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Top 5 FREE Father’s Day knitting patterns

Father’s Day will be here before you know it – knit the dad in your life something from the heart this year. Check out these top patterns for the men in your life. 

1. Cardigan in Lion Brand Wool Ease

Top 5 free knitting patterns for father's day - cardigan by Lion Brand


We just love this classic cardigan from Lion Brand. The traditional cabled design, wooden buttons, and long length are perfect for any man in your life. Knitted up in pieces and seamed up, this deep V-neck cardigan is also perfect to steal back; it’s the greatest ”boyfriend sweater” you’ll ever snuggle into! This pattern uses Lion Brand Wool Ease in the shade Natural Heather (098); we also love Oxford Grey (152) – click on the image below to view the huge selection of available shades.

Lion Brand Wool Ease - Top 5 father's day knitting patterns


2. ”Simple Skyp” socks by Adrienne Ku

Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns - simple skyp socks by Adrienne Ku


Available in 4 sizes, from extra small to large, these simple socks are a great gift for any dad. This pattern calls for short row shaping and a heel flap, as well as using a simple and stitch pattern in the ribbing on the cuff. For this pattern, we love Austermann Step 6 sport weight yarn, a premiere sock yarn that’s built to last through anything a foot could throw at it. We love Krokodil (614) and Bergsee (619), as seen here. To see the rest of this designers awesome patterns, click here. 

Austermann Step 6: Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns


3. Aram in Berroco Comfort Aran

Top 5 free knitting patterns for father's day - cabled pullover in Berroco Comfort Aran


We love the classic aran, fisherman style of this cabled pullover sweater. Every man looks good in this style of sweater, no matter the age or build. Knitted in pieces and seamed up, this sweater is designed to fit those with a chest measurement of 36 – 52 inches around, and uses between 7 and 11 balls of Berroco Comfort, depending on the size. This sweater features the shade Hummus (9720), but we also love Adirondack (9752) for this classic cabled design.

Berroco Comfort: Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns on the LoveKnitting blog!


4. ”Thermos” hat by Yarn Madness

Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns: Thermos hat by yarn madness

Even though Father’s Day takes place in the summer, our friends down under are heading into winter – not to mention that hats are always beloved by dads young and old, no matter the season. This pattern is even suitable for beginners, or as a quick knit for a more experienced knitter. For this snuggly hat, we love Adriafil Duo Comfort, a delicious blend of wool and cotton that’s perfect for winter wear. To make this hat as shown, you will need one ball each of Red (72) and Kaki (74); click on the image below to view all available shades. To see the rest of this designer’s amazing patterns, click here.

Adriafil Duo comfort: Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns - read more on the LoveKnitting blog

5. Fair Isle sweater vest in Rowan Wool Cotton 4 ply

Top 5 free father's day knitting patterns - fair isle sweater vest

Find us a man that doesn’t need a classy patterned sweater vest to dress up a boring shirt? Perfect for days on the golf course or meeting a friend for lunch, this pattern is sure to please. It’s designed to fit men with a 40 – 44 inch (102 – 112 cm) chest measurement, and uses several shades of Rowan Summerlite 4ply.

What will you knit for Dad?


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  1. Gloria Hill says:

    Thank you for the patterns especially the fisherman sweater and the sock pattern . i have not made socks with a heel yet only the pull on style my daughter is not available to help me. Gloria

  2. Penny Haswell says:

    Thank you for these patterns, but I do wonder why patterns for me always involve big chunky/aran style knits. I know this selection has a Fairisle slipover but even that starts at 40″ chest. Some men do like finer (4 ply) cardigans/jumpers and need smaller sizes, I wonder if you would ever contemplate showcasing these?

    Thanks for reading this.

  3. Sue Hodges says:

    How do I change my e-mail address? I don’t remember my former password.
    thank you

  4. Tuarita Brown says:

    I am looking forward to.having a go
    At the socks first I think!

  5. Holda says:

    Thank you so much for the patterns!

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