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Published on January 15th, 2018 | by Mara


Win £75/$75 worth of yarn in our Woolentine’s Day Competition!

Before you know it, stores will be filled with flowers, chocolate and everything romantic again, which can only mean one thing: it’s Valentine’s Day! But before that comes Woolentine’s!

While it’s always nice to give and receive presents to and from loved ones, we all know who your true love really is: yarn!

Because that relationship deserves as much attention as any other, we at LoveKnitting will celebrate Woolentine’s Day a month before Valentine’s Day, and we are giving you the chance to win £75/$75 worth of yarn!

Here’s what you need to do:

Just tell us why yarn is your one true Woolentine in the comments below to enter! Be creative! You can choose a favorite yarn, or a favorite brand, or maybe why you love alpaca or silk in your wool! Make us laugh, make us cry, just catch our eye. You have until the 31st January, 11:59pm EST! The best comment will win £75/$75 worth of yarn! Click here to read the full Ts & Cs.

Tell us who’s your Woolentine and why! Find inspiration here!

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454 Responses to Win £75/$75 worth of yarn in our Woolentine’s Day Competition!

  1. Roberta A says:

    there is a reason why I have such a large stash!
    I love ALL yarns, each has its own personality and preferred project type. If I go against its choice, I find myself frogging merrily away…

    • Heather F says:

      Yarn lets me create things for my daughter that embrace her even when I’m not there. As we begin to navigate her teenage years, the blankets, scarves, shawls, and other things I’ve made her mean that even when she doesn’t want a hug from mom (“So embarrassing!”), she can still feel the warmth of my love.

      • Claire says:

        Yarn : my stash my drawer full of wools, cottons , alpacas and silks that doesn’t nag me to finish a garment before I start the next , that happily greats the next yarn that I was powerless to resist. That expresses no jealousy or recriminations but still shouts “knit me knit me “. That envoys me in softness and in strength . Strength to see through days that I didn’t believe I had the strength to get through. To offer hope , to become a precious gift , to comfort and to truly be my Woolentine

    • Stacey Grant says:

      It’s the way you im-ply I love you and the way you run through my hand
      There’s just so much about you I completely under-strand (that my boyfriend doesn’t)
      It’s the twinkle in your thread that I only see when you look at me
      It’s the woolness of your fibre it sends a shiver straight to my feet (and hands, and face, and hook)
      It’s how your colours always amaze me, you surprise me with every delivery
      This I know is true
      Oh yarn, I’m in love you!!

      • Stacey Grant says:

        It’s all of the things I’ve ever said … the swear words included
        It’s all of the tears I’ve ever shed … when it doesn’t go right.
        It’s all of the things I did to you … the knots, the tangles, the scissors
        Oh yarn, you know I still love you.

        On all of the days we argued and you matted,
        On all of the days I wished I’d never started,
        Its all of the things I had to do to pull you through … the hook,
        Its hard to believe sometimes that I still love you!
        It’s an addiction.

      • Heather says:

        I like it

    • Daune frankenfield says:

      I love yarn because of what it does for people in general and me in particular. Yarn brings people together. People who may have different beliefs, come from different socio-economic backgrounds or here in America different political stands. When yarn is involved everyone is peaceful and happy. We feel a collective calmness and competence to take on problems and solve them together. We give to those who don’t have and include others who need including. It matters not whether u are new to the art or a veteran together we can do anything…pick up a dropped stitch or solve world hunger. Knitters are a powerful force for good.
      Daune Frankenfield
      Knitting concierge

    • Danielle Norris says:

      I love the buttery smoothness of cotton maybe most of all, as it glides over my needles or hook it gives me even more joy than I can say. The repetitive swish swish of the wonderful motion we call knitting or crochet creates beautiful knots that form into blankets, toys, wearables, and more. Yarn can be thick to very thin, but I must confess that I tend to like the fine yarns the best. To knit tiny wonders like toys that delight, and dear little baby gifts to cover tummies and toes it’s really just right. I really cannot forget however that I love yarn for its color, I can spend hours upon hours choosing that special scheme for a pattern and looking in shops is a feast for the eye it is candy for sure a diet for the stomach but not for the purse! Yarn I have loved you for most of my life, and I am sure that I will love you always.

