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Win Eddie the Eagle merchandise and download free Eddie hat

Now showing in UK cinemas, the new Eddie the Eagle movie is full of quirky and fun hand knitted garments. Learn more about the process and win a pack of merchandise.

Win Eddie the Eagle merchandise at LoveKnitting

Eddie the Eagle is the heartwarming story of the first British ski jumper, starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, and quirky hand knitted garments by the British Yarn Stories brand.

Audiences across the world are looking forward to the Eddie The Eagle movie but nowhere more so than the Yorkshire town of Slaithwaite in Huddersfield. This is the home of British yarn brand Yarn Stories, who created the jumpers for the film and are now preparing to launch the official Eddie The Eagle jumper knitting pattern and yarn kit.

Eddie the Eagle free sweater knitting pattern on LoveKnitting

Above: the Eddie the Eagle official hat: click this image to download the free knitting pattern

Yarn Stories hopes to have the official sweater available to download soon – until then, they are giving our readers the free Eddie the Eagle hat knitting pattern (above) and are encouraging readers to donate knitted hats to the Mission to Seafarers charity.

“Way back in March of 2015 we were approached by one of the producers,” explains Annabelle Hill, Sales and Marketing Director of Yarn Stories. “We had a very short amount of time to produce two jumpers for the movie and get them down to the studios in Elstree for filming. Knitting needles at the ready we got on with the job.” The team pulled out all the stops to make sure the garments were just what the producers were looking for.

Eddie the Eagle’s grandma was famous for the jumper she knitted for Eddie’s mother with the slogan “I’m Eddie’s Mum” on it so it was only natural to get one of these iconic garments into the movie.

Eddie The Eagle tells the story of one of the 1980’s true heroes whose desire to be an Olympic champion was so strong it saw him take on the world at the winter Olympic games in Calgary, Canada in 1988. He may not have made the medals but he touched the hearts of people all over the world. So much so, that his exploits are still fondly remembered and his determination admired.

Win a merchandise pack

We have incredible Eddie the Eagle merchandise goodies to give away to five lucky readers from the United Kingdom.  Each pack includes a bag, t-shirt, and phone case! To enter* this great competition, simply watch the trailer below and answer this question in the comments on this page before April 12th:

What does Hugh Jackman tell Eddie the ideal age to start ski-jumping is?

a: 10-11

b: 5-6

c: 14-15

*Terms and conditions apply

Celebrate like #EddieTheEagle in support of Sport Relief! Text ‘EAGLE’ to 70703 and donate £3 to this fantastic cause now! 

Thanks to LionsGate Entertainment for the free Eddie the Eagle swag!

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60 Responses to Win Eddie the Eagle merchandise and download free Eddie hat

  1. Tony says:

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  2. Ellen Brown says:

    The answers is b

  3. Connie Kellis says:

    The answer is b

  4. Rebecca McIntosh says:

    The answer is b) 5 – 6

  5. Julia Rice says:


  6. Julie Hayward says:

    The answer is b

  7. Michale says:

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  9. Jill says:

    The answer’s b, and the film look fun!

  10. GLYNIS LAKE says:

    The answer is b.

  11. Leila Benhamida says:

    Answer is B. 5-6 Looks really someone

  12. Laurie Gilkenson says:

    the answer is b.

  13. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Answer: b. 5-6

  14. Tricia says:

    The answer is b but that never deterred Eddie.

  15. Michelle Smith says:

    Answer b: 5-6

  16. Sue Shaw-Hawkins says:

    Answer is B

  17. Anne says:

    The answer is B. The film was brilliant!

  18. Rachel says:

    Answer is B (5-6). Looks like a really funny film.

  19. Angela says:

    Answer is B

  20. Alan says:

    Answer: B. 5-6 Look forward to watching this film as you can never laugh too much!

  21. Claire Kerry says:


  22. sally raymen says:

    age 5-6

  23. Lesley Busby-Waltho says:

    Answer is B 5-6
    Film was amazing Eddie awesome in his triumph

  24. melanie says:

    The answers b 5-6

  25. Jo says:

    Answer b, age 5 – 6.

  26. Linda Rumsey says:

    b: 5-6

  27. Susan Ward says:

    b) 5-6.

  28. Gill Napier says:

    The answer is b: 5-6

  29. trisha says:

    the correct answer is c think of child laws about training under age children

  30. Rachel Kennedy says:

    the answer is B

  31. Lisa Jones says:


  32. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    b: 5-6

  33. Sally jones says:

    the answer is B

  34. karen says:

    B) 5/6 thanks for the opportunity to win
    Eddie is like a hero of mine, he never stopped trying ?

  35. Kirsty Mac Innes says:

    b: 5-6

  36. Jennifer A Shepherd says:

    The answer is b: 5-6

  37. Sarah Maunder says:

    b. 5-6

  38. Caroline Badham says:

    The answer is B

  39. Barbara long says:

    Answer b. age 5-6

  40. Elizabeth Marie Adams says:

    The answer is B age 5-6.

  41. Jayne Marie says:

    B – 5 to 6

  42. Liz says:

    Answer B 5-6

  43. Holly Harvey says:

    B) 5-6
    What a film!

  44. Shelley Evans says:

    The answer is B: 5-6
    “You do know the time to be starting jumping is when you’re 5 or 6 right?”
    “Yeah, the Norwegians already told me that”

  45. QUENBY says:

    The answer is B:5-6 I love this film it made me cry! I’m going to watch it this week again because it was that good!:)

  46. Addie (the eagle) says:

    The answer is
    B (age 5-6)
    Im a fan from the PH!

  47. Addie (the eagle) says:

    The answer is
    B (age 5-6)
    Im a fan from the PH!
    This is incredibly inspiring!!!

  48. Addie (the eagle) says:

    The answer is
    B (age 5-6)
    Im a fan from the PH!
    This is incredibly inspiring!!!

  49. Ariellah says:

    Answer is B! I would love this set I’m completely In love with the movie and the merch!! ♡(°´ ˘ `°)/

  50. Lily21299 says:

    b: 5-6

  51. Moonie says:

    The answer is B

  52. NORMA says:

    b: 5-6

  53. Cara says:

    The answer is b! 🙂

  54. Sarah says:

    The answer is B: 5-6.

  55. Yu Kuang says:

    Answer is, b: 5-6 <3

  56. Amanda says:

    My answer is B: 5-6!

  57. Mark says:

    answer is B: 5-6

  58. Charmian Filewood says:

    B. 5-6

  59. Maria says:

    B: 5-6

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