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Win tickets to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Christine Pike, who will be going to the show next week!

The definitive event for anyone who loves craft, the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show returns to London Olympia March 13-16, 2014 and we have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner (scroll down for more details)!

Bigger than ever, the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show is the place to find inspiration, learn from craft authors and experts, and purchase a wide range of products at great prices. You’ll find stands from over 200 exhibitors across a range of crafts such as knitting, sewing, dressmaking, quilting, cross stitch, homestyling and textile art.

There will be over 30 stands dedicated to knitting, including stands from UK Alpaca and TOFT! Kerry Lord from TOFT, along with artist Dan Chilcott, have created a cumulative, immersive and interactive installation for the show – surely to be an amazing sight.

To win tickets to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia, London simply comment below and tell us why you would like to attend before midnight on March 3, 2014 GMT. Good luck!

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93 Responses to Win tickets to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show!

  1. Jane jones says:

    My sister and I live 3hours apart and we want to meet In London to have a sisters day out at the show. She is a a returning knitter who hasn’t knitted since she was a teenager and now caught the bug! Me, I have a new Granddaugher and can’t stop knitting!!

  2. Mandy says:

    I would love to win tickets! Please! Please! I’m a fairly new knitter and have known about the show for a couple of years now but have not been able to go, mainly because I haven’t been able to afford it. I’ve been making scarves and would love to branch out to something 3D. It would be a really great opportunity for me to meet some fellow knitters and get some inspiration. So far my knitting journey has been oogling at blogs and obsessing over YouTube vids. I would really like to visit the show. Thanks for reading Love Knitting

  3. dr kim castle says:

    I am a keen crocheter and love my needlework. Am doing a PhD at law and find my hobbies both fulfilling and relaxing and a great aid to thought! Yes please!

  4. Jackie jewell says:

    I would love to go to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. I knit for my family, I have just finished knitting hats and gloves using up all the left over wool. I now would like to start some new projects and try something different.

  5. Sue Collins says:

    After my first visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show in October last year I would love to go to the Spring Show. I am new to Lace Knitting and can’t buy any lace wool locally so need to see before I buy! rather than just placing an internet order.

  6. Ann organ says:

    It’s my sister in laws 70th birthday and she is coming up from Cornwall to spend the weekend with her family, and being a avid knitter for so many years I can’t remember, and a keen crafts person, I would love to win this prize and be able to take her, I think it would make her birthday weekend, thank you.

  7. Timber-Gray Draper says:

    I’m disabled and I knit on a loom and for patterns I use I adjust them. I’d love to attend to see if there is anything for loomers out there and if not how can I best keep my crochet tension correctly LOL, I suffer from sever raynaurds so fingers are basically useless. This would be my first trip there and I’d love to buy a ton of yarn to simply go mad with. I have a lovely jacket pattern and jumper for my husband and would really love to let him pick out any yarn he’d like.

  8. Eva Brister says:

    I would love to win a ticket, so that I can attend a workshop.

  9. Em says:

    I’d love to take my crazy workaholic mum of 2 barrister sister for a relaxed and crafty day out to get her back into being crafty.

  10. Amber Harrison says:

    This sounds amazing, I would love the tickets because the show would help me so much with my knitting because the project I’m doing in college right now is a lot of knitting, and I only started knitting a couple of weeks ago but I absolutely love knitting. Even if I don’t win these tickets I will be buying LOTS from the site..

  11. Jocelyn Rowe says:

    I love to knit but want to learn how to crochet.
    However, being left handed the guide books (even using a mirror) are hopeless so hopefully I can find someone to teach me

  12. Jacky says:

    My friend and colleague is about to become a first time grandma, and is looking forward to knitting for the new grandbaby. She was widowed suddenly in February, and I’d love to be able to offer her a fun day out that will encourage her back into knitting [and stitching]

  13. Erica Allewell says:

    I would love to win tickets for the Olympia show, as I have never been to this one, I usually go to Harrogate as that is closer to me, but by going to Olympia, I would be able to meet up with a friend from the internet, who I have been sharing knitting ideas with for over 10 years and we have never managed to meet up in person yet. She made her first visit to Olympia last year and had to go on her own as she had no-one to go with.

  14. Shona Hamilton says:

    I am having to take early retirement from a job I love due to an injury. I am hoping to try to knit and crochet “professionally” in retirement and I’m sure the show would be both an inspiration and of major practical help so I would love to have the chance to attend.

  15. Sue Hardy says:

    I would love to win tickets, I am in recovery for a long term condition which meant I had to give up work last summer. Being at home I have re-discovered my passion for knitting as a way of keeping me occupied. It has been very hard to not be working, and I have missed the company, the work and my financial independence. This trip would be just the ticket to boost my spirits!

