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Stylecraft giveaway


As Christmas draws nearer we are feeling more and more generous, so for starters who would like to receive 6 balls of Stylecraft Nordic, and over twenty patterns absolutely free? If you would, then simply enter a comment below (don’t forget to tick the box to sign up to the newsletter if you want to receive all our free patterns) and we will pick a winner at random and send them to you. But be quick! Only comments posted before midnight on 18th December will be entered! Good luck, and don’t forget to keep coming back to the advent calendar for more treats!




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A newbie knitter slowly becoming more and more obsessed. Helen loves autumn, good food and can't decide between cats and dogs. She is also inordinately fond of her potato peeler.

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252 Responses to Stylecraft giveaway

  1. Sally Burley says:

    Oooh! Yes please, I’d love to win!

  2. Terri L says:

    These would be such a welcome treat! And all the patterns too….oooh, I can’t wait! Thanks so much for offer this prize 🙂

  3. Natasha says:

    Would so love to win these patterns and yarns, I’m still learner, but have fallen in love with knitting 🙂

  4. Eileen Bradley says:

    I’d love to win this lovely prize! It’s an amazing gift thank you for the opportunity Love Knitting even if I don’t get to be the lucky winner. I love your site and all your wonderful knitting patterns, lovely wools and great ideas. Merry Christmas to all .

  5. Ruby says:

    Oooooh! Looking at those yarns make my fingers itch to knit.

  6. Anni says:

    Wonderful! I would have to share them with my mother in law. She taught me to knit 🙂

  7. Hannah Lowry says:

    That would be lovely, I am a relatively new knitter and would love some wool and patterns.

  8. Bethan says:

    They are all lovely colours.

  9. Karen Whittaker says:

    This collection would make some nice Winter jumpers.

  10. Janet says:

    I have an increasing passion to knit, beginning to spread this passion to my daughter. This gift would excite and encourage her.

  11. Maureen says:

    what a great Christmas treat!

  12. Jan Daniel says:

    I love your website and would love to win this prize. Always looking for something new to knit.

  13. Jane says:

    It would be great to win this lovely prize. Happy Christmas!

  14. claire says:

    Lovely competition 🙂

  15. Jan says:

    Yes please!! What a wonderful prize to win!!!

  16. Laura says:

    This lot should keep me quiet for a while. I want to make them all.

  17. suke says:

    yes please, looks brill.

  18. Zoe says:

    Christmas is for giving and my knitting friends could share the bounty!

  19. Ooooh- six balls would be lovely! I can think of lots of stuff to make!


  20. Julie says:

    I love chunky. It knits up quick and before you know it, it’s finished!

  21. Karen Wilson says:

    You can never have too much yarn! Would love to win this yarn. Enjoying the Advent Calendar. Thanks

  22. Yvonne Bryant says:

    I can never have enough new yarn in my current stash

  23. I’ve become addicted to knitting and keeps me out of trouble. This would def keep me occupied for a while 🙂

  24. Tina Mann says:

    Just thinking what to make, a nice jumper for a boy or girl!! Something for me!! Oh decisions, what a beautiful dilemma to beautiful wool.

  25. Maria says:

    Hmmmm, I see winter socks!!!

  26. Sally says:

    I love advent calendars and yarn, the combination is a dream. Thank you

  27. Denise Bowers says:

    Love working with chunky wool!!

  28. Kathleen Wilkes says:

    It would be lovely to try a new yarn. I sell knitted/crochet items in aid of Alzheimers so I have to be inventive as well as economical with the yarn I buy!

  29. louise says:

    My needles are tingling at the thought

  30. Vivella says:

    Very yummy.

  31. Clare says:

    This would make a fab christmas present!

  32. Claire-Louise Tuthill says:

    Over 20 patterns sounds amazing! definitely lots to get stuck into there.

  33. Claire Clark says:

    This would make a lovely project for next year…

  34. Magda Fogg says:

    Adore loveknitting and you keep coming up with great ideas, like this one.

  35. I like knitting they would make really good projects for 1914

  36. Jan Redman says:

    This is a fantastic prize. It would keep me busy well into the new year

  37. mandy west says:

    loved all your advent calendar stuff never win anything but thought i would try anyway

  38. Aino says:

    I like knitting very much. Former I used to work for a small company which combined individual homeknitters. But it was long-long ago. Now I just knit for family. The colours look interesting!

