!

Can you tell a moss from a garter? Why not take our stitch quiz and find out how well you know your knitting stitches! 

Quiz Time

1. Garter Stitch

2. Moss Stitch

3. Linen Stitch

4. Jimmy Stitch

1. Hedge Stitch

2. Bramble Stitch

3. Seed Stitch (Moss)

4. Field Stitch

1. Bedding Stitch

2. Linen Stitch

3. Join Stitch

4. Mattress Stitch

1. Linen Stitch

2. Cotton Stitch

3. Pebble Stitch

4. Stone Stitch

1. Sand Stitch

2. Garter Stitch

3. Field Stitch

4. Stocking Stitch

1. Pebble Stitch

2. Gravel Stitch

3. Gravy Stitch

4. Picot Stitch

1. Picot Cast On

2. Picot Cast Off

3. Picot Decrease

4. Picot Stitch

All 7 questions completed!

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Quiz Time

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Stitch Apprentice

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15 Responses to We bet you can’t name all of these stitches!

  1. Roberta says:

    I see you finally got the matress stitch right!

  2. Lené Rousseau says:

    I got 6/7. Knitting is basically a combination of plain and purl stiches, so to me what a certain combination is called, is a bonus. The pattern tells one exactly what to knit anyway. Happy knitting, girls!

  3. Syl says:

    I got 6/7 which surprised me as I usually follow patterns and didn’t take much notice of the names. Love knitting

  4. Irene says:

    some of these photos weren’t the best…but I’ll take the 6/7….woo!

  5. Nancy says:

    I just knitted some baby toys and need to buy filling / stuffing do you sell pack

    I missed the January Sales have you got Yarn in your Mega Sale

  6. Nancy says:

    like to buy stuffing filling to finish of baby soft toy and have you any Yarn in your Mega Sale

  7. R3ytEH says:

    929993 833441Thank you for your extremely great info and respond to you. I require to verify with you here. Which isnt one thing I often do! I get pleasure from reading a publish that can make individuals think. Moreover, thanks for allowing me to remark! 751782

  8. Lucinda says:

    I do not know the name of the stitches but I know how to follow instructions. I started knitting before youtube and tutorials. Even have done some lace shawls, lace blankets but I did not know that was lace etc, just followed the instructions.

  9. Ros H says:

    7/7 but I have been knitting for 55 years!

    • Barbara Stine says:

      Wow, that’s excellent. If my mom were alive, she could say the same thing.
      Don’t stop !

  10. Lily Keirby says:

    7/7 By Jove Mrs!! I am in shock , I always crochet ,being a lefty but bbout three years ago a friend persueded me to try continental style and I haven’t stopped knitting since, I just love it, at the grand old age of 78yrs.

  11. Heather White says:

    As I don’t knit often I was really pleased with my 5/7. I admit I haven’t been very adventurous with the stitches I’ve used in the past but have got a big itch to start more complex patterns than just variations of Moss stitch. Starting with cable stitch.

  12. Barbara Stine says:

    I was totally dumbfounded that I scored 7/7, sure about everything except 2 of them, so made a lucky guess. Learned how to knit at age 7 by my mom, knitted off and on thru my life, more on these last 10 or so years. Going to attempt a cable pattern for my beloved step-mom, never done before, but I have some knitting friends and we meet every Sat, I can get some good help there. Thank you for the fun interactive things you offer, especially the knitting tutorials, very helpful. Keep on knittin’ !!

  13. Barbara Stine says:

    p,s, – love knitting and being w/ like-minded friends, it’s therapy !

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