      • Thelma says:

        Yarn is my only one and true Woolentine. True ❤️ Lasts Forever and yarn is my truest valentine.

    • Karina says:

      I look at yarn and it makes my heart melt. It carresses me like the genlest of lovers. It makes me smile. It makes me cry. It makes me happy and sometimes sad. It’s never boring and always an adventure. I’d rather spend a day with my yarn and Valentine shall not be any different. My yarn and me we are inseparable. 🙂

    • Peggy sue says:

      It’s way cheaper than therapy…heck it is therapy!!!

    • From Granny to You says:

      My wool doesn’t answer back. It consistently comforts, it doesn’t argue with me. I can trust my wool to be happy to be taken anywhere I go, and if I don’t get the opportunity to take it out and use it, it doesn’t take offence. It doesn’t complain if I make something that turns out ugly or poorly fitting.

      How can I choose a favourite? I love Bendigo Woollen Mills, and often choose it for projects, but have recently discovered Heartland, which is soft and luscious.

    • Anita says:

      Just come back to Knitting after a 20 year gap!! Last little cardi I stopped halfway through after 3rd child was born, he’s 22 now!! I think I ran out of time to knit with 3 kids under 4 yrs old lol. I’ve found my new love. SUPER CHUNKY!! Wow that’s fun!! I completed a jumper for myself in about 2 weeks of late night only knitting before bed! Now I’ve started a tiny teddy in DK. Can’t wait for the next project. £75 worth of yarns would give me huge scope! 🙂 My little 3 yr old Grandson is next in line for a gift 🙂

    • Sylvia Mulley says:

      A few years ago I was given a large amount of Aran wool, and decided to knit my rather tall husband an Aran cardigan. Weeks later, knitting finished, it looked great. Then I had to wash it and it grew a bit. It grew every time I washed it, till it almost came down to his knees. Enough was enough. I unpicked it and crocheted my dogs a lovely big blanket. Of course it didn’t matter if it stretched when washed. 15 years later my dogs still have their blanket, and I now only use a known, good quality wool, especially when knitting for my six feet four husband.

      • Heather says:

        After knitting for such a big guy I would have been hopping mad!
        I’m glad the dogs got something good out of it.

    • Nancy A Clark says:

      I love to knit scarfs in different yarns. Since my stroke back in 1998, I can’t follow a pattern so I cast on to my #13 needles and just do a simple plain stitch till it is long enough for a child or adult. Sometimes I miss or get confused but just pull it out and then onward to finish. It’s so calming. My puppy loves to help and I try to make her a cape. She just sits and smiles as I knit away!

      • Heather says:

        Good for you, Nancy. So many people would’ve given after such a life changing event as a stroke

      • Susan M says:

        Nancy you are an inspiration to all how have lost hope. Love comes in so many forms but the one how loves us the best always sticks. Happy Woolentine.

    • Debby Eagle says:

      Wool is my one true valentine
      See that jumper- now it’s mine,
      Cosy toes in wooly socks, hair bands taming all my locks,
      A massive wooly jumper hug, like hot tea in my (wooly) insulated mug,
      Presents galore and happy friends, beautiful hues and useful mends, silk and sequins, merino and lace – slow and intricate or at a pace, yarn and knitting, a skill for a lifetime, creative, relaxing- I’m so glad it’s mine.

  2. Heike W says:

    Why is yarn my one true Woolentine? Because it’s yarn that keeps me warm on these long, cold winter nights. Yarn, be it wool, or silk and wool, or cashmere, or even acrylic that hugs me tightly when I need a hug, or just gently drapes over my shoulders. Yarn that caresses my skin and kisses my face when I put the scarf around to keep out the cold. Cottons and silks keep me cool in the summer. It keeps me company as I watch tv, or hang out with other friends. And finally, yarn loves my favourite hobby, knitting, as much as I do!

