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We love Debbie Bliss….

Here at LKHQ we really love Debbie Bliss, both the person and the yarns. So in our opinion, we have saved the best till last for our Advent Calendar. Today one lucky reader can receive this SIGNED Debbie Bliss book Baby Cashmerino 5 plus 10 balls of Baby Cashmerino in Ecru (our best selling yarn and worth over £55). All you have to do is tell us why you love Debbie in the comments below. We will pick a winner at random from comments made before midnight on 27th December. Good luck!


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A newbie knitter slowly becoming more and more obsessed. Helen loves autumn, good food and can't decide between cats and dogs. She is also inordinately fond of her potato peeler.

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163 Responses to We love Debbie Bliss….

  1. Val says:

    debbie bliss baby cashmerino is so soft. It is perfect for tiny clothes, and her patterns are always reliable.

  2. Fen Crosbie says:

    That would be very nice indeed. Love cashmerino and such a pretty colour.

  3. Jane Jones says:

    I have just had my first Granddaughter and have knitted lots of Debbie Bliss patterns and yarn. Her patterns are classic with a modern twist and the yarns are so soft. My daughter in law tells me she is the talk of her NCT group in her knits. So winning some more will be put to immediate use ! Love Debbie Bliss especially for babies.

  4. Kirsten Wills says:

    Last chance to win this time. 🙂

  5. Kathy Oliver says:

    I learnt to knit using Debbie Bliss’ ‘Baby knits for beginners’.

  6. Lynne Thomson says:

    Just had my first grandbaby – a beautiful boy. I would love to win this and start an heirloom tradition.

  7. Pearl Squire says:

    I haven’t knitted baby clothes since my children were babies ( youngest now 19), with a wedding on the way it will soon be a good time to make a start for grandchildren knitting : ) (here’s hoping any way ; 0

  8. Megan says:

    would love to win this- beautiful yarn

  9. I love Debbie Bliss. I love her yarns they’re lovely. I love her patterns too amd ai have actually made my first ever garment using one of them.

  10. Hannah Lowry says:

    That would be lovely

  11. Jennifer stewart says:

    I LOVE Debbie Bliss patterns and yarns. Have many of her books and have made lots of baby clothes from her patterns. They are accurate, easy to follow, and her yarns are scrumptious!

  12. Jane says:

    I love Debbie Bliss’ designs for their practicality but with that edge that makes them rise above the ordinary and her yarn is just so lovely to use.

    Thank you for this advent calendar, it’s been lovely opening a door each day to see what gorgeous things are behind it. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

  13. Magda.fogg says:

    Debbie Bliss; exactly what it says on the label! Beautiful soft yarns and wonderful patterns, to win some would be a joy.

  14. Sue Greening says:

    I have a new grandchild on the way and I would love to knit an outfit with the cashmerino.

  15. Sam Plummer says:

    Debbie bliss patterns are just awesome, so easy to follow and stunning designs. Would be amazing to win this booty 🙂

  16. Rachael Haslam says:

    With my first niece on the way and a small baby myself, this book would be very useful and the cashmerino perfect for snuggling baby in on those variable Spring days. Love Debbie Bliss patterns and yarn

  17. sheila bound says:

    Debbie Bliss gives me the inspiration I need when knitting for my baby nephew,

  18. Lisette says:

    Debbie Bliss books helped me transform from a garter stitch scarf maker to a knitter that will not only take on challenging projects, but also teaches knitting. Looking back on my favorite Debbie Bliss projects, the teddy bear comes clearly to mind. I made them for my niece and nephew many, many Christmases ago when every other toy product from China came with a recall notice. I love that bear!

  19. Kelly lanini says:

    My very most favorite yarn is Debbie bliss baby casmerino. I use it as often as I can. Not only do I use it for my baby projects I also use it to make boobs. My mother had a mastectomy a few years ago and did not like the prosthesis. I found the titbit pattern (free on line) and have been supplying her with soft, comfortable and washable boobies ever since.

  20. Marianne Kitsios says:

    Like you say, we left the best for last. Debbie Bliss is the best! Who would not like this gift for Christmas. I can only dream about it, a SIGNED book from the BEST!!!

  21. Ruth Heaton says:

    As a newbie knitter this year, and without my own children or children in the family, I have to admit to not having used Debbie Bliss yet. However, my. Niece has announced she is pregnant, and winning this wool, would let me try something more adventurous than baby blankets and introduce me to what looks like the softest most irresistible wool there is

  22. Beryl Cartner says:

    Everything she does is just so yummy

  23. Wendy-Jane Walton says:

    I love Debbie Bliss patterns and yarns, so lovely to knit with.