  16. I would love to go to the show I had knitted for years until my children got to teanage years and I stopped I now have 7 grandchildren and seemed to of got totally hooked again and I can’t seem to pass anywhere or any site without buy a pattern or wool and I am loving it, there is also so much more choices out there which I would love to see.
    Thank you.
    Pauline grant

  17. Karen Kendall says:

    I have done lots of knitting and crochet since i was a child but never as much as i have in the past 5 years or so as i find it so relaxing and a good way to switch off from work. On March 17th I will finish working as a community mental health nurse. After 32 years in mental health and 20 years in this current role, my health has forced me to take some time out. I intend to use that time to do some voluntary work and of course for more crafts – especially crochet!! I have a jacket to make for my daughters wedding in July. Kicking off that time with a visit to the show would be perfect for me and my friend.

  18. Debs Graham says:

    I would love to win tickets to the show. I live in Scotland and my daughter lives in Brighton. We went last year as a treat as it’s my daughter’s birthday on 15th. She loves all things crafty , sewing, knitting, quilting, making things with her children etc and I am an avid knitter and cross stitcher. It’s a great day out and we like to pick up a bargain or two x

  19. Hilary Goldsmith says:

    I’d love to win tickets to the show. I’m 47 and a very recent convert to knitting and crochet as I was looking for a hobby to tear me away from my computer (not sure I thought that one through..). Anyway I’m totally rubbish at it so far, but have lots of enthusiasm if not skill! My two children and my husband are hugely creative and artistic and I, well let’s just say I’m ‘entry level’. The chance to be inspired by experts would really motivate me to greater things, and would perhaps mean that my two dogs wouldn’t be quite so embarrassed to be seen out in my creations..

  20. helen lepper says:

    I am a new knitter and am teaching myself to crochet. I love looking at other designers work and new patterns so a trip to londons knitting and stitching show would be lovely also i could gather stitching tips for my mother who would be very interested in the patchwork/quilting part.
    Helen Lepper

  21. Trish Antrobus says:

    I would love a “Knitting Date” at the show as I’ve fallen in love with knitting all over again! I want to savour the yarn, the needles, get idea’s – just be there!

  22. Carole says:

    I have just had my 70th birthday, and have always wanted to experience different types of wool and be able to compare ,especially to be able to substitute cheaper wools with the lovely expensive ones(which I can’t afford), and discuss this with someone who knows what they are talking about!
    Also have just been told my two youngest grandchildren are coming to stay with me for few months in July!!!! would love to be able to be able to make them something!
    Anyway – just to be able to be there , would be such a bonus.

  23. Susan Parris says:

    I have knitted on and off all my life. Over the last 6years our village knitting group has raised money to improve our church. Nativity groups, puddings to hold small round chocs, tree decorations and more, currently into Easter rabbits and chicks good thing Easter is late this year. Always looking for new ideas that a visit to the show would help.

  24. Fern GUNTLEY says:

    Help, I need some new inspiration, new ideas, for knitting, crotchering and sewing. I’m sure if I went I would be just overwhelmed with ideas. Many thanks.

  25. DEE BROOK says:

    I would love to win these tickets so I could spoil a friend who happilly runs our school ‘knitting club’ and inspires the next generation of creative knitters!

  26. Ruth Ward says:

    Yes, teach lots of children to knit! Sure the show will be great, good luck to all the entrants 🙂

  27. Carole Richens says:

    I would like to win tickets because I’m retired and love all knitting and crocheting projects, I’m just starting to quilt and need to pick up any ideas

  28. Cally Yates says:

    Over the last year I have started to explore knitting, crochet,sewing, patchwork and various other crafts. I have met some wonderful people along the way.
    I would love to attend the show and explore the varied possibilities, yarns and fabrics out there. It will all be under one roof and make for an enjoyable day out.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.
    Crafting with love
    Cally x

  29. Angie Mettam says:

    After many years of responsibilities where I couldn’t go to shows like this and looking on in awe , I am now having to watch the pennies but am time rich ( ironic), although sadly without my beloved dog Boris 🙁 I would love to win a ticket or two ( my sister has just started sewing )

  30. Joan Spacey says:

    I can’t even begin to describe the excitement I feel when looking at knitting products – I just want to buy! buy! buy ! – new and well tested yarns – and begin knitting as soon as possible Would love to go to this show to be circulating with like minded people and share the enthusiasm PLEASE choose me !!