  3. catherine frost says:

    I absolutely love knitting, I have lots and lots of bits of different coloured wool which is very handy as my grandsons love me to knit pokemon toys for them, I also make Mickey Mouse and other disney toys. I really look forward to knitting after working all day it really makes me relax, I just dont know what I’d do without it.

  4. Fleurtje Eliza Duivis says:

    Too bad it can’t be a love-all-day every day… that said… thankfully, it can be a lovely woolly day every day. I hug my yarn every single day and sometimes I even tell them how dear they are to me. Last Summer I bought seaweed yarn for the first time, and I loved it. Both the knitting and the hugging!
    Alpaca and merino woollies are my favorites, but I am very curious about new, more sensational yarns made from nettle or even milk. No scruples to hug those as well!

    PS – Once, I suggested celebrating #InternationalYarnHuggingDay. Seriously.

    • Beatrice Wallace says:

      Yarn is my Valentine because while I am knitting it tickles my nose, puts sparkle in my eyes, is gentle to my ears, exercises my arms, and soothes my soul.

  5. Claire Earley says:

    I have a very eclectic taste in yarn which is probably one reason why my stash is so huge ! To choose one would be like having to choose a favourite child/grandchild.
    I love knitting and always have at least 3 WIP’s on the go at any one time with a few more in the shall I frog it or just start over? bin.
    I very rarely knit for myself, mostly I knit baby & children’s garments and toys for my family & friends. I find it extremely rewarding an many levels. Firstly the love of knitting the garment/toy, then the look on the face of the family member or friend whose child I knitted it for then seeing the child wearing the garment or playing with the toy all of this is just priceless. Often these people offer to pay me for the knitted piece but I struggle with this part as I enjoy it so very much, if I had to buy yarn for it then I will accept payment to the cost of what I’ve used but if it came from my stash then I can’t say how much it cost so wont let them pay.
    One of my friends children have wanted to learn to knit so I have been teaching her, one time she had 2 friends with her (a boy & a girl) & they were both very intrigued in what we were doing so now I am teaching them also. We have our own little mini knitting circle going, this is so heart warming seeing kids more interested in knitting than playing on a game station or watching tv.
    So to sum up, I guess yarn is my one true “Woolentine” due to the love you can pass on, through knitting a gift for someone or teaching someone to knit which, in turn will enable them to pass the love on through yarn too.

  6. chris says:

    I love wool

    It goes back as far as I can remember. I loved the knitted toys that Mom used to make me and I wore them out taking them to bed and cuddling them. She had to repair them but that made them even lovelier for me. She taught me how to knit when I was ill in bed one time. I made dolls clothes for my teddies andI loved it.
    As i grew up, I managed to knit a jumper or two when mohair was the thing but I generally kept to small things. I made some lovely Geisha girl dolls which I still have.
    I never grew out of love for wool. Now I still crave the warm, cuddly feel of it and the comfort it gives me. I still make woolly toys and hats for the “Big Knit” campaign. I knit for charity as I have no-one to knit for and I am currently knitting little chicks for an Easter children’s charity.
    I love heritage wools and where I live we have a local wool known as Manx Loaghtan wool from a heritage breed. This has been credited with being the warmest wool in the world and I love it. It makes great teddies too. Try it sometime!

  7. Paula Fisher says:

    I am a yarn gatherer! Anything except itchy wool lol
    I am easily pleased with yarn, it doesn’t argue, it doesn’t sulk and it doesn’t answer back! i treat it with respect and it treats me nice back 🙂
    My coral fleece is so good to me, it will behave and knit up so very soft and nice, even the acrylic doesn’t think it’s a spoiled child and throw a tantrum while i knit in public. The smooth cashmere/silk/super soft wool that i use for baby clothes is proud as punch to be used for such a special person and the odds and ends are happy to huddle and wait to be put into toys or pram charms.
    I may not be perfect, but I am a woolentine 😉