  24. Mary Alderton says:

    Debbie Bliss patterns have a simplicity which makes the yarn speak for itself! It would be magic to win a signed book, thank you for the chance.

  25. Angela Hall says:

    Simply because it’s the best!

  26. Carole Ball says:

    6th grandchild on it’s way in January – need more ideas

  27. louise says:

    Debbies patterns always give you that something extra

  28. Jill van Lieshout says:

    Gorgeous wool, great patterns…..

  29. chanette sleigh says:

    I love all things bliss and would love this book to add to my collection

  30. Nicky Sutton says:

    Winning this would be pure bliss!

  31. Diane Hall says:

    I love Debbies’s patterns x

  32. Tina Mann says:

    I would love to have her book on my shelf. And be able to knit something with such beautiful wool. It would be special.

  33. When you touch Debbie Bliss yarns, you know it. When you see her patterns, you experience it, and when you take up your needles and begin, you find the love that’s knit in your heart for that special someone, weaves invisible tendrils of that love into every stitch.

  34. joan caton says:

    Would love to make some Debbie bliss items

  35. Anne Skene says:

    Debbie’s products are divine for blissful babies.p

  36. Petra Beck says:

    What a wonderful prize! Happy Christmas everybody!

  37. Jeanette Blair says:

    How exciting it would be to win this Debbie Bliss Book and wool, got lots of babies arriving in the new year, this would be amazing! I have a few of her books and have knitted lots of her patterns for my grandchildren xXx

  38. Jackie says:

    Debbie Bliss yarn is by far the most superior yarn on the market, this is a fabulous prize.

  39. Nadine Grey says:

    This would be perfect for my new granddaughter, fine delicate wool with pretty patterns would suite her as she is a delicate flower to be wrapped in only the best

  40. Donna Coath says:

    Your patterns are such a koy to work with and winnibg this prize would make my day. As a friend of mine has just had her first baby and I would love to make her something.

  41. Denise Bowers says:

    I’ve not yet knitted any of her patterns but I have one to do and the wool, looking forward to doing it, the wool is very soft and silky!

  42. Lynn Gibbins says:

    I love the modern designs of Debbie Bliss patterns. The yarn is luxurious in beautiful colourways. I’ve only been knitting a few years but Debbie Bliss is always the first place I look when I want to start a new project. She has brought knitting up to date and appealing to a new generation of knitters.

  43. So perfect for our beautiful new addition to the family Millie Grace! So tiny and needing gorgeous soft knits made with Debbie Bliss yarn

  44. Debbie’s patterns are brilliant and I have made a baby blanket with her yarn, it was great to work with and the blanket was so soft, it has been used constantly and still looks good! Definitely worth working with a good yarn!

  45. Alex Neville says:

    This is a wonderful end to advent

  46. Grace Rawson says:

    What a fabulous prize to round off your generosity. Here’s to Lady Luck and “Have a wonderful Christmas, everybody!”

  47. Michelle Smith says:

    Not yet tried Debbie Bliss yarn, looks super soft and would love to try it.

  48. Karen Whittaker says:

    Well fitting patterns that always work. Well written instructions that are straight forward to follow and give a lovely finish. Fab yarns.

  49. Susan Bushnell says:

    Debbie Bliss garments are timeless, they are Blissful!
    Merry Christmas.

  50. Janice nixon says:

    Fabulous wool and patterns would love to have both. Thank you x

  51. Jackie hibbert says:

    What could be better than starting a new project for the new year. The icing on the the cake would be using Debbie’s beautiful cashmerino wool, it’s a dream to knit with.
    Happy New Year.

  52. Angela Garside says:

    Wonderful yarn and patterns and so proud that a company so close to me….just 5 miles away is responsible for making them. Xx

  53. jayne wilkinson says:

    Debbie Bliss is really fabulous patterns and wool. I have been looking for something special to knit for someone this year and this would really fit the bill 🙂

  54. Emily W says:

    Just love Debbie Bliss. Received her Simply Baby book when I was pregnant with our first child, and need up with RSI due to my enthusiasm! And so began a love affair!

  55. Yvonne Bryant says:

    my niece is pregnant and winning this would give me the perfect opportunity to knit garments for her baby… be an absolute Bliss!

  56. lindaoxburgh says:

    lovely book and yarn I have atwo week old granddaughter and would love knitting her things in good quality wool and beautiful patterns.projects to fill the void now that all of the xmas knitting is finished.

