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The Best Collection of FREE Christmas Knitting Patterns!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – in addition to toys in every store, there are skeins of yarn begging to be made into something festive and fun! Here are 10 FREE Christmas knitting patterns that we all think are full of heartwarming holiday cheer!

1. Lovely Little Christmas Tree 

Small Christmas Tree Knitting Pattern

This adorable little tree, created by independent designer Amanda Berry is a perfect choice for cheery Christmas elves who live in small studio living spaces or extra busy elves who don’t have time for a full-sized tree. Using Robin DK yarn, this project is a quick and easy knit to put you in the holiday spirit. Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

2. Spectacular Stocking 

Fair Isle Stocking Free Pattern

Created with Plymouth Galway Worsted weight yarn, this festive stocking will look right at home hanging over any fireplace large or small, ready to be filled with gifts and goodies! Click on the image above to download this awesome free pattern!

3. Amazing Advent Calendar 

rowan advent calendar free knitting pattern

Who doesn’t love an Advent calendar? While we count down to the big day, we reward ourselves and our loved ones with a treat for every day of the month. Created using Rowan Kid Classic yarn, this delightful decoration is durable and practical! Click on the image above to download this free pattern!

4. Excellent Elfen Stocking Cap

We’re offering this simple elfish hat to kids from 1 – 92: knitted with Lion Brand Wool Ease  yarn, this project is simple, durable, and fun for the whole family. Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

5. Lovely ”Loken”  Crochet Snowflake Scarf 

Loken Snowflake Scarf Free Pattern

Gorgeously crocheted with Berroco Flicker  yarn, this scrumptious scarf will make you the envy of every holiday party – or you could give it as a gift to a superbly stylish friend. Click on the image above to download this free crochet pattern!

6. Classy Christmas Rose Infinity Scarf

Rowan Christmas Rose Snood Infinity Scarf

Be a step ahead of the fashion crowd, with this classic design made with Rowan Kid Classic and Anchor Artist Metallic  yarn; the crisp cream shade and delicate floral pattern provide the perfect accessory to any winter ensemble. This pattern was featured for our “12 Weeks of Christmas Knitting” project! Click here to check it out!  Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

7. Outstanding Ornament 

Anyone with pets or small children knows all too well the danger of glass ornaments and the hazard they pose. Knit up this fabulous bauble with Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn instead! Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

8. Snuggly Socks 

Fairisle Socks free knitting pattern

For all you fair isle knitters out there, behold these fantastic foot warmers, knitted with Plymouth Encore Chunky Tweed  yarn. Not only will your feet be fashionable, they will be roasty toasty for years to come. Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

9. Knit Your Own Sassy Snowman 

knitting snowman free pattern


This fuzzy friend is ready to knit along with you this holiday season! Using Cascade sport weight yarn in 3 festive shades, this adorable project is a perfect gift for a fellow knitter or to deck your own halls with knitted snowmen! Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

10. Magnificent Mini Mitts and Hats 

Rowan mini mittens and hats free knitting pattern

Any Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without these adorable mini winter accessories, made with Rowan Kid Classic  yarn – they knit up quickly, perfect for a stocking stuffer or a secret Santa! Click on the image above to download the free pattern!

How to download the patterns: Click on the images above to download the free patterns – this requires you to create an account with LoveKnitting. If  you’ve already shopped with us, then you will already have an account and can simply sign in. Many of you may receive our newsletter but have not yet created an account on our site. It only takes a few moments and once you have your free account, you can access all patterns that you download in your very own library! Learn more here.

Which pattern do you love most?

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69 Responses to The Best Collection of FREE Christmas Knitting Patterns!

  1. Kay Rizzetto says:

    Love this snowman free pattern. How do I get the pattern?

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Kay,

      Simply click on the image of the snowman and it will take you to our site where you can download it. You will need to sign in or sign up to download it, but once you have an account with us you can download all our free patterns freely.

      Hope this helps!
      Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

  2. Georg-Anne Duval says:

    I favor the stocking cap andsocks equally! Easy and quick yet highly versatile gift ideas

  3. PEARL JOWETT says:

    just love the snowman but he will have to wait until next year as sooo busy with xmas pressies at the moment

  4. Gayle Mayes says:

    mini hat ornaments

  5. Christine says:

    Hi. When I click on the advent calendar pic it takes me to the snood pattern?