  31. Julie Keeley says:

    I’ve knitted since I was a little girl
    I love to knit and I love to purl

    Immerse myself in knitting rows and rows
    I love to watch how my garment grows

    Making a hat or two so they will fit
    Who knows what weight wool? I’d say double knit

    My love of knitting spans years and years
    I’d love to win tickets to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show pleasssseeeee!!!

  32. Amy Barnett says:

    I would love to win tickets just so I can go and buy more wool for my ever growing collection 🙂

  33. Sabina Poonwassie says:

    I would love to take my close knit friend to the show. She has recently been diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness and although the sad news has put her in a bit of a spin, she has been ewes-ing knitting and crochet to take her mind off it. I guess knit happens, but a trip to the show would give her the chance to cast off a few woes, gain some purls of wisdom and help her really get to the knitty gritty of her new hobby.

  34. Dawn Bailey says:

    I would love to leave the chores at home and visit the knitting and stitching show, after all the only time housework should come before knitting is in the dictionary! I knit and crochet and although I live in beautiful rural Yorkshire, at the heart of the wonderful British wool industry, the chance to be surrounded by so many of the finished products in one place is just yarngasmic!

  35. I would love to go to the show as I have an ever expanding family of grandchildren, step-grandchildren and surrogate grandchildren and I need to keep knitting and sewing to keep up with them all.

  36. Georgia Wilcox says:

    I love to learn about knitting and yarns. This would be a rare opportunity to study the international yarns and techniques. What more could I ask for.

  37. Sharon says:

    My mother is brilliant at knitting and crochet and other crafts. I have recently started to crochet and now, in my 50s, understand her enthusiasm. A couple of tickets for us to go to this show would be lovely.

  38. Pauline Dallman says:

    I have been a knitter since childhood. However I lost my enthusiasm for knitting about ten years ago but recently this hobby was rekindled and I would love to see all the available new yarns and patterns.

  39. Annbjørg Sæverås,Sævråsvegen 420,5957 Myking,Norway says:

    I am very fond of all sorts of crft,espesially knitting and quilting. I think it woud be lovely to attend this

  40. Harriet ropert says:

    Hi, my granny taught me to knit 50 years ago, and I have taught my 6 year old granddaughter to knit, she is a whiz and we hVe such fun together. It would be a dream to win tickets to see the show.

  41. Paula Barker says:

    My two favourite things, knitting and stitching, would love to win tickets

  42. Tracy Schiff says:

    I took up knitting at a disastrous time of my life. I was going through a horrible divorce and my close friend was dying of cancer. I sat with her during all her appointments–chemo, radiaton, bariatric chamber–and worked on my knitting, One scarf I made entirely while sitting in the Emergency Room for 9 hours. Now my friend has passed on and my husband is now an ex, and I have the time to knit for the sheer pleasure of it, not because I’m trying to distract myself. I’d like to learn new things, see what new yarns are out there, and go to London and have a Selfridge’s salt beef sandwich at the Brass Rail. I’m ready to enjoy knitting purely for my own sake. I’ve started a new life and this would seem to be a great way to kick it off.

  43. Vicki Knights says:

    I simply LOVE knitting and have done since I was a 11 year old child. My Grandma taught me to knit whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room while my Mother visited my Father who was having his tonsils out. In those days children under 13 were not allowed to visit hospital patients. My Mother, Grandmother, Nan and Aunts were all great knitters. I live in Cornwall but will be in Surrey the days of the show so what a great opportunity it would be for me to win a ticket.

  44. Rachael Hawkins says:

    I have only recently become a sewing addict, purchased my first machine 6 months ago as a new hobby. I am unwell with a long term illness and have gained so much since starting sewing, I have so far made cushions for all my nieces as Christmas presents, made a Roman blind, peg bags, make up bags and have just finished my first patchwork quilt! I have really only learnt from blogs and tutorials online and some guidance and lots of inspiration from my amazing carer! She is a keen sewer and knitter herself and takes me out when I need my fabric supplies! This has been a really great hobby for me to take up as I spend so much time at home and I get a real sense of achievement from it. I would love the opportunity to go and see all the wonderful things and be inspired by the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, which I would love to share with my carer!

  45. Sarah Reed says:

    I’m new to knitting and would love a chance to expand my horizons to all the different yarns out there and hopefully increase my collection of all things knitting

  46. Dawn Tindle says:

    My god son is about to have a baby in my May and I need to get knitting once again! A bit out of date and touch since I have been a carer for my Mum for a number of years.

    It will help me relax too and allow me some me time.

