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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Natalie


The 10 types of knitters

Do you love a bit of organisation? Or is creative chaos more your thing? Everyone has their own knitting style and we think you should embrace it! Here are our ten types of knitters:


What type of knitter are you?

The beginner – You’ve got more holes in your first project than swiss cheese, but everyone had to start somewhere, so call it lacework and wear it with pride!

One stitch pony – You know your strengths, and your strengths are a garter stitch scarf. Everyone’s getting one and if they’re really lucky next year they might get a matching hat.

Stash addict – It’s not so much about knitting with the yarn as buying it. And hiding it around the house. Is that a gap under the guest bed we see? Quick, buy more!


stash addict

The planner – You’ve organised presents for the whole of next year – birthdays, Christmas, weddings. Now if people could just let you know before they plan to have a baby that would really help.

Yarn snob – Someone tried to give you an acrylic yarn the other day and you visibly shuddered. 100% Peruvian alpaca only please.


yarn snob


The speedster – You don’t know why you even bother casting on, you’ll be casting off so soon. You can make a pair of socks in the time it takes others to make a cup of tea.

Male knitter – A rare sight to be seen. Speak softly so you don’t scare this talented and precise knitter away!


male knitter


Freestyler – Pattern? What pattern? Other knitters are in awe (and a bit jealous if we’re honest) of your ability to knit without a pattern.

The social knitter – You love a good get together over tea and biscuits or maybe even a glass of wine. If only you didn’t keep forgetting to bring your knitting.

The WIP knitter – You’ve got more left socks than even a bad dancer needs and so many jumpers without sleeves you’re hoping vests will make a come back.


WIP knitter



Can you spot yourself in these typical knitters, or maybe even someone you know? Tell us which knitting personality you are and share with friends whose traits you recognize!

Wonderful illustrations by Cynthia Fong


community loveknitting

About the Author

Natalie loves anything crafty - knitting, crochet, sewing, baking, even a bit of DIY piñata building. Most of all she likes to make handmade gifts for family and friends. Though she is currently experiencing a bit of a backlog of requests she hopes to be taking new orders for 2050 soon.

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74 Responses to The 10 types of knitters

  1. Caroline Williams says:

    My sisters are avid crafters and I see lots of them both in this article! I keep finding myself at the loving lace stage or unfinished projects. I would love to be as amazing as my sisters and nieces with the things which they make! Love the article Natalie Warren and the illustrations.

  2. Jill says:

    Just seeing the lady with her arms full of yarn makes me want to go out and buy more!

    People tell me I should open my own wool shop but I wouldn’t let anyone in to buy the wool. I would have a ‘Clsoed’ sign up 24/7.
    Maybe I fall into your 11th category the possessive knitter?

  3. Yvonne T says:

    I see myself as a planning, net flicks freestyler with a touch of yarn snob!
    – Planning only to the extent that I stash pattern ideas by who I think would like the item.
    – net flicks or other movie/show source for company if none readily available.
    – enough of a free styler that I’m usually making some type of small mod
    – yarn snob in that I like the really soft stuff

  4. Kathy G. says:

    Oh yes I fall into several several columns myself. Also have thought about calling myself a yarn collector with big dreams.

  5. Kathy G. says:

    I forgot to mention that I really love the drawings in the article.

  6. Judy says:

    I’m definitely a yarn stash addict as well as a planner. (I DO have a plan for almost every yarn in my stash). In addition to stashing yarn, my computer’s memory is filled with patterns for those future projects.

    • Shelley says:

      Me too, Judy, exactly….love my yarn and have lots of patterns on the computer…..even organized by the type of item, whether for female, male or child, etc. i’m such a nerd, lol

  7. annie says:

    See it, love it buy it. This seems to be my manta. Ihave shelves filled with all different plies coloures and textures. If i live to be 150 there is no way i could use it all but i do love tolook at it decide what to make next then go off to the wool shop to buy the wool to make it.also i have 100,s patterns way back from when they cost 4 pence old money lovely just to sit and look at.
    dont quite know where i fit in but very happy where ever that is

    • Margaret says:

      You just described me!