  6. Elaine says:

    I started the knitting the Snowman a couple of nights ago…I think he is so gorgeous, I guess he will end up in my snowman collection…it will probably take me weeks to knit, because I have a few KAL’s on the go as well as another project…the KAL’s are the more important just now, but I do a bit of the other projects in while waiting for the next lot of rows…

  7. Sue says:

    Love the Snowman and the cute Christmas tree x

  8. tess says:

    Love the snow man pattern! Would love to make this for my grandchildren, they will love it too!

  9. Linda Sharkey says:

    Just love the snowman and the mini mits and hats Xxx

  10. Pauline says:

    I can’t download advent calendar either just get rose snood….I’d really like to make calendar!

  11. SSK says:

    I love the christmas tree and the elfen stocking cap.

  12. Bonnie M says:

    The cozy warm red socks!

  13. Rebecca Williams says:

    I love the Christmas tree and the tiny hat and mittens ornaments!

  14. Barbara Anderson says:

    My stand-out favourite is the darling little Christmas tree – already downloaded and can’t wait to make one each for my grown-up children for their Christmas tree (we’re trying to do “hand-made” for gifts this year. My second favourite is the knitted bauble in fair isle, very gorgeous, thanks so much for such lovely patterns.

  15. Barbara Bauman says:

    I love the Snowman best of all! The Christmas Tree and hats and mittens are great too. Thanks so much for making these wonderful patterns available to all of us. What a special gift.

  16. MARIE-REINE says:

    love the snowman and the red so so cuteck.

  17. Judelaide says:

    The snow man captures the fun of Christmas with a quirky knitting twist 🙂

  18. Helen says:

    Ooh, I totally adore the snowman, can’t wait to start knitting….. Thank you so much for making these patterns free, I really appreciate it.

  19. Donna Schulz says:

    I acruelly have a question before my comment … i was wondering if any of your very talented people there have a patten for a hair snood … I absolutely love the look of them buy have not been able to find a pattern anywhere that is what I am lookin for. I had found one at a fair here but it was so poorely made that it came apart before I really had a chance to look it over well to see how it was made. I knit and crochet so anything that you could come up with would be amazing.
    Thank you for your time and assistance. Your website is wonderful and the patterns I have seen so far very nice. I hope to make the snowflake shawl this year.

    Thank you again … Happy Holidays to you all,

  20. Myriam says:

    My favorite would be the lovely Loken scarf, in sparkling Flicker yarn. I can’t take my eyes off it! Sadly, I don’t think my crochet skills are there, yet. I also like the nice little beaded Christmas tree, but at the moment, it’s freezing outside, and the Snuggly Socks look oh-so comfy… I guess the socks are my favorite.

  21. Brenda Meck says:

    Snowman — so cute.

  22. Vicki k says:

    So disappointed that the lovely Loken scarf is NOT knit – but crocheted! I can excuse many for not being able to distinguish between knitting and crocheting, but not someone who is paid to blog about knitting!! inexcusable!

    • Donna Fairchild says:

      Bad days happen even at work. Maybe there is a similar pattern to knit.

    • Angelina says:

      Hi Vicki!

      Apologies for the mistake, we realized that it was a crochet pattern when we chose it, but it slipped our minds when we were writing up the post, silly us! We love knitting and crochet equally here at LoveKnitting, and we can’t believe we made such a silly error!

      All the best,

      Angelina and the LoveKnitting Team

  23. YarnAddict411 says:

    I like the socks pattern but that is because I am just learning and there is a huge need for socks at the homeless shelter right now. Other wise, I would be more partial to the infinity scarf. but the socks would be a very close neck in neck runner up. I recently participated in the event at michaels “The Pinterest Party” and they had a great yarn sale and the event participation afforded me an extra 30% all my purchase even the on sale stuff. I got sock yarn that normally cost $4.49 per skein for just $1.20 per skein so, I stocked p til I was broke. Then got home and there was a %50 check in the mail. lol always the way huh. I could have gotten another 25 skeins or so. Yarning is so much fun and rewarding and that I donate nearly everything helps increase that enjoyment too. Yarn on ppl safe holidays and happy ones too. JL YarnADdict411

  24. Dawn Doyle says:

    Would love to expand my range of decorations, can do basic knit (no lovely coloured pattern) mittens for trees, baubles, mini trees stuffed and unstuffed, stockings of various sizes, socks a definite no no as I cant get the hang of knitting “in a round” etc and then reversing the directions as I’m left handed. I’ve worked out most other stitches by following directions from different sources, What can I do now! Any ideas? I can’t get my head round knitting on double ended needles either- I’m not thick in the normal world!