  39. Evelyn Stace says:

    What a great prize – a real incentive to keep knitting in 2014!

  40. Linda Rumsey says:

    What a fab prize! Merry Christmas!

  41. Karen Hohmann says:

    Yarn and patterns look wonderful

  42. Carole Smith says:

    Love Knittting says and does it all! This is a fabulous prize. Always look forward to the emails with fantastic offers! Well done again.

  43. Emily W says:

    The best problem ever is deciding what to knit next, 20 patterns to choose from would keep me happy for days on end!

  44. Melanie says:

    What a great giveaway! 20 patterns and such pretty yarn, I’d have such a hard time deciding what to keep and what to share with friends. 🙂

  45. Sue says:

    What an amazing give away and with 20 free patterns included – can’t go wrong!

  46. Rebecca Gransden says:

    Great giveaway. This would be a great start to any New Year projects.

  47. Marcia says:

    20 patterns with wool as well. I will be like a kid in a candy store!!!!

  48. Fen Crosbie says:

    Yes please

  49. Jane says:

    What a wonderful prize. Would make a lovely Christmas present for ………..ME

  50. Joy says:

    Wow – it really would feel like Christmas to get all those knitting goodies!

  51. Ruth Taylor says:

    Yes please!!

  52. Helen Watson says:

    That wool looks absolutely gorgeous!

  53. Gwyneth Wallace says:

    What a great give away, would boost anyones collection of wool & patterns. Thank you

  54. Jenny says:

    This would be an indulgent Christmas treat for any knitter – a super addition to the Stash!

  55. Sara Cox says:

    This would be a fantastic win.. 🙂

  56. Margaret says:

    What a super prize! Good luck to everyone.

  57. Carol sullivan says:

    What a great incentive for a lapsed knitter. Would really make me get my act together. Good luck everyone who takes part.

  58. Liz Crawford says:

    Fab prize bring it my way please

  59. Hilary says:

    I’d love to win this!

  60. jj says:

    wow… what would i knit first!!!!

  61. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    Thank you for giving away such a super prize!

  62. Little Orchid says:

    My sister taught me crochet and I am teaching her knitting so this would be a lovely prize to share.

  63. julie says:

    what great offers. the perfect excuse to dust off those needles and get stuck into a project to take through the cold dark days to come

  64. Christine says:

    I’ve just started knitting again, so all that wool and those patterns would be great!

  65. Sally Harney says:

    Jan. would be a lot more fun with those free patterns and some yarn to go with them.

  66. Sally Harney says:

    Jan. would be a whole lot warmer with some new patterns and the yarn to make one of them.

  67. Linda Ross says:

    All my knitting for Christmas is done and now it is time to knit for me…. would love the yarn and patterns – thank you for the chance to win

  68. judy burrow says:

    My new grandson was just the nudge I needed to start knitting again.Cant stop for long list of knitting waiting to be done,some before Christmas .Thank You.

  69. Laura Thompson says:

    I’ve just started knitting and can’t wait to get the hang of more stitches, your website is inspiring me to keep at things and try new patterns. Thank you for all the tips n free patterns!

  70. i am moving house this weds/thurs and would love to have some wool and knitting patterns to jazz up the new house – I have recently become disabled and cannot go out to work for the foreseeable future so once we are in I have promised myself to get cracking with the knitting needles again – aided and abetted by my big sister who Is the best Arran knitter ever who will keep me right – thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition

  71. Marilyn Kehoe says:

    Fab prize – would luv to win

  72. Roberta Lesley Newwman says:

    New year, new projects, love loveknitting, thanks for the opportunity to enter
    Happy Christmas

  73. beris markakis says:

    I have twin girls expecting their first babies five days apart next may so I am knitting like crazy. I would love this excellent prize.

  74. Fiona Moore says:

    This would be lovely to have sitting knitting by the fire on cold January evenings.

  75. sr says:

    would be a lovely Christmas present to win this!

  76. Beth J says:

    Wonderful prize! I would love to win!

  77. Glennis Holmes says:

    Just taken up knitting again after about 20 years. It would be great to win

  78. jeanette hamilton says:

    This would be great as im about to start knitting again as i cant return to work . would love to knit for my grandson 🙂 x

  79. Pauline says:

    so love to win this prize

  80. pauline says:

    just what I need something to keep me busy on a cold night

  81. Dinah says:

    Lovely prize

  82. Amy says:

    This looks good!

