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Tour de force in North Yorkshire

Roving reporter Rosie updates us with the latest Tour de France knitting news…

With the Tour de France setting off in Yorkshire on Saturday 5th July, residents have understandably been excitedly planning and decorating their towns for months.

Back in April we blogged about both Harrogate and Cambridge’s preparation to welcome the Tour de France. Cambridge was appealing for over 2,000 knitted, crocheted or sewn Tour de France “jerseys”, yet the Yorkshire borough of Harrogate had already created over 23,000!

The streets of Masham, North Yorkshire, were adorned with a sprinkling of pretty yellow, green, white and polka dots, as the astounding volume of jumpers made in the Tour de France colours were transformed into beautiful bunting, and strewn across lampposts, railings, billboards and trees. Until recently… ┬áNorth Yorkshire County Council have now removed the celebratory bunting stating that it is a health and safety hazard.


Despite the bunting having been hanging for a month in all weathers, Harrogate Borough Council, who helped erect the hand-crafted bunting and swathe it between 20ft lampposts, have now voiced concerns that the bunting may get wet and cause the lampposts to “bend”.

Last week there were reports that council workers, cherry pickers and tree surgeons were on site working together to take down the bunting in the town square, some of which was hand knitted and donated by people as far as Bermuda.

A county council spokesman said, “We welcome bunting on buildings, or between trees, but it cannot be hung between lampposts for safety reasons.”

Many businesses and individuals have had to bend to the new guidelines, and bunting now adorns guttering, windows, doorways and shop billboards instead of being strung up in a traditional over-head fashion.

Jack Hart, of The Freedom Association said, “The fact that local residents have taken the time to create home-made bunting in order to decorate their town and welcome the Tour de France should have been celebrated by the council.”

“Local residents want their town to look its best, given it will have the world’s attention on it.”

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