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What Project Should I Knit?

Tomorrow is Labor Day in America, and to help celebrate the extra day off of work we’ve made this handy little quiz for you. Find out which project you should knit on your long weekend!


Quiz Time!

Which yarn weight do you have the most of?

1. 4 Ply

2. DK

3. Worsted

4. Chunky/Bulky

Who do you enjoy knitting for?

1. Myself

2. Charity

3. Children

4. Friends

When choosing a yarn, which characteristic is most important to you?

1. Color

2. Brand

3. Fibre

4. How it Feels

What kind of color characteristic is your favorite?

1. Pastel

2. Bright

3. Complimentary

4. Contrast

What is your favorite type of project?

1. Toys

2. Clothes

3. Homeware

4. Accessories

Finally, how much do you love knitting?

1. A bit

2. I’m obsessed

3. You’re joking right? I’m crazy about it!

4. Meh, it’s ok I guess

All 6 questions completed!

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Quiz Time!

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  1. Myriam Garçon says:

    that was fun!

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