  8. Chloe Wickens says:

    My current woolentine is a super soft bamboo, for making all the baby blankets. It seems all of my friends have decided to make little people one after the other, so as a pretty slow knitter it seems that once one is finished I need to get started on the next. What could be more full of love than a knit for a new life. Fills my heart to see them snuggled up in their blankets.
    But you know, so much wool so little time, who knows who my woolentine will be next year…

  9. Samantha Mann says:

    I love yarn because it helps my grandma stay sane! She knits hats for local hospitals maternity units so newborn babies have something to take home with them… As well as doing lots of multicoloured baby hats she also makes.. at the hospitals request.. traffic light hats in green, yellow and red so the midwives can see if the baby needs a little more help than some of the other babies on the unit. My granny Loves bright coloured yarn, particularly to make the pom poms! Id love to be able to hand this over to her

  10. Lynne langton says:

    I love all yarn. I can curl up with needles and wool, and knit myself into a dreamlike state in my own little world, where nothing else matters except the end product !

  11. Teresa Palmer says:

    I am in love with scheepjes whirls and paintbox yarns as my wool cupboards will testify!

  12. Stephanie Langton says:

    I really don’t need any more yarn, my stash or should that be shop as my husband calls it. However we recently bought some new storage boxes yet filled. So I have space for a yarn win.

  13. Josefina Placé Estêvão says:

    Why stash yarns? To keep me sane, using my grey matter to create which keeps all doctors away. simple!

  14. Hilary Charlton says:

    I love to knit, any weight, any colour, any pattern. I find it destressing when I come home from work and the items I produce are welcomed by everyone who receives them. Therefore, I experience the joy twice, the joy of making and the joy of giving.

  15. Shirley Buck says:

    It was my mum that got me into knitting, which I love doing , some years ago I made a full length Aran coat which I gave to my mum for all she had done for me. But sadly due to disability I am unable to make anything big or heavy but I’ve not give up, I make baby cardigans, jumpers and am going to venture to do a first size baby dress which I hope I can do because my hand is deformed to to the Disability that I have, I love all the yarns especially snuggly and all the colours are fantastic, it is a very relaxing thing to do and you have a lovely product when you’ve finished.

  16. Mary says:

    I love all yarn, soft squishy and cuddly. The love you give when knitting a gift makes it special all year round, even better when you get great big hugs for your efforts. Now that feels like a Woolentine treat.

  17. Jonathan says:

    When I lived abroad, I became incredibly stressed with the amount of workload. Not only was I struggling to understand the language, and the culture, I was also doing almost twice the uni work that my fellow Erasmus students were in their studies, as well as my dissertation. I used to sew buttons onto things to relax, but I soon ran out of room, so took up knitting to sew more buttons onto, but found it far more relaxing to make woolen items than to sew, so took it up. I knitted scarves, mainly, and used it as an excuse to go sit in a cafe with friends. Circumstances changed, and I had to give it up for some time, but restarted when stresses started to get high, and I became slightly ill. Picking knitting back up again has not only relaxed me, and helped me through things, it’s also opened up new friendship groups, knit and natters, and got other people bringing their projects to regular events. Not only that, but it’s given me a great creative outlet, as I’ve given several presents out for Christmas.

  18. Margaret Griffin says:

    With wool you can pass on the love put into knitting the garment & share that love every time it is worn. Young or old that love can be passed on & appreciated for a long time. Send it in the post or hand deliver it, it will be appreciated & cuddled over & over again !!!!

  19. Alice says:

    As a beginner I’ve taken on the challenge of making a cosy patchwork blanket with my mum to pass down to my family in the future. Autumnal chunky wools are my favourite!

  20. Luisa Gibson says:

    Yarn is my one true woolentine for many reasons. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can provide security, emotional fulfilment, be a calming friend whilst providing a mental challenge. If I get annoyed with it, unlike people it doesn’t shout back, its lovingly consistent in all its forms!

