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Published on February 12th, 2016 | by Merion


Why I love knitting: Sarah Knight, Crafts from the Cwtch

We’re asking our favourite bloggers and friends why they love knitting!  First off the starting blocks is the fantastic Sarah Knight who writes the Crafts from the Cwtch blog…

Why I love knitting with Sarah Knight on the LoveKnitting blog

Asking what I love about knitting is a bit like asking why I love my kids – it’s something I  just know, not something I’ve thought about very much.

In order to articulate my reasons, I did what usually works well for me and made a list. It was easy to come up with lots of things I love about my favourite craft, but to my surprise, they were mostly contradictory. For example:

  • Knitting can be perfectly simple and incredibly complex.
  • It’s quick to learn but takes a long time to master.
  • Knitting is both relaxing and frustrating (but not at the same time).
  • It is done by yourself, yet can be very social.
  • You can do it on a tight budget and also spend a fortune.
  • It’s art and science, both creative and mathematical.
  • Knitting is ‘trendy’ and traditional.

(These are the tip of the iceberg, my notebook includes three pages of paradox.)

While all these are true, there is something that I love even more. Knitting is inclusive – sex, religion, education, wealth, politics, disability, health – none of that matters if you can hold needles and wrap the yarn around them in some way. There is not even a ‘right way’ to do it – it’s up to you! Knitting is a tradition which transcends differences, and it links us to one another and to the generations before (and after) us, not only through the passing on of knowledge / techniques but in other ways, which are universal. For example, every knitted object carries memories – choosing the yarn and pattern, the place(s) and time(s) it was made, and what it has been used for. (How many of us wrapped our babies in handmade blankets? How many of us were wrapped in them ourselves?)

For me, ‘knitting’ is much more than a series of interlinked loops which make a fabric. It’s sitting at my Nanna’s knee, and the sound of her needles. It’s the jumpers my mother made for school, and the thing I attempted to knit for my ‘baby sister’. It’s my daughter’s first ballet cardigan, and my son’s hand knit socks. Yes, my love of knitting is about so much more than the projects on my needles and the yarn in my stash. How about you?

Sarah Knight patterns on the LoveKnitting blog

Click on the image to explore Sarah’s gorgeous patterns!  

Above, from left to right:  Leaf Collector’s mitts, the Enormous Triangle Ponshawl and the Quick Knit Lace Cowl.

Sarah Knight blogs at Crafts from the Cwtch

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