    • Beryl says:

      This is me to a tee.

    • Diane Cassidy says:

      Yes i have some very old patrerns. Most of which have been passed to me from my mum and my grandma to her.
      I love looking in any wool shop i find. Planning prejects in advance and already having 4 or 5 projects in mind.
      I am a freestyler most of the time though. I have knitted for almost 45 years from when I was very young so I dont use patterns much but I do like to look and mix n match styles patterns and colours.
      I just am addicted to knitting

  8. Maini says:

    So funny, my family and I match in many of these. My mom is a yarn snob and find beautiful things each time she travels, my sister-in-law is an amazing speedster, she does it so good! and I am a stash knitter and a beginner so… my house is full of yarn, my head full of ideas and my projects full of holes! But I feel great being part of the knitters community! 😀 😀

  9. Karen Fromme says:

    I’m the planner, the stash hoarder (I would love to make you that cashmere scarf, but I’m saving that particular skein), the yarn snob (see cashmere comment above), and the social knitter (always take yarn and needles to the pub).

  10. handmade modern rugs online says:

    Knitting is very good for those who want to do something in there spare time. It is also one of the best thing to work and to show the talent. Buy the way right now i am on the first stage of the knitting so i am beginner.

  11. Donna Y says:

    I am the beginner, one stitch pony knitter. I am learning one stitch at a time. Heading into the purl stitch right now. Wish me luck!! 😀

  12. Shama D says:

    I’m a social knitter and so are a lot of my knit sisters (which is how I know them)!! But I always have my knitting with me. Sometimes I don’t make a ton of progress and other times I knit like a fiend!! (depending on the difficulty of the project) I plan to be more of a stash addict (that knits with that stash) in the very near future!! I’m a knitter who loves knitting; learning new knitting skills; hand dyed yarn (as well as acrylic); I love knitting for family, friends, and some charity; and I love meeting up with my knitting friends!! <3 <3

  13. Yvonne says:

    I’m a yarn snob. I would graciously accept a yarn that I don’t especially like and the pass it on to a charity knitting circle

  14. Phillysaurus says:

    This is so accurate! I am a definite Freestyler and a bit of a Speedster. I aspire to being a Planner though – it would make the ‘what to knit’ decision a lot easier!

  15. Susan says:

    I’m a stash addict and a WIP knitter. I’ve usually got at least 6 projects in the works at any given time. I get board easily and need to change what I’m working on to keep interested. I see a pattern and just have to try it. So down goes the project I’m working on and on to the new one. I do finish them thou, eventually……..

    • Dee says:

      That’s me also – I add to the confusion by also working on crochet and cross-stitch projects as well depending on how I’m feeling. I have this unrealistic idea of going through all my yarn and organizing it and cataloguing it but not likely to happen in my lifetime

  16. Glynnis Fullick says:

    I would say I am an organised knitter. Love buying yarns but only knit one thing at a time. Also plan for birthdays, Christmas etc. But definitely a snob as no acrylic just soft natural yarns.

  17. Nat Ford says:

    I am a process knitter vs. a product knitter.

  18. Dorothy says:

    I knit every day of my life. I only ever have one project at a time because I am addicted to seeing completed projects. I knit for my family, last night I gifted a shawl to my granddaughter for her birthday. I have a large family so will never run out of things to knit!

  19. Pam Skellington -wool hoarder ! says:

    Oh soooo true !
    I’m a stash addict & a speedster 🙂
    I have to have wool delivered to my work -so my husband isn’t aware of how much wool I actually buy 😉
    Bit harder to hid it once I get it home now he’s retired !!!!