  21. Sue Mckay says:

    Woolentine woolentine
    Let my needles and hooks, wool entwine
    To create with love, gifts for mine
    While I enjoy a glass of wine

  22. Tamsyn Martin says:

    My love affair with yarn started with a beautiful, bright, variegated yarn I saw in a craft shop… I didn’t crochet or knit.. I didn’t care. It was gorgeous, I needed it. I just wanted to stare at it.. cuddle it.
    This yarn was the ONE. It inspired me, made me want to create, it made me want to turn it into a cardigan I could wrap around myself. It was love at first sight ;).
    Many Youtube videos later… my collection growing and growing… I still don’t crochet or knit haha… but I design for my business.. then my mother (who DOES crochet, and very, very well) brings my designs to life. I have a huge collection (and actually as I am writing just received my latest Love Knitting order of Paintbox yarns – our most used brand) that is growing all the time :D.

  23. Pearl says:

    Wool is my woolentine because it means I can knit my Grandson, family and friends thing’s that make them Happy 😊
    😃😃😃 x

  24. Judith Lumley says:

    A beautiful friend that puts me in a happy place.
    That’s how I feel about yarn.

  25. Jess says:

    Wool is my Woolentine because I can use it to make so many people happy – and there’s nothing better than putting a smile on the face of someone you love!

  26. G Schnieden says:

    Wool stash! What wool stash? I’m sure I have absolutely no idea what you mean! Nothing to see here, not a single ball of wool! Oh yes, not a ‘single’ ball…..That will be the stash you were talking about! 😂

  27. Kelly Litchfield says:

    Because there is nothing more special than your babies being kept warm and snuggly by something unique you’ve made especially for them

  28. Hannah Silvester says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because it has quite literally saved my life. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and EID and crocheting takes me away into a creative world where the posibilities are endless. I get to make beautiful things for my children and friends and family, i get to make pretty things for myself and i even have my beautiful yarn stash on display in my bedroom on bookcases next to my bed – organised by colour, it is my ‘go to’ relaxation area and during a particularly bad period last year when i felt i no longer wanted to be here – it was yarn and crochet which brought me that little bit of pleasure and took my worries away for just a couple of hours each evening. Crocheting fills my mind with happy, positive thoughts even on the darkest of days. It is my therapy ❤

  29. Mary Daly says:

    Merino is my woolentine because it hugs me, never judges and always forgives (stretches!)

  30. Jeannette Cripps says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it quite literally keeps me sane!
    I have two autistic children, had a both foot op in 2016, a remedial right foot in Aug 2017 and am having a left remedial op in next couple of months. Husband is also self employed, which can be tricky in that if he doesn’t work due to my ops etc , he doesn’t get paid!
    Having some yarn to make something creative with takes my mind off the stresses of everyday life and there’s so many lovely yarns to choose from! If I had to choose just one it would be Louisa Harding Amotila, it’s made some stunning scarves here.

  31. Jennifer Morie says:

    A yarn poem

    Yarn is there for gloves when it’s cold,
    Keeping digits warm like a fluffy hand hold.
    Yarn doesn’t judge when you raid the biscuit tin,
    On those cold, crafty, crochet nights in.
    Yarn helps us chillax when we’re stressed and doesn’t care if we don’t look our best.
    Cheaper than therapy, when we feel blue.
    Squishy, fluffy, ball of yarn. How I love you!

  32. Sarah says:

    Wool may be red
    Wool may be blue
    Wool may be knitted into a hat
    Or into a baby shoe!

    I love wool (particulary baby casmerino and cotton)

  33. Sheila Marshall says:

    I love to knit, it helps keep me sane. Mostly I have been knitting for prem babies and memory boxes. The next on the list is the octopus for more prem babes. My stash is almost bursting out of the cupboard it is in store the moment and then there are also boxes under the bed.

  34. Sally Marshall says:

    People can’t always be relied upon to make you happy, but wool can. On a cold day like today wrapping myself up in my hand knitted gloves, hat and scarf is like a soft hug. I choose beautiful patterns and yarn to make lovely warm things for me and others to keep us cosy and wrapped in the love that only something handmade can provide 💝

  35. Jennifer says:

    I am never not knitting or crocheting, my hands just automatically make the motions! I love all yarn but I am especially a sucker for anything involving alpaca. I just love it so much, so warm, so soft, so snuggly and yet so light. If I could only knit with one yarn type forever more it would be some sort of wool – alpaca blend

  36. Wilma says:

    I love knitting anything.My favourite wool is King Cole Moments it knits up so quickly and is soft and cosy I have knitted so many hooded jackets with it i think i could do them with my eyes closed.I find knitting so relaxing and it keeps my hands and mind active,just love it.