    I just love craft and make lots of unusual things if I only had more time. lol…

  47. Judith Riddell says:

    I am a self taught crocheter and after 30 years I thought it was time to teach myself a new skill, so knitting it is. So far I’ve made a hat and a scarf which turned out pretty good. My husband knows that when I die to bury me with a crochet hook, size G, in my right hand. Maybe now he will have to place a pair of knitting needles in my left!

  48. Karen Evans says:

    Ooh, I really want to go and take my daughter-in -aw Aimee- we share a passion for knitting (me) and crochet (her), and sewing (both) and love making things for my twin granddaughters, her nieces, now 19 months old. We would get such a kick out of learning more about making lovely things, and exploring the wonders of this amazing show.

  49. I have been knitting since I was 8 years old and I love knitting baby sweaters. I’m always looking for new styles and patterns and I would love to see what they are doing in London. It would be so exciting to see new things from another country and see this wonderful knitting show!

  50. Amanda Chamberlain says:

    My husband is restoring a VW Split Screen Camper Van. My part is the need for the inspiration in yarn to knit the interior furnishings from lace netting, curtains, knitted cushion and furnishing covers and a knitted mascot for the front of course.

  51. Hayley says:

    Baby boy twin grandchildren due in June! First grandchildren and very excited as all girls in our family, can’t wait to top up the blue wool collection!!

  52. Lynn Squire says:

    I would love to take my daughter for a day out; she is planning an unusual hen party for her best friend which is in a farmer’s field! All the ‘hens’ will be glamping and having a vintage tea party in the afternoon. The ‘bride to be’ loves everything vintage and my daughter wants ideas and supplies for some crafty makes for all of them to do and then take away with them as a memento of their time. An evening of sipping cocktails and sitting round the camp fire will surely be an end to their day!

    For me, I am an avid knitter and am always on the look out for my next project(s). Also looking for inspiration to turn my spare room into a craft haven.

    I’m sure we’d both come away with a lot more than inspiration !!

  53. Nicky Butler says:

    I would love to attend as me and my Mum have attended craft events since i was small and it’s always something we look forward too! I would love to surprise her with this and have a lovely girly day out!

  54. Beverly Henne says:

    I’ve never been to a Knitting, spinning or weaving conference. I do all three. I would love to go. Bev

  55. Sue Stevenson says:

    Havent knitted for a while due to time constraints, now with time on my hands I’m looking to get busy, have a room to convert for hobbies and need some inspiration;

  56. J Brooke says:

    We should encourage more young people to learn these crafts or they will be lost to a generation. the Quilters are there to this year . This is another skill which should be passed on before it is lost.

  57. Linda Jenner says:

    I simply adore being surrounded by such a smorgasbord of fine yarns, colours and textures that I can not only look at, but can feel and purchase right there and then!!

  58. LLS says:

    It would be a first for me to go to a Knitting, Crochet and Stitches Show – quite an achievement for a retiree! Thank you for this opportunity to be able to offer such a treat to a friend too!

  59. carrie charley says:

    Hi, I have 3 children (4, 2 and 10 months) and love knitting for them when I get the chance.
    I would love to take my mum with me as we live quite far apart (Cornwall and Portsmouth) and it is her birthday in march.

  60. Carole Moon says:

    Just having renewed my interest in knitting again I would really love to go to a knitting and stitching show.

  61. Lauren Hawkins says:

    I attended this a few years ago and had a wonderful time- I’m an experienced knitter but I have started sewing in the last couple of years so I would really appreciate a chance to see a wide range of fabrics and sewing bits and bobs all in one place as well as my favourite knitting yarns.

  62. christine pike says:

    I’ve been teaching a friend, who is also a workmate, how to knit. She’s progressing well but it would be lovely to take her to the show and show her what yarns are available and inspire her to take her new skill further (and a good chance for me to do some serious shopping!).

  63. Katy Nicholls says:

    Having spent the last 6 months completing UFOs and seriously destashing my yarns, fabrics and embroidery supplies, I really feel I need a big blast of inspiration this Spring, and a bit of a blow out on some luxury craft materials! What better place to do it than the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show?

  64. Valerie says:

    I would love to win and take my wonderful mom. I love to knit and crocheting and she likes to crochet and other types of crafts. We would both have a great time and memories together.

  65. Helen Pearce says:

    I used to go with my Mum to a smaller show but we haven’t been for a few years. Would love to take her to such a big show for some new inspiration for both of us.

  66. Christine Spencer-Smith says:

    I have never been to a craft show and would love to take my grand daughter to inspire her to learn crafts

  67. Josiane Chaunut says:

    I have been a knitter and crocheter for years. I was about 8 years old when my Mum started to teach me.
    I feel I need new idea and inspirations to my way of knitting and crochet. I do try a lot of different patterns but get stuck sometimes and have to abandon my project.
    It has been a dream to go to knitting show for years but living in Australia we don’t have much opportunities to get real knitting idea.