  83. Shona Mason says:

    a chunky cable hat is sending me round the twist just now, some new wool and projects would a nice diversion

  84. Deb says:

    I just love the advent calendar and clicking each day to see what is new! This prize would be extra special to win!

  85. Eileen Bright says:

    What a great way to start the new year this would be!

  86. Geraldine says:

    I could put this to great use. How I wish I was a lucky knitter.

  87. david gough says:

    terrific prize


    I would love to win, nearly fininshed my current knitting.

  89. Angie Brice-Stevens says:

    Brilliant prize, would love to add it to my newly formed stash!! Great website, so many tips, patterns and bargains!!

  90. joanne laing says:

    would love this to keep me busy as my local wool shop has closed and have to wait for online deliveries to arrive for new projects

  91. Sue Collins says:

    This is so generous, like many I don’t have a local yarn store and rely on the internet. Have yarn to squoosh and squish would be wonderful.

  92. Sarah G says:

    I just love the Nordic range colourways. My local yarn store doesn’t stock a huge variety of yarn, so this gorgeous giveaway will make a wonderful addition to a severely depleted yarn stash after all my Christmas knitting!

  93. Sara says:

    I have seen this range and I just really wanted to make everything! (especially the pouf).
    Would love LOVE to try this yarn out!

  94. Angela Milton says:

    I haven’t used Nordic before so I would love to try it – I like the look of the tweedy wool as this is something I have searched for before.

  95. Kate says:

    I have discovered Stylecraft wools only recently & have knitted with both the DK and Aran weights with wool – they are lovely soft & great to knit with! Would love to try the Nordic…..

  96. Kaitlin says:

    Great giveaway from a great website!!! I love these colours and I could use some new patterns!

    I’ve been looking especially for an afghan pattern and I think I see one in this picture. I’d love to try it out! And of course I’d only be buying the yarn for it from loveknitting 🙂

  97. linda Evans says:

    what a fantastic prize, hoping I can win it

  98. Ann Marie hamnett says:

    Wow what a fabulous prize your giving away as always :). With only 9 days to go good luck everyone and merry Xmas x

  99. Helen Johnson says:

    infinite scarves and toboggans.

  100. Sylvia Toboni says:

    your fabulous price would make a very nice throw for chilly nights on the settee I’m thinking…

  101. Linda Hedley says:

    I would love some wool as I have 2 grandsons under 2 years old. We are expecting a grand daughter next April too.
    I also am helping make blankets for the elderly, those in a hospice and needy families too. We get through so much wool even small odds and ends help to make a square which all add together to make something lovely and warm.
    I have been knitting for over 50 years and love to see new creations.
    Thanks for this chance.

  102. Kathy Oliver says:

    Hope I win!

  103. Susan H says:

    This would be great! I’m already getting your e-mail and really like them.

  104. Lesley says:

    Oh wow! What a fabulous chance to win a fabulous prize. I have twelve grandchildren and am always knitting for one or the other or for other members of the family. Some yarns are so expensive so to win this prize would be such a bonus for me. Don’t worry, Loveknitting, I still love Loveknitting and will still be loyal to you even if I don’t win! Have a great Christmas. xxxx

  105. carol stevenson says:

    wow i could be a real knitting nana with this lot

  106. Bethan says:

    Wow! Sounds like fun!

  107. Stella Smith says:

    That is a lovely Christmas gift and one lucky knitter will be very pleased indeed!!!

  108. victoria killey says:

    lovely simply lovly ideal for christmas

  109. Melissa Espinal says:

    This sounds like an awesome Christmas gift!!! I hope I win! 🙂

  110. p corkindale says:

    Looks such lovely wool, what to knit first!

  111. Rachel Ganney says:

    Sounds lovely! 🙂

  112. Carol Wardle says:

    Colour is everything I am obsessed with fair isle knitting and I love Nordic designs. Not forgetting practical knitting for all the family. A truly wonderful prize to win!

  113. tracey says:

    love the colours and variety inspired by nordic

  114. Jacquie Carn says:

    I am challenging myself to knit some socks during 2014 – I have been knitting for 45 years and not yet tried socks. Perhaps Nordic socks!

  115. Sam Georgiou says:

    I would love to try and knit a Nordic snowflake jumper, fingers crossed.

  116. Helen Robinson says:

    Perfect for making entrelac wraps!

