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Published on July 18th, 2016 | by Hannah & Rosie


The New Craft House: 3 ways to pimp your mittens

We love mittens, they’re so warm and cosy and easy to knit -­ perfect! Our Simple Mitten pattern is a basic shape and style that looks great in loads of yarns, we’ve used MillaMia Aran which comes in lots of lovely colours. We’ve come up with three simple customising ‘hacks’ to add a little something extra to your mittens. Find our Mitten Pattern here then get customising!

Feature Pom Pom


1. Knit up your mittens as described in our mitten pattern.

2. Using a contrasting colour, wrap yarn around two fingers held about two inches apart. Keep wrapping (trying not to tighten your fingers together) until you’ve gone around about 30 times.


3. Take the yarn off your fingers and cut, leaving a trail of about 5 inches at the end.

4. Cut another piece of yarn and tie this around the middle with a knot.


5. Snip through the two looped ends of your yarn.


6. Repeat for a second pom pom.

7. Using your long ends of yarn, tie your pom poms onto your mittens. We placed ours right in the centre but you could try yours at the side. Thread the yarn around a stitch a couple of times and knot on the inside.

Small Pom Poms


1. Knit up your mittens as described in our mitten pattern.

2. Repeat the steps to make a pom pom as above, but hold your fingers together as you wrap the yarn around them. Repeat to make as many small pom poms as you like.

3. You could tie the pom poms around the edge of the cuff on your mittens or try just a couple on the front as we’ve done. Use multi coloured pom poms to make them really stand out!

Embroidered Initials/Motifs


1. Knit up your mittens as described in our mitten pattern.

2. Use graph paper to sketch up your motif or letter, imagining that each square is a stitch.

3. Using a contrasting yarn colour, begin by securing your yarn on the wrong side of your mittens.

4. Start to stitch your motif using the duplicate stitch method, stitching over each leg of your ‘v’ knit stitches.


5. Secure your yarn on the inside of your mitten.


6. You may also wish to outline your motif using a black or darker yarn, this creates extra contrast and really makes the motif pop!


How did you like these three ways to jazz up our mittens pattern? Let us know in the comments!

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We are Hannah and Rosie and together we run The New Craft House. Our aim is to use old crafting techniques in more modern and stylish projects, as our tagline says – old crafts for the new generation!

Last updated: July 18th, 2016.

3 Responses to The New Craft House: 3 ways to pimp your mittens

  1. Laura says:

    Love this tutorial! Thanks 🙂

  2. Adele Barraclough says:

    I love the idea of customising a pair of mittens! I want to knit a pair for a crazy cat lady – do you have any fun ideas please?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Adele,
      What a lovely idea! Why not use our embroidered motif instructions to sew a little moggy onto the mittens? 🙂

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