  57. Kym Meyer says:

    Such cozy yarn and Debbie has great patterns! Merry Christmas!

  58. Katia Petteloot says:

    Perfect end to a good knitting year. Love Debbie Bliss.

  59. WiccanCharm says:

    I would love to start the New Year off with Debbie Bliss! Merry Christmas x

  60. p says:

    Special wool for that special arrival, always knits up beautifully.
    Merry Christmas

  61. Linda Rumsey says:

    She always designs such beautfully wearable patterns! And the yarn is super soft, too!

  62. anne millington says:

    Her patterns are so knittable, wearable & timeless, the wool is lovely too

  63. Maureen says:

    An amazing prize! I have another great niece on the way and this would be perfect – Debbie Bliss designs have real class and originality.

  64. Janet Avison says:

    Your patterns are always bliss, sorry a Christmas cracker type pun. Merry Christmas to you all

  65. sheila hallworth says:

    I love Debbie’s designs. They have a classic feel with a modern twist. My go to designer when knitting baby gifts 🙂

  66. Catherine Fowler says:

    Please please let me win! Cross fingers.
    My brother is about to become a first time Dad – baby due to be born any day now, and this would give me the opportunity of yet another gift for him. Have already made hat and mittens, and a joint project (with my sister) of a 24 square cot blanket.
    Good luck everyone.
    Happy Christmas to all of you at loveknitting. X

  67. Sue Eaves says:

    I love using Debbie Bliss’s books (I have a collection of them) and her yarns are so soft and delicate for little ones. I have knitted lots of her designs for my grandson. My granddaughter is 2 wks so old, so once again, I am busy knitting – girls patterns though this time! I can’t wait to look at this book, whether I win it or I buy it from my local stockist. Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

  68. Raquel Soldevila says:

    Love it! I will knit a lot of baby gifts 🙂

  69. Debbie Heeley says:

    Oh please…….

  70. Christine says:

    Debbie Bliss’ patterns are always very modern and there seems to be new ones coming out all the time. Combine this with gorgeous wearable yarn and you cant go wrong!

  71. Madz says:

    Beautiful, soft, classic knits.

    And they feel truly exquisite once finished.

  72. christine wilson says:

    just got a new granddaughter so i would love to knit her something special from this wonderful book,and yarn.
    merry xmas to all.x

  73. Alexandra King says:

    Lovely designs and quality yarn – a perfect combination.

  74. Dinah says:

    I love Debbie’s designs but have not yet had the chance to use her wool x

  75. jan says:

    I always look forward to knitting Debbie Bliss designs, special and practical too, Merry Christmas everyone

  76. mrs ann sharp says:

    I would love this as Debbie bliss designs are very good merry Christmas everyone

  77. Sonja Sillay says:

    Wonderful designer and what a wonderful Christmas present that is to a lucky winner.
    Merry Christmas.

  78. Hilary says:

    I’m sure I can think of someone to knit this for….

  79. fiona says:

    I love debbie bliss patterns and they knit up beautifully.

  80. jo donnelly says:

    Always different, never too difficult

  81. jo donnelly says:

    Always different never too difficult

  82. Susan says:

    Quality yarn, Love it.

  83. Rachel Ganney says:

    yes please!

  84. Julie says:

    I love Debbie Bliss because the yarns are always soft, in gorgeous colours and I actually want to make the patterns!

  85. Jan Redman says:

    Love Debbie Bliss because the designs are unique and modern

  86. Freda Taylor says:

    I love Debbie’s wool – such a joy to knit with. Her designs are so pretty and practical.

  87. I especially love Debbie Bliss baby patterns, particularly those with cables and/or bobbles. These interesting features make it fun to knit baby garments and add a lovely texture.

  88. Vicki says:

    Debbie Bliss yarns are gorgeous to the touch and come in beautiful colour ranges!

  89. ann says:

    I love knitting with Debbie Bliss the patterns are so different to any others and the quality of wool is second to none.

  90. Vivella says:

    Beautiful patterns for cute little one’s.

  91. Ruth Taylor says:

    yes please

  92. Jill Maylin says:

    These are lovely patterns and yarn.

  93. Lyn says:

    She is such an amazing designer. Classics of the future! Gorgeous yarns too x

  94. wendy widger says:

    Debbie Bliss really lives up to her name, her patterns are exquisite and her yarns are blissful. I have made so many of her perfectly sized baby blankets, beautiful little dresses and pretty seed stitch sweaters in baby cashmerino. In fact so many, that I now have enough leftover cashmerino yarn to make a debbie bliss style patchwork garter stitch baby blanket. Whether I win or not, keep up with your wonderful designs and yarns, and a Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for all you do!