  117. Amanda says:

    Not much call for jumpers in sunny Sydney at the moment but still I can’t stop knitting. Instead of sitting in front of the fire while I knit, I now sit on my balcony and catch the evening breeze.

  118. Marianne says:

    Great yarn!! Cross my fingers and hope it will be shipped off to the land of the Northern Lights (and the Midnight Sun!) Christmas greetings to everyone from Oslo, Norway 🙂

  119. Ellen Gaynor says:

    I love finding new patterns and trying new yarns!

  120. Julie T says:

    Who could resist such a wonderful giveaway? Merry Christmas!

  121. Kathryn Lampert says:

    Can’t wait to introduce my Brownies to knitting all because of your fun free patterns. To win the gift would be an absolute bonus. Merry Christmas!

  122. Pam King says:

    I love this site and I would love those patterns!! – although I have a stack I keep intending to do already lol

  123. Lynn Coombs says:

    All so very beautiful.

  124. Paula Fisher says:

    What lovely colours, i would love to win something as it’s my birthday on the 18th

  125. Ruth Simpson says:

    Just started knitting as I wanted to make my Mum something special for Christmas I would love as I really enjoy it now I have started!

  126. Clare M Daly says:

    Count me in please!

  127. Sarah Searle says:

    fabulous wool and new patterns. what an amazing Christmas present to myself, I hope 🙂

  128. Heather Gittings says:

    This wool looks just the thing to knit my 2 year old granddaughter something
    really special.
    What a great Christmas giveaway!

  129. Those colours are lovely! I neeeeeed them lol

  130. Anne Phillips says:

    Knitting is my life saver as it allows me to de-stress and make lovely gifts for others.

  131. Karen Stewart says:

    oohh lovely , i can feel my fingers itching right now!!!!

  132. Jill Maylin says:

    I’d love to have this. I hope I’m not too late in entering.

  133. Jill Maylin says:

    I’d love to win this. I just hope I am not too late entering.

  134. Ann says:

    I have just got back into knitting and have knitted a couple of your patterns for Christmas presents and would love to win this prize to encourage me to keep going.

  135. Sharon Molton says:

    Brilliant prize fingers crossed!

  136. Irina says:

    lovely yarn, great competition!

  137. Debs Graham says:

    Just filled in a feefo saying what a fabulous company love knitting is. Great products and prices, speedy delivery and amazing packaging. All brilliant, thank you so much.

  138. Suzanne Marks says:

    I’m a newbe knitter so I prize like this would really get me started!

  139. liz parker says:

    Having come back to knitting after a 20 year break, I just love this site and have received great help and advice. keep up the good work

  140. Lisa Hemstock says:

    I’ve been knitting for years but am still learning. I’ve recently mastered wrap an turn, never too late!

  141. Connie Kline says:

    Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  142. Leisa says:

    Definitely interested in anything that feeds this growing obsession!

  143. Nadeen McNab says:

    Thank you thus far for the fun advent calendar – it has been a treat. :o) x

  144. Lynn Gibbins says:

    I would love to win this fab prize. Have become knitting obsessed

  145. Allison Ross says:

    Just returned to knitting after 15 year break, keeps me occupied as I’ve just given up smoking, what better way to keep my hands busy than to keep creating wonderful knitted items 🙂
    Keep up the good work, love this site x

  146. Ibti says:

    I’ve been coveting the Nordic patterns and yarn – I would love to try knitting the pouffe. Fingers crossed!!

  147. Judy England says:

    Love your patterns. I always look forward to getting your emails.

  148. Clare says:

    Look like a lovely selection of yarns and patterns. The pouffe looks brilliant!

  149. heath king says:

    My first great-grandchild expected in the Spring – he/ she will need lots of soft toys – so fingers crossed!

  150. Birgit says:

    I love knitting. Always have several projects on the go. This year everybody is getting hats in various patterns and styles for Christmas. Wonder what it will be next year? So some yarn and patterns would be great!

  151. Janet Dobson says:

    Pleased I have found your website. Back knitting again after a break with a grandson to knit for now after only girls before. Blue makes a change from pink and frilly! Great site.

  152. Pauline spensley says:

    I’d love to win this prize.. Bad year would make a great end to it!

  153. Laura Davidson says:

    Lovely goodies! Would make my year to win such lovely yarn!