  37. Liz L says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    Yarn is so soft
    and reminds me of you.
    I love you to have,
    I love you to hold
    But when you are tangled
    You’re in for a scold.

    I love how you feel
    on my skin, on my head
    and love that you feel
    so at home on my bed.
    In blankets, in hats,
    in shawls and warm mittens
    I love you because you are
    cuddly as kittens.

    Will you be my Woolentine?

    • Donna Adams says:

      My passion.
      Knitting with wool.
      Woolen tine socks or shawls.
      Lately this is my downfall.
      Knit one
      Pearl two
      Stay in tune we,
      Love you.

  38. Tether says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because, like the perfect guy, the perfect yarn is just out of reach. I just need one more colour, a slight change of shade, a tiny bit extra softness, a snazzier label, real wood needles, THAT pattern….
    In short, the perfect project is out there. When I find it, I will no longer be the woman I am, but the woman I want to be. In the meantime, I need just another skein of…….!

  39. Cheryl Roberts says:

    My granddaughter is my woolentine, she’s got a thing about glitter and fluffy yarns, and enjoys trying to pull bits of threads from the jumpers I’ve made ! She’s only 18 months, so I’ll let her off and make one for her, so she can keep her hands off mine!

  40. Alex Chapman says:

    Yarn runs through my life: it binds me to my past and my future.
    My current stash contains yarns that I’ve inherited from my mother, my sister, and my mother in law. I’m currently using them – along with patterns and buttons that were also theirs – to create clothes and other items for my grandchildren, the same way my mother did for me and my brothers and sister.

  41. Liz o'neill says:

    Yarn iso my woolentine because it’s so versatile. I can use it to make things to keep me warm in winter and cool in summer, it can be used to make things to make my home look pretty and I can use it to make accessories too. It also takes me to a happy place when crafting and keeps my mind busy. Yarn is not only my woolentine but my very best friend too.

  42. Sheila Hodges says:

    Knitting is new for me, I had to give up work through Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was very bored. My joints are sore and stiff so I thought I’d try to excerise my hands by knitting. It has become my lifeline, my hands are much better and I knit non stop, I don’t know what I would do without knitting. I’ve done several patterns from loveknitting and am very happy with the outcome. I do love knitting with alpaca and have done scarves and hats for my boys who are in their 20’s, AND THEY LIKE THEM!!!!!!! It’s safe to say I’m a knitting addict, I get excited when I get a delivery of wool 😁

  43. Sarah Jackson says:

    I have spent the last two years traveling around the world with my husband and four children for his job. Only recently have I been in countries where I could get my hands on any good yarn and I have been hunting for good yarn stores in every place I go! I actually have a separate suitcase for some of my projects and since yarn is light it hardly adds to my luggage weight! Needless to say, in a kind of hectic lifestyle, yarn has been my source of sanity and my constant and I’m feeling a lot of love for my fibers this Valentines’ Day! In a few more weeks, I’m finally going home (yay!) and would love to spoil myself with a little “welcome home” yarn and a project that I can keep (so far, everything I’ve done has been donated to local orphanages, etc.).

  44. Random Em says:

    Like a butterfly, flitting between flowers of different sizes, colours and types, I am that “random ball of wool” purchaser, buying balls or skeins of yarn from lace-weight to super chunky, every colour of the rainbow, from acrylic to alpaca and everything in between in order to create a beautiful, soft “bouquet” of yarn that can brighten up the dullest day or add the sprinkles on the best day, bringing pleasure for a short moment in time or, for some of my creations, be cherished forever.