  95. Liz Crawford says:

    I have lots of babies coming around me this year so this prize would be great

  96. Magdalena says:

    Beautiful yarn and easy to follow patterns, what else is there to say

  97. carol stevenson says:

    perfect prize as i have a grand daughter due in March

  98. Roberta says:

    great designer, patterns are user friendly, yarns are luxurious

  99. Cindy Sherwood says:

    Pretty yarn and looks so soft and cuddly! Adorable designs.

  100. Bethan says:

    Lovely yarn to knit with.

  101. Alma Twombly says:

    Love, love , love her patterns. I have used a lot of them and I love her books. Please let it be me

  102. linda Evans says:

    yes I would like this

  103. Shanna says:

    Beautiful, classic designs. What’s not to love?

  104. Wendy Durell says:

    I have another Debbie Bliss baby book and have knitted patterns from it. The patterns are delightful and the yarns lovely to knit with.

  105. Julie Collings says:

    Gorgeous designs and yarns that are lovely to work with and wear.

  106. Deb Jankowski says:

    Debbie Bliss yarn is PURE BLISS to handle. If I’m going to take my precious time to create a garment, I want to enjoy the process. I enjoy the process when i am handling Debbie Bliss yarn. And I also like Debbie Bliss patterns because they are so well written. easy to follow.

  107. Kate says:

    My last knitted Christmas present was a pair of mittens made from this yarn, and it is just lovely to work with

  108. sharon bakner says:


  109. Karen Stewart says:

    Elegant designs using quality yarns, the recipe for a successful hand made knit.

  110. Heather hill says:

    Bliss indeed..…blissfull patterns, blissfully easy yarns to work with.

  111. Coryna says:

    Sweet patterns, classic.

  112. Angela Williams says:

    Great quality wool, soft to the touch and a pleasure to knit with. Makes a lovely looking garment that keeps it’s shape and washes well.

  113. Marilyn Kehoe says:

    Fab prize – merry Christmas

  114. ANDREA says:

    love, love, love Debbie Bliss !!!

  115. cath isherwood says:

    Love this to keep my growing army of grandchilren well kitted out. Lovely designs and perfect yarns for little ones

  116. Lesley Twidale says:

    Blissful to use and blissful to wear x

  117. Kate says:

    Debbie Bliss has the most appropriate last name.

  118. Cyndi Smith says:

    We just found out yesterday our first grandchild will be a girl, so excited! Love Debbie Bliss’ yarn and patterns. : )

  119. Naomi Konke says:

    How can I ever get to thank her for all her beautiful patterns. Debbie Bliss has not let me down for five great grands and with number six due in April. This would be so timely.

  120. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    Her baby patterns are always so adorable. Thank you for the chance to win!

  121. Rita Ingham says:

    I love her baby and children’s patterns and her wool is to die for or is that dye

  122. Josephine Phelps says:

    Fingers crossed.

  123. Jean Guenther says:

    I knit her baby sweaters for my three grandchildren who are now young adults. I now have a great grand child I would love to knit for with a new book and yarn!

  124. Jan Daniel says:

    I would love this so that I could knit some beautiful things for my new grandson in Australia. He is so special he deserves to wear something special knitted by hiss Nanny.

  125. Anna says:

    Love Debbie Bliss patterns because the results really do look like the model pictures. They are pretty fool proof and timeless – important when a project can take a while!

  126. Joy says:

    Debbie’s patterns are so lovely to knit! adorable designs that I always enjoy making 🙂

  127. Twila Hollingshead says:

    I would love to win this. I have 2 great grand babies coming soon. Plus 6 already here to knit for.

  128. Amy says:

    Her patterns are always so pretty!

  129. Tracy Cokill says:

    Her patterns are always lovely and her yarn is really nice to work with. This would be lovely for my new great nephew who is due in 2 weeks xx

  130. Zoe Atkins says:

    Have knitted Debbie Bliss bears for all three of my nieces – love her patterns!

  131. Rachel Sherwood says:

    Ooh fingers crossed, I’ve just had a baby!

  132. Josephine says:

    I have a new granddaughter and need some really pretty and authentic knitwear for her.
    Debbie Bliss has all these with her patterns and wool.

  133. Ann says:

    Debbie is my very favorite designer. Do hope I win!

  134. Ellen Gaynor says:

    I love Debbie Bliss’s yarns and designs. I could make something very sweet for my grandchildren to come.