  154. janice bainbridge says:

    I have been knitting for 50 years since I was 8, I am so pleased that there are so many new knitters about after years of knitting not being popular. There are so many new ideas and yarns I hope I have many years of knitting left there is so much to make!

  155. Jackie Murgatroyd says:

    I’m so glad knitting and sewing are coming back ‘in’…..they were never ‘out’ for me!

  156. Lucy Hurt says:

    I am 45 & had so much stick over the years for being a knitter (been clicking needles for over 35 years) sad it takes a few celebs to make it a cool pastime…
    Great to have a website like this with so many fab patterns & such an amazing collection of yarns.

  157. Petra Beck says:

    this would be just the ticket to get me back into knitting! A wonderful hobby that I have been neglecting lately…

  158. Ruth Connell says:

    Great giveaway, just what you need for cold, wet and frosty nights.

  159. Jean Swain says:

    Lovely giveaway – I’ve been knitting/crocheting most of my life (now 60yr old). I know have a granddaughter to make things for and another expected early February 2014, living in USA and they love my handmade garments!

  160. Maureen Grey says:

    Great prize, would love to win.

  161. Mrs SharonLayton says:

    I’m so pleased knitting has come back into fashion, more and more clubs to go to for advise and a cuppa with lovely people.

  162. Catherine Rowan says:

    Lovely prize, perfect for winter nights.

  163. Mrs Sharon Layton says:

    I am so pleased that knitting has become fashionable again, lots more clubs popping up to go to for advise and a cuppa with lovely like minded people.

  164. Hazel Webster says:

    I am trying to teach my 11 year old daughter to knit and I am still a relative novice myself, this prize would be lovely to help with that. Thanks.

  165. Janice Bridges says:

    I just love receiving emails from Love Knitting who inspire me to be creative with my knitting projects. Such beautiful wools and patterns.

  166. Kirsten Wills says:

    I’ve bought my kids little knitting kits for Christmas so I can teach them how to knit – they’ve been pestering me for a while, but it would be nice to get a knitting treat myself one year, I seem to be stuck in the realm of slippers, smellies and ornaments! 🙂

  167. Shelly Easton says:

    Everyone needs more yarn and patterns! Merry Christmas!

  168. Colette parent says:

    Knitting is very addictives especially now with all the beautiful yarn in all different color. I love knitting.

  169. Jody Wyles says:

    I love the idea of winning a competition like this. It would be so great to find this prize arrive by post. I wouldn’t know which pattern to start first there’s such good choice.

  170. Heather Schmidtke says:

    I knit obsessively so free yarn and ideas is always a bonus.

  171. Cheryl R says:

    Got in just in time. I knit for therapeutic reasons and a stash like this would be so welcome!

  172. Stela Day says:

    Good patterns can be hard to find and expensive but the patterns on the website look very interesting. I would love to have some free patterns.

  173. Julia Carter says:

    I love Stylecraft yarn! Free yarn and patterns, what a lovely gift to me!

  174. Kathy Gruwell says:

    I love all things fiber and I’m just getting back into knitting. Thx

  175. Shanna says:

    Such beautiful yarn! Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Megan says:

    I love knitting and I love LoveKnitting- totally addicted- “hanks” for the chance to win especially after I missed out on the Debbie Bliss Riva at 40% off the other week

  177. Franki Oxlade says:

    I do a lot of craft but not knitting. I would love to win this competition as I’ve just been invited to join a knitting and sewing club and really look forward to knitting something in the new year.

  178. Lillian says:

    Love knitting, never received a knitting kit as a gift before. would love to. merry Christmas to all from Love knitting and to everyone else too.

  179. Bernadette Travers says:

    I stopped knitting some years ago because of the pain of arthritis in my hands, things have improved and I would like to pick up the hobby again

  180. Lucy Smith says:

    Can never have too much yarn in the stash!

  181. Eleanor says:

    This would be a fantastic early Christmas present to win this prize….O’m an absolute knitaholic! xxx

  182. Tina Leetham says:

    What a great prize would love to win something to keep me busy on long January nights

  183. brenda dixon says:

    what a super prize

  184. Jean Guentheer says:

    I have enjoyed your blog. Love the set of Christmas sweaters…maybe next year on that. Would love to have something new to work on in 2014. Keep up the good work.

  185. J Gilbert says:

    I’d love a supply of lovely new wool to start either a new knitting or weaving project in the New Year

  186. Diane Hall says:

    Fantastic prize – especially the new patterns!