  68. Jacqueline Branch says:

    Would love to attend the show as I need help with my crochet skills and it would be a great treat for my Mum on her birthday.

  69. I would love to win a pair of tickets to the show because this would enable me to discover all the new yarns and patterns, all in one pIace! I am also having a few problems with mastering the magc loop method, so hopefully I may be able to get some tips from the workshops.

  70. Diane Slaughter says:

    I absolutely love this show, go most years and there is always something new that I just have to buy!

  71. Lesley White says:

    At last, one of my daughters has developed an interest in ‘wool crafts’ I’m a knitter, but she’s inclined to crochet work. We could have a fun day out learning new skills.

  72. Sheila Holmes says:

    I would love the opportunity to win to tickets to this show as an experienced knitter and cross stitcher I love these events and much to my husbands amusement I become like a child in a sweetie shop with all the wonderful yarns, threads, patterns etc around me and not knowing where I want to go first!!

  73. gwyneth cooke says:

    I have been knitting and crocheting for many years but put it a side for some time. I have recently restarted with crafting and am enjoying it immensely. I have even joined an online knitters group which is very friendly and helpful. I would love to attend the craft show in London and see what others are doing, learn something new.

  74. Anne Thwaites says:

    Having become Grannie Annie last year, I have re-learnt the joys of knitting; I would love to go to the show with my sister (who has discovered that she can sew, recently) so that we can both gain inspiration for all things creative, especially for our grandchildren!

  75. Sandra Fletcher says:

    Having relied greatly on on-line orders it would be fantastic to go to the show to see and touch all the wool in ‘real life’ for once as well as getting some inspiration for my future projects. I would take my friend who has just started to knit. What a treat that would be!

  76. Susan Lopez says:

    I would love to so to the show! I’m a new knitter, but I love it!

  77. AlisonD says:

    I haven.t knitted for over 20 years. I’d love to see hat’s new in the world of knitting.

  78. Andrea says:

    I would love to go. A place with lots of wool, buttons and fabric, you do not need another reason. It is like asking a child whether it wants to go to the sweet shop.

  79. Susan Welch says:

    I love Knitting but find at my age I am a little stale I need some modern ideas A visit to the exhibition will add some lost sparkle Thank you loveknitting

  80. Alexandra King says:

    I would love to go along and see what is new and beautiful.

  81. Julie says:

    Knitting is such a stress buster – I need more supplies from Olympia

  82. Janet Hurguy says:

    This would be great for three reasons; my birthday is March 11, my daughter’s birthday is the 16th (she’s just started learning to Crochet & will hopefully try knitting @some point, & she & I have wanted to get over to the U. K. Great time all around!

  83. Anne Lau Revil says:

    It would be fantastic to go to a knitting- and stiching symposium abroad for inspiration as I live in Norway, where there is little of such. I am a fairly advanced knitter, starting to write down my own patterns. It would therefore be nice to have the opportunity to meet up with other people in the same situation.

  84. E James says:

    I would love to go for the simple reason I’ve never been before!

  85. Diane Hall says:

    Had an amazing time at Yarndale and would love to see the latest from the likes of Toft.

  86. Laura says:

    I visited the autumn fair last year and really loved it! It’d be great to be able to visit the show again.

  87. Lem says:

    I’m a newbie to knitting and I’m really enjoying it – would love to go to the show and see what I can try with my new found hobby

  88. Helena says:

    Used to dabble in knitting before but this year I’m really proper doing it so would love an opportunity to fill up my stash. There aren’t any yarn shops near where I live, so I’ve always had to order online so far. Be thrilled to go and hang with like-minded spirits!

  89. Kirsty Fox says:

    I would like to go because I have just taken up knitting and would love to see how fabulous my new hobby is.

  90. Anne says:

    I have an obsession with wool, love the colours and the amazing range available and the imaginative use of wool. i am always looking for new ideas and patterns, having the desire but not always achieving my goal, I would love to go to knitting and stitching show for inspiration and pick up some tips/advice…. along with some wool !! and i could spend the day without feeling guilty about spending so much time looking at wool. 🙂

  91. Diane Bennett says:

    I just love knitting and sewing and any opportunity to learn more and get new ideas is great

  92. Hilary Wren says:

    I have noticed a lot of new and unusual yarns advertised, and would love to know more about them and what I can make ( Knitting and crocheting) with them!

  93. Judy Bloom says:

    It would be lovely to see and compare all the lovely wool and sewing accessories under one roof. It would be a wonderful day out!

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