  135. Jenny says:

    I love the patterns and the quality of her yarns!

  136. O. Bondarenko says:

    I would like to try this wonderfull yarn and pattern. I had never knite

  137. O. Bondarenko says:

    I would like to try this wonderfull yarn and pattern. I did not knit with this yart yet, but would love to make some cardigans for my kids from this luxurious yarn with cashmere.

  138. victoria killey says:

    beautiful yarn would love to knit with Debbie bliss as not yet tried her yarn

  139. Roberta Lesley Newwman says:

    So widely known, must be good, would like the opportunity to try Debbie Bliss yarn.
    Happy new year!

  140. Hrund Gautadottir says:

    Beautiful yarn 🙂

  141. Julie Mitchell says:

    Something new to try 🙂

  142. Heather says:

    I have just started knitting again and would love to try this

  143. Susan Holmes says:

    What’s not to like – let’s get knitting!!

  144. Linda Hedley says:

    I how I would love to have this. I have a new grandchild expected in April and my patterns are old favourites but many from the Dad’s time when I had him nearly 40 years ago.

    Love Debbie Bliss

    Linda x

  145. Karen Craib says:

    I have only just started knitting and Debbie’s pattern give me beautiful items to aspire to. Practice makes perfect-ish….

  146. Isobel Laing says:

    At 86 I am excited at using this amazing wool for a new great grandchild

  147. Rundstricken says:

    I don’t know Debbie Bliss, yet. – But I would love to try the yarn.

  148. Helen Griffin-Ward says:

    This sounds absolutely Bliss-ful to knit.
    Already a big fan of the yarns and patterns.


  149. Claire Clark says:

    I love the feel of her yarns and her patterns look fantastic!

  150. Sally Burley says:

    Looks wonderful! I would love to win this!

  151. Im always knitting for kids, & I enjoy it very much I have never won anything In all my life Just once I would love to even try to win something

  152. Susan Bank says:

    Baby Cashmerino is my favorite yarn. I love the Debbie Bliss patterns that back up this yarn. They are classic and practical. When I want to knit a baby gift I start my pattern search in the Baby Cashmerino books and use book one as often as book five. I have several favorites that are unisex, a striped hoody, several that have a square neck opening and button at the shoulder, a collared pullover. I am making a blanket by using remnants from all the garments that I made for my twin grand children which brings back memories of all the sweaters they have worn to date.

  153. angela says:

    I would love to knit Debbie Bliss patterns and the wool is so soft for my baby Granddaughter Polly Jane

  154. Jane jackson says:

    I would love to do some knitting with this yarn
    I like Debbie bliss patterns
    I have made a blanket it the past with a castle on it and taken the lace letters from Debbie’s blanket pattern and put JACK at the top of
    It and lace stars at the bottom
    Would be a pleasure to knit with this yarn
    Thanks jane

  155. Sue Masterton says:

    Just love Debbie Bliss yarns and patterns. Her yarn is a pleasure to knit with, beautiful colours and always top quaility. The patterns are gorgeous and easy to follow. I’d love to win more Debbie Bliss yarn and a pattern book would complete the treat!

  156. Maggie Smithwhite says:

    I knitted the cable baby blanket from Debbie Bliss, The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits. It was a dream to knit with the cashmerino wool,very very soft. It has been used a lot and it washes up like new each time. I love her colours, and it’s the softness of the yarn and it’s ability to be machine washed that draws me to the range every time. I absolutely love it. I enjoyed knitting it so much I am now knitting another one for a new Grandchild due soon,

  157. Kerri Lefebvre says:

    I love the feel of this wool while using it and after it’s finished……would love a new project as I recover from back surgery! Pick me, pick me!

  158. Marlon says:

    Debbie’s designs are timeless but never dull. Her patterns are easy to follow and leave you with a gorgeous finished project. I can’t get enough of her.

  159. Anne says:

    iI love Debbie Bliss because there are so many fabulous yarns in a range of colours I am always spoilt for choice.

  160. Vicki James says:

    As my granddaughters say -Baby cashmerino is sooo soffie. It is wonderful to knit with and to wear!

  161. Anne says:

    She’s timeless and classic; always in style and a joy to knit! What’s not to love?

  162. i have used Debbie Bliss yarns often and also her patterns of which i have many ( although not the one shown ) my latest knit was with baby cashmerino dk in two colours i made a striped baby blanket for my first great granddaughter. it is a beautiful yarn to knit with looks gorgeous ..and it washes brilliantly which is very important for a newborn 🙂

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