  187. Natassia Boyd says:

    Oh this would be such a great win for me! I love knitting, although I’m not a master. This would be perfect for me to practise! My fingers are firmly crossed xxx

  188. C says:

    Please enter me, lovely prizes!

  189. hazjazmaz says:

    Taught to knit by my Mom as a child and have just started again – needless to say, my Mom’s super proud!
    So infectious and so relaxing. Why haven’t I been doing it for the last 30 years?
    Having just completed the King Cole Advent Tree for my Godson, I can’t wait to get started on my next project. Cardigan for myself, perhaps? 🙂
    Fingers crossed x

  190. Jean Moore says:

    My grandmother, aunt, and British mother-in-law were great influences in me taking seriously knitting. I find great pleasure in knitting both easy and complicated patterns, so any challenge would be great with your yarn and pattern give-away.

  191. Jacqi Bartlett says:

    Ooh, how lovely, I’d love to win 🙂

  192. Vicki Jellie says:

    I am a lung cancer survivor who started a non-profit group called “Caps for Cancer.” We are about 25 strong, and have supplied more than 2,000 knit caps to oncology centers and other patients who have cancer, free of charge, in an effort to share HOPE, COURAGE, LOVE, and FAITH. W have also sold our caps to raise money for Upstate Cancer Center, Syracuse, NY. Please consider our group as a recipient for your Sylecraft Giveaway. Up to now we have had very few contributors and yarn. My husband as paid for the majority of it. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our hats (baby, toddlers, children, men and women’s) goes to Upstate Cancer Center, who provides cancer services for central and Upstate New York. So far we have raised just over $7,000. Your consideration is appreciated. Vicki Jellie

  193. Lin chiswell says:

    As a reinvented knitter I need all the helpi can get! Everything I knew from 40 years ago is now so old fashioned seeming, and the modern knitting is so much more professional, and more fun!

  194. Linda Henderson says:

    With a 9 month old first grandaughter, my knitting needles are usually on fire. Some lovely style craft yarn would make them , me and adorable Emelie VERY happy.

  195. Kris says:

    What a great gift for the cold January days & evenings!

  196. doreen allwright says:

    this would be perfect for the baby boy that is due early january cant wait to try it

  197. Roberta says:

    would love to win

  198. m.walters says:

    love to win for my mam who loves knitting,

  199. Margaret says:

    A very generous giveaway, it is a nice selection of a yarn new to me…would love to win and try it!

  200. barbara says:

    potato peeling like knitting is compulsive and therapeutic ! ?

  201. Lam says:

    The colour is great!

  202. Lynn Watkins says:

    Would love to knit planing on what to knit once the Christmas festivity’s are over.
    Am I too late

  203. Lisa O'Neil says:

    I’d love to try my hand at making something with this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  204. Pippa Price says:

    Yes please, already planning knitting projects for next Christmas and this would be so useful.

  205. Liz says:

    These look lovely

  206. pauline says:

    So much skill is in this hobby – its very artistic. The patterns and wools are inspirational. Just love it!

  207. Tracy Wood says:

    What a great prize, fingers crossed 🙂

  208. Josie Knight says:

    Love knitting always provide lots of new ideas and inspiration, even to older knitters like me!

  209. Josie Knight says:

    Love Knitting always provides new ideas and inspiration, even to older knitters like me!

  210. Christine Howorth says:

    I have just taken up reading again, I had forgotten how good it is

  211. Kate says:

    Would love, love love this prize! Fingers crossed

  212. Ann says:

    Would love to win this. You have a super selection of patterns and wools. My grandson has asked me to show him how to knit so I am going to tackle that after Christmas!

  213. Roberta says:

    would love to see this in my stocking!

  214. Susan Bushnell says:

    Lovely prize.

  215. Sandra says:

    A lovely gift for any level knitter!

    Perfect for mother-daughter projects.

  216. Kim Phillips says:

    What a lovely way to get a newbie like my 14year old daughter into knitting

  217. Mel Butler says:

    I would love them, mainly because I depleted my stock making Christmas presents and need to start next years round as soon as possible! These will be my top selection

  218. sharon bakner says:

    Please Santa please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Sonja Loyd says:

    Beautiful gift! All those colors and Patterns.Someone will love these

  220. Annette says:

    I am a first time Nana to a beautiful baby girl. I love to knit and try out any pattern. Love to knit lacy thing for my new baby

  221. Barbara Nash says:

    I have been knitting for charity for the past three years but has become quite an expense. It would be great to receive this this amazing bundle.

