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The realities of sharing your crafts on social media

As #FrogOrFinish month comes to a close, many of us are sharing our (finally) finished crafts on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Projects. Here are some realities of sharing your projects! 

This month has been a great cleansing of the stash. I’ve tidied, I’ve organized, and I’ve had projects flying off the needles. With every finished project comes the inevitable: sharing it on social media. Sharing is one of the best parts of knitting – but here are some of the realities.

Counting the likes

Sharing crafts on social media: read more on LoveKnitting

“Come on, just 10 more. Someone validate my effort! Appreciate me! Oh, thanks, Great-Aunt Jessica – why yes, I did make it myself.”

Taking 200 pictures to share just one

Sharing your crafts on social media: read more on LoveKnitting

Getting your finished project in the best light is very important. If you spent hours knitting it, why not take a few minutes to make sure people can see just how amazing you are for having knitted it? 200 pictures later, everyone will know just how gorgeous it is.

Tagging it so that everyone will see your #masterpiece

Sharing your crafts on social media: read more at LoveKnitting

“Hey guys, #checkout this #new #craft I finished, it’s #super #cute! #lol #funny #perf”

I love hashtags – they’re a great way to expose your work to a wider audience that you don’t already know! (Psssst: go check out this post on CraftyFingers for some really fun hashtags with vibrant communities. And don’t forget to tag @LoveKnittingcom when you share your crafts on social media!)

Building an awesome community

Sharing crafts on social media: read more at LoveKnitting

Social media can connect communities across continents and oceans – and it can grow communities and friendships like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not unusual to be really close friends with someone you’ve never met in person nowadays, and in the crafting community it’s no different. I have friends across the world who make beautiful things and share them – and I love to see the latest thing they’ve made. After all, who wouldn’t bond over the mutual love of a gorgeous yarn?

If you’re feeling like sharing, head over to the Projects area of our site, where you can share your projects, see other people’s labors of love, and explore inspiration. Get started!

How do you share your crafts on social media?

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2 Responses to The realities of sharing your crafts on social media

  1. Myriam says:

    I can relate to taking tons of pictures in different lights, with different backgrounds, different angles, etc, and then only posting one.

    But that’s for the best: who would like to see all of the 199 other pictures of the same thing? Well, maybe me, some day, so I tend to keep about 163 of those pictures.

  2. Chetan says:

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apineciatpor.

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