    • Julieann says:

      I’m a novice knitter, so I know what you mean. DPNs were so intimidating, but I finally dove in. I found YouTube videos to be a great help!

    • Donna Fairchild says:

      have you tried knitting right handed. I am left handed who knits left handed. Just a thought/

  25. Julieann says:

    My vote goes to the Loken scarf – thanks for posting a nice crochet pattern!

  26. Frances says:

    I love the Christmas Tree.

  27. Donna Fairchild says:

    I like the snowman and the tree. I have tried cables so the snowman will have to wait.


  28. Margaret Robertson says:

    I have to go with the snowman 🙂 I collect them.

  29. Cathy. says:

    The snowman is fab

  30. Joyce Henry says:

    Love all the patterns but as It is approaching Christmas, the Snowman, the Tree and the Bauble and the Christmas tree decorations are great fun for this time of year. Can’t wait to get the snowman started within the next few days.

  31. Adi says:

    love the snuggly socks and lovely Loken skarf

  32. Lucy H says:

    The seasonal stocking cap ticks all my boxes, my daughters have wanted these for years – will make them happy this christmas!
    Thank you

  33. Lynda Stitchell says:

    I just love the knitting snowman so cute

  34. I just love the little Christmas Tree

  35. alison middleton says:

    Love the tree, snowman and bauble!

  36. Tina Mikhael says:

    How could anything be better to a knitting enthusiast than the Sassy Snow’being’/person!!?

  37. Diane says:

    That snowman just has to be made – just had injection in my shoulder so no knitting for a week! he will be the first thing when I pick up my needles again – luv the tree too …..

  38. Vicky says:

    Really love the Christmas Tree!

  39. eva stalmuke says:

    I think the snowman is adorable!

  40. Jennifer Richmond says:

    Love the snowman and tree.

  41. Jennie Birch says:

    They are all lovely but my favourite has to be the snowman!

  42. Kathleen C says:

    Snowflake Scarf – just lovely.

  43. judith says:

    My favourite is the little tree.-

  44. Heidi says:

    Love love love the Snowman!

  45. Love the snowman and hat and mitt decorations.

  46. Peggy Ribordy says:

    the little snow lady knitting

  47. Jen says:

    Love the snowman….starting this one today !

  48. Liz says:

    unable to print off all snowman instructions please help! Thanks

    • Angelina says:

      Hello Liz!

      If you click on the photo of our lovely little snowperson, it will take you to the page where you can download the instructions. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll need to create an account with us in order to access this pattern (and loads of other free patterns!).

      Happy Knitting,

      Angelina and the Loveknitting Team

  49. Barbara S says:

    Love the elf hat and tree

  50. Deb says:

    My teen loves the elf hat, husband picks mini tree & I like the Knitting Sassy Snowperson, but mini mitts & hats are fast with immediate rewards, so that will be the 1st project. Love the selection!

  51. Kathryn Lester says:

    Love the Stocking for myself. The Elfen hat for my granddaughter, and the Snuggly socks for my daughter-in-law. Now to just get the gifts completed.

  52. Agnes says:

    I’m going to have a go at the Snow Lady Kintting and the little Elfe hat

  53. Joan says:

    Can’t pick one love the snowlady the elfin hat and those toasty looking fairisle socks!!

  54. Brenda Meck says:

    Tough one. May fav pattern is between the snowman and the ornaments.

  55. Judith Moore says:

    Love the snowman

  56. Elly Coppen says:

    The snowman is my favorite. I have completed the body and I am halfway the hat. Sofar it’s going very well.

  57. Jo says:

    Wow such a clever lady. Such diverse patterns. LOVE the snowman and the crochet scarf. Look forward to seeing more.

  58. Eileen says:

    ALL OF THEM!!!! many thanks. x

  59. Anna Devine says:

    Love the knitting snowman! I will hold that one for next year, and will probably make some of the tiny ornaments for this year.

  60. Iris says:

    Awesome little tree. I can’t find the free pattern. Please help. Thank you. I’m sure you all know how it is when you see something & want to take out the needles & yarn to make it BUT can’t find the pattern. L.O.L. with needles at the ready! Iris

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