  222. TinaRae McKay says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!! to get this would bring joy to my heart and would help take up the extra free time I have now since my Mom passed here in May 20th. All I can do is try and hope right! Right!!!

  223. Janice says:

    thanks for the opportunity to get some good yarn. Not that I don’t like recycled but you have! watch for moth damage.

  224. joan says:

    i would love this gift as i never win enything ! !

  225. Gillian says:

    Just the present for me to knit presents for family, friends and Me.

  226. Gail says:

    Would love this as just become a great aunt and need to teach my niece to knit .

  227. pam cummings says:

    My sixth grandchild is due in the new year and my first great grandchild is due just before Christmas and wow this prize would mean the world to me..

  228. Nancy Bueno says:

    I love knitting for Christmas!

  229. rita says:

    Would luv luv luv this x

  230. Allyson says:

    I would love to win this – having an op in a few weeks & plan to start knitting & crocheting to relieve the boredom while convalescing

  231. Janice Moram says:

    Would love to win this,as I’m knitting for Xmas fare for parkinsons ,

  232. Stacy says:

    I recently decided to learn how to knit when my friend told me she and her husband were finally expecting. What better gift, other than learning they were pregnant w/ twins, than hand knitted blankets and hats! So excited for them : )

  233. Linda parker says:

    I would love to win this as i love knitting. The more i do, the more i learn to do new stiches

  234. Marsha Ceveland says:

    LOVE….your yarn..
    more yarn and new patterns and gifts to couldn’t be better than KNITTING!

  235. Katrina Smith says:

    My 21 year old granddaughter has just started to knit. She would love this so that, with my help, she can join the land of the knitters!!

  236. Mrs Kathleen A Kellenbenz says:

    Like everyone else, I would love this. I enjoy knitting and since I’ve been on disability, I knit everyday. I have 8 Granddaughters and 2 Grandsons, there is so much more that you can knit for girls, then there is for boys. I spend alot of time on the internet looking for patterns, I have so many patterns, probably more then I can make. Even though I have alot of patterns, I would still love getting more. There is alot of holidays to knit for but it seems that Christmas seems you knit more for.
    Yes, I would love to win. Good Luck to everyone

  237. Aleksandra Kaszubowska says:

    Would be perfect for those long dark evenings awaiting us!

  238. KAREN says:

    I love to knit it relaxes I’m teaching my grandchildren to do the same.

  239. Anna Scholen says:

    Yes, I would love to win thw yarn and patterns, I have three granddauthers that I knit all kinds of thing, they want for thier rooms and thing to wear. So I can use all kinds of yarns and patterns.

  240. R. C. says:

    Much fun! Thanks.

  241. Mel Ward says:

    I would enjoy to win this

  242. Cathy says:

    More yarn for my stash. Yeah!!

  243. Kelly says:

    Oooh! Sounds just like what I want for Xmas, want to get into knitting, but not sure where to start… I made a mushroom but no pattern or anything, and was chuffed, but now am at a loose end as need to know how to follow patterns … To do more knitting!!! 🙂

  244. Cynthia says:

    I am a long time knitter that lives up North. It is hard to get to try new yarns. I would love the opportunity.

  245. Catherine says:

    It would be great to receive this wool, be an early xmas present. thanks and merry xmas to you all

  246. Linda cox says:

    I would love to win this. What a great deal.

  247. LakeladyP says:

    This would make me very MERRY to win, lol.

  248. Franz-Hahr says:

    Oh yeah, cowls for Christmas, fingerless gloves too! Hats for charity and lap blankets for you! Would love to win yarn to knit with and share with my ‘chix with stix knitting group! Love this website! Thanks!

  249. Barbara mcgibben says:

    I would knit hats and scarves for Age Concern.

  250. lisa johnson says:

    would love to win this, with 3 grandchildren and twins on the way it would make some lovely hings for them

  251. Shirl says:

    What a lovely prize to win in time for xmas.

  252. Joy cook says:

    My grandkids would love these colours! I am teaching them to knit – ages 9, 8, 7, 6 years. It’s such a great past time and relaxing for them, in this fast moving world we live in.

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