  20. margaret tompkins says:

    I come under “stash and use it later” category! amongst others! I love cotton yarn and have knitted many lace and cable jumpers mainly in white and cream -(that I don’t need) but just love to knit – and an aran coat, most of my finished (!) projects are stored in white cotton pillow cases – (so they don’t go yellow) – I have 5 projects on the go at present! (no, don’t laugh) three aran jtunics and two cotton lace. There are bags of yarn everywhere – the floor in my dinette is covered with bags of “left-over” yarn from different projects – some finished, some “got fed up” with – not to mention the stash at the side of the settee (quite tidily placed in a very nice basket)! my husband is now retired (as am I) so I get nagged about all this “fallout” everywhere – but when I finish a project and show him he is usually very impressed – so it’s alright then! I have hundreds of patterns collected over many years – (since about 1960!) which I spend much time browsing through and planning the next project! the one thing that really annoys me is the horrible chart patterns – I really think they make hard work of a relatively easy pattern if in word form. I love the challenge of a new lace or cable pattern but NOT in a chart! I hope this makes you chuckle – as I feel after reading other comments that I am not alone in my knitting mania!

    • Sharon lansdale says:

      You did make me chuckle. Nice to read call these comments to realise we are not alone in our wool euphoria (others say madness!). X

  21. martha godin says:

    I have another affliction. I’m not sure if I’m the only one.
    But, I tend to hold onto yarn that I am especially fond of.
    I want to use it for a special project; a project worthy of the beautiful yarn!

    • Sharon lansdale says:

      No you’re not the only one. I’m with you. I save my best yarn for best. It’s madness. I’m virtually collecting hedgehog fibres sock yarn now and I haven’t even tried it. Just love looking at and handling the skeins. I can’t even really bare to wind them!!!!!!

      • Natalie says:

        Sharon I hate winding my favourite yarns! I worry it squashes them and I want to keep them looking their best! Maybe we’re all a bit yarn crazy!

      • Donna says:

        Omg don’t get me started! I love staring at my hedgehog fibres yarn. I finally used some and it is a dream to work with. I probably look like a loony when I’m around my yarn collection just staring and moving the skeins around! Why are we all so crazy bout this stuff?! Lol

    • Kathy says:

      My sister sent me some special yarn & I’m not saving it for something special…I’m just ‘saving’ it…you know, like a collector. Will never part with it…will on occasion bring out to the living room where I knit & pet it now & then & then put it away…repeat till I die! Yepper haha (seriously) 🙂

  22. Jo Merriam says:

    I’m definitely a planner / stash addict / multi-WIP. I see yarn I like, buy it, then figure out what to make with it. I place the yarn, and it’s appropriate pattern together in a clear, vacuum seal bag, stack them neatly in the closet, then work on one or two projects at a time. A large project like an afghan can get boring, so I’ll start something smaller like a scarf or baby project to work on for a day or two until I’m ready to go back and tackle the big project. I’m currently working on an aran cardigan for my sister, and a baby receiving blanket. I have 3 sweaters in line next.

  23. Jacqui Davies says:

    I’m a stash addict. I only know this because I had to tidy the spare room to make it habitable for visitors and they needed wardrobe space. Who knew I had so much wool? Not me! I also get quite a bit donated from friends because they know I love to knit and if they see anything nice in a charity shop will buy it for me. Lovely people. I do also have some unfinished projects, some because I got bored with them and a couple of others because I actually hate sewing the things up! But I have completed a lot and have knit all kinds of scarves, jumpers, hats, baby shawls as gifts and lots of baby clothes for family and friends new babies and some charity knitting included.

  24. Veronica W. says:

    I’m definitely a stash collector. I have yarn and patterns. I would like to complete one project, before starting another one. This will be my goal for this year to complete a projects I have started 😀.

  25. Marla says:

    I’m definitely two of the knitter classification, a one stitch pony and a yarn snob. I’d rather make my own than buy. I knit daily and love it. Sometimes I have 3 projects going at all times.

  26. Colleen says:

    Planner and stashed lol🤓

  27. Nikki says:

    Brilliant! I’m definitely a cross between the stash addict and the WIP knitter x

  28. Lizette says:

    Im a speedster

  29. Pat Alinejad says:

    I think I’m a combination of a few of these. Certainly love to buy and hoard yarn 🙂 can’t read a pattern to save my life so I have to design and I’m a bit of a yarn snob!!

    Shoot me now!

