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The Yarn Collective announces Bloomsbury DK by Carol Feller

This week we bring you the second line from The Yarn Collective: Bloomsbury DK. This gorgeous hand-dyed merino wool yarn has been carefully curated by Carol Feller.


The Yarn Collective Bloomsbury DK


Yarn Collective Bloomsbury DK



The Yarn Collective is a new fibre and design company working with some of the best independent designers to bring truly beautiful artisan yarns to the market, alongside inspiring and gorgeous patterns. They are working with three designers who represent the best in modern knitting design. Last week we announced Melanie Berg’s Portland Lace, and this week brings us a new yarn called Bloomsbury DK curated by Carol Feller.


Surfer Blues

bloomsbury dk yarn


Carol developed three distinct “color stories” or palettes, the first being the surfer blues above. She describes the palette: “I love both the peace and ferocity of the ocean. It can move from tranquillity to danger in minutes and tosses up a huge mix of blue and green coloring. The colors that it evokes for me are a bright blue (Surf), deep dangerous navy [Indigo], lighter green [Moss] and a deep emerald green [Oz].”



fall colors the yarn collective


“My next color story is in influenced by fall, my favorite season. As the leaves change from green to gold they turn the most magnificent shades of orange and copper. This collection of yarn attempts to capture that range of color, moving from darker copper brown [Copper] to a mustard orange [Russet], and ending with a cool neutral beige brown [Sand].”



fuchsia yarn collective


“I live in West Cork where the fuchsia flower is often used as a symbol for the area. I love the combination of pinks and purples in the flower so this inspired me to create a bright pink [fuchsia], a purple [Violet] and a more neutral grey [Soot] to finish out the story.”

Russler Shawl

Russler shawl


“Russler is an oversized shawl that’s worked from side-to-side. This shawl is so warm and snuggly you’ll never want to take it off! The chevron stitch pattern allows the colors to flow together in waves that expand in width as you move across the shawl.”


Lignite Sweater

Lignite sweater


“Lignite is a top down A-line tunic that uses combinations of lace bands and short rows to create a flowing garment that will work really nicely with skinny jeans or leggings.”

Dango Hat

Dango hat


“Dango is a combination of cable stitch patterns that flow around the hat, creating a nice dense fabric that is wonderful for cooler days.”

You can see the Bloomsbury DK lookbook here, and read about the Portland Lace if you missed last week’s announcement here. We have another amazing line from another talented designer soon! Stay tuned to the blog and follow #theyarncollective on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to find out!

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  1. Margaret Stead says:

    Really lovely and unusual patterns

  2. Myriam says:

    Lingite sweater is a winner!

  3. Mikell Thurston griffth says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Pat Ludlam. says:

    what lovely colours’ very attractive patterns’.

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