  30. Rita Owen says:

    Buying wool, it’s my passion, basically a knitting looney 😁 💖💖

  31. Jane says:

    I see that I can relate to a few types. The planner , the freestyle , the stash and the wip. Thank you for this awesome article.

  32. Ida says:

    I am a plan knitter

  33. Aless says:

    I’m also a mix of several types, but mostly the passionate ‘knitter but not finisher’-I hate sewing up!! I have almost as many ‘ready to sew’ pieces as I have stashed yarns!! One day…………….

  34. Na.Y says:

    A bit of a planner which in a twisted turn of fate, made me the recovering stash addict who is detoxing by finally making full use of every skein in possession. I believe that makes a bob of a freestyler now, ey? 😆

  35. Cheryl NY says:

    I’m the yarn snob for sure, I will never knit with acrylic yarn, it just doesn’t hold it’s shape, and is scratchy. I like to work with Wool, Silk/Wool, and Alpaca.

    • Kathy says:

      You must be a ‘planner’ too…financial. I wasn’t so am on a budget & must buy acrylic but I find many soft acrylics. Would love to try what you use but life doesn’t always go ones way 🙂

  36. Ries says:

    Iam a WIP PLANNER STASH ADDICT, who is a SPEEDSTER when she gets time to knit!
    Atm about 20 projects waiting and/or ‘onthego’ competing with my crossstitch and quilting passions for which i am also a stash addict ore planner!

  37. Joanne says:

    I fear that I am a planning yarn snob!! I am already onto my third Christmas present and this year I’m going BIG, ponchos and throws!! Totally empathise with the baby thing – don’t these mothers realise I need to plan their pram blankets into an already busy schedule 😂😂 and as for acrylic yarn, I keep trying, but I just can’t get on with it 😱

  38. Jean says:

    I’m a yarn snob stash addict. I don’t need more yarn. Ooh look more yarn!

  39. Laurence says:

    Yep, the yarn snob, that’s me

  40. Mary Cosgrove says:

    Im social and stasher but with a bit of everything else thrown in

  41. Raoul says:

    Why are there so few uncovered male knitters? The patronising tone of that comment might help explain why.

    • Raoul Mash says:

      That should have said unclosetted

      • Marion Lavigne says:

        I am so glad you clarified that Raoul. I can’t tell you what my mind envisioned when it was ” uncovered male knitters”, there might be youngsters lurking.
        Excuse me while I get a napkin to wipe away the coffee spray. LOL

    • SexyNinjaMonkey says:

      They really didn’t need a separate listing for male knitters.
      We’re just knitters, same as everyone else here.

  42. Caro M says:

    So much beautiful yarn, so many inspiring and or challenging patterns, but not enough time! I am a predominately a stash addict, unfortunately for my bank balance and available storage space I hoard not just knitting/crochet yarn, I also have miles of fabric, both dressmaking and quilting. My sister has even threatened to report me to one of those hoard busting TV programs. I do use some of it and constantly have at least one project of each type on the go but have to confess that the input greatly exceeds output. Not at all sure that retiring, living well into my 100’s and/or moving to a bigger place will solve the ‘problem’ but it gives me pleasure, all that lovely stuff to brighten up the place and stroke!
    PS Love this article and the pictures

  43. sue mitchell says:

    I am definitely a stash addict mixed with a work in progress knitter

  44. Dalva says:

    I am the stash addict, the snob and speedster ( hats only 🙂 ).

  45. PJFizzyknits says:

    Wow! Sooo happy to read there are other lil bit o this and that knitters, like me. I see myself as a well-intentioned yarn hoarder. I plan, and I am ALWAYS planning what next while in the process of finishing up. I do a little bit of freestyle too. My snob trait is that the yarn has to feel wonderful in my hands while I knit. I’m always petting yarn in the store, or feeling fabrics. There is no such thing as too much yarn in my world – I fill baskets with it, use it to decorate practically every room, and I wouldn’t dream of stashing it away in a closet or drawer(s) because I love seeing my stash every day. The only knit types I’m not are speedster, male and social – I can’t talk and knit, well, I mean, I can, but even in “mindless” knitting, I’m afraid I’ll drop a stitch or randomly switch to a different stitch, caught up in conversation, and I get so absorbed in my work, I go as fast as the work wants. I also practice mindful knitting so none of my worries or troubles are “knitted” into my work, especially if I’m gifting.

  46. Louise N says:

    I’m a stash addict and a planner . I buy the wool and always know what I’m going to do with it by the time I get it home

  47. Peg Organ says:

    I’m a combination of a stash addict, a planner and would like to start a knitting club so I want to be a social knitter.

  48. Deborah Herman says:

    I do have tons of yarn. I also have more patterns then any 50 people could ever hope to make up in one life time. I make sweaters and hats and shawls, jumpers, you name it, and always give them away. Right now I’m make 20 little Teddy Bears for a Bazaar in August. I would classify myself as very addicted. As soon as I finish a project, I start thinking about the next.

  49. Wendy Barrett says:

    I am a mixture of many knitting ‘types’, but definitely not a ‘knitting snob’. Most of my pattern-free projects for knitting and weaving are given to The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia for them to sell at the Women’s Auxiliary, to buy new equipment for the sick children.

    I find knitting therapeutic, relaxing and take it everywhere I go, babysitting grandchildren, waiting at the doctor’s surgery, spending time with family in hospital or aged care. I will always be a knitter because I can’t sit still watching TV without needles in my hand. I have even fallen asleep in bed, mid row, and wake up find the item lying on my stomach.

    I have a variety of illnesses but could not be as happy without my needles and any ball of wool I can grab from my full, spare bedroom of yarns, stashed neatly in huge cane chests and bookcases. I am a speedster when it comes to beanies, shawls, pillows and baby blankets.

  50. Flip says:

    Alright listen up. As someone who knows somethings about so1nmhiegs:t. You’re not actually supposed to eat sushi and sashimi with chopsticks – the preferred method is with your hands.2. Sure it’s fine to use your chopsticks3. But if you’re going to be such a dickwad that you’d reject a date only because someone didn’t know how to use chopsticks4. Then you’re a moron for basing etiquette on the WRONG FUCKING ETIQUETTE

  51. Myriam says:

    I guess I’m all of these knitters, or at least I have been through all of these types, at some point in my life.

    Except the male knitter, that type of knitter I’ve yet to experience from the inside…

  52. Barb Ratliff says:

    I’m the planner and the social knitter. My friend invited me to a social knitting group of ladies of all ages (really nice) and we meet once a month. It’s a great place for sharing ideas and helping each other with something new that we may not have learned so far. I am also one of those knitters who has built a digital library of “free” patterns that I’ve found on the web. I printed this article and am taking it to our next meeting — it’s fun and cute.

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  55. yak carpet delhi says:

    Knitting is my hobby and love to do that in spare time. It is something that will not let you bored. after 5 years of knitting experience now i am a perfect knitter.

  56. Ann says:

    Definitely a freestyler.

  57. Helen says:

    I would be a yarn hoarder if I had opportunity but live in remote location so mail order from Bendigo Woollen MIlls. Try to be very disciplined about this and only have planned orders so I get enough wool at a time to avoid postage. BUT I am a pattern junkie — since I discovered ravelry have large & growing collection of patterns – a lot free but some purchased, printed and never knitted – not cold enough here to wear a lot of them. There are so many georgeous creative ideas out there. Most of my knitting for self, grandchildren and KOGO charity. Knit every day – keeps me sane – better than drugs/alcohol/valium

  58. JoAnne says:

    I had to laugh when reading what type of knitter I might be. After reading each of the descriptions, I picked two. Yes, I’m a planner but I love the social knitter, as I find it fun to have a get together with other knitters. That’s how we learn what others are doing and how they are doing it.

  59. Louise says:

    Well I’m definetly a yarnsnob 😂 Life is just too short for bad “wool” – and there’s so much gorgeus yarn around 😍👍🏻 love the cute drawings ❤️

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