  45. Isabell and Bill says:

    We love wildcat wool as we love knitting blankets for our 29 grandchildren and they tell us its like getting a big cuddle from us every time they wrap themselves in them

  46. Anna says:

    Yarn is my one true Valentine, because when I make things for other people, it’s all about love, and the best way to show love is to make something beautiful and practical and unique using JUST the right yarn for that particular person. Matching the person with the perfect yarn is the best part!

  47. Linda Chiswell says:

    I got together with my Valentine long ago. Wool and I make a pretty perfect couple, and our close relationship has given birth to a large number of amazing progeny, all of which are made with love. Their characters vary as children do – some are plain but very hardworking, others are rather beautiful and need to be treated with care, but all are happy to move out when they find the right person. And a few of them, thank goodness, are only too happy to stay at home and look after Mum who knows just how they like to be treated.
    Wool, in whatever mood, will be my Valentine for many more years despite my passing attraction to other fibres, which wool always forgives.

  48. Lynne Hudson says:

    What else can give you a hug when you feel blue,
    keep you warm when the weather is bad,
    make anyone smile when you give them a knitted/crocheted gift,
    give you that sense of achievement like nothing else can,
    won’t complain if you don’t visit them once in a while or
    will still be there for you whether home or away.

    My knitting keeps me sane and that is why a whole room in my house is dedicated to my favourite hobby in the world. Knitting for my family!

  49. grannylovesknits says:

    I love all yarn! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and my knitting and crocheting kept me sane and my family loved the items they received. As my treatment progressed through chemo and radiotherapy I made items to donate to the different departments…chemo hats were one of the many items I made. Now my treatments have finished and my scans are clear but I am still knitting/crocheting for my local Cancer Research UK shop. Some local ladies have also donated yarn for me to iuse…we raised over £200 june/sept 2017. I’m currently using 3/4ply yarns for socks and aran for cowls and scarves……I’m always thinking of the next project….Galaxy in copper is the next yarn in the queue…. So, my Woolentine ? Any & All Yarn.!!!

  50. Gonny van Hulst says:

    Woolentine’s Day reminds me
    of yarn that makes me smile and adore
    every time I think of yarn
    it’s the emotional lift I feel when I touch it

    Woolentine’s Day reminds me
    of the strength and comfort I get
    from knowing
    there is yarn in my life that makes it worthwhile

    Woolentine’s Day reminds me
    of all the treasures that is yarn, which
    surrounds me every day, like
    family, friends and others too
    who in our life have shined

    Woolentine’s Day reminds me
    of that warm and fuzzy feeling
    each ball is like a luminous gem
    that brings me simple pleasures every single day

    Happy Woolentine’s Day XXX

  51. Kath Stewart says:

    I knit for pain relief, the meditative rhythm takes my mind off my chronic pain. I knit a lot. I knit for everyone else. I keep the occasional pair of socks if I am running low, but I give away my finished projects with joy.

    There is nothing better than to see a baby dressed in your handknit creations. “A handknit Baby”

  52. Margaret Cooper says:

    Many MANY years ago, my grandmother taught me to knit. I can still hear her saying as I struggled with wool and needles, ‘in, round, through, off’. Memories! So began my lifelong love affair with all things knitting. I have strayed over the years – into crochet, cross stitch, hardanger, beading, quilting, macrame, doll making and doll house building. My infidelities don’t last long though, I always return to knitting. My woolentine(s) are all hand dyed yarns, particularly lace or fingering weight. If the colour teal is in there, even better! I don’t know who said ‘in the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul’, but I identify with that sentiment everyday. The excitement and anticipation when casting on a new project or the sense of satisfaction (and a bit of pride) as I cast off my latest ‘newborn’ cannot be bettered , so thank you Nan, for giving me a life long passion,the flame of which still burns as brightly as it always did!

  53. Chantal Tanchel says:

    Life is hard and often cruel. Wool is always welcoming and comforting.

  54. Kathy says:

    Ohh Yarn is definitely my woolentine I only started knitting a couple of years ago to try to keep my hands mobile as I have arthritis- well the rest is history I joined the local knit and natter group at my Library and have learnt so much with new stitches ,cabling etc. I’m now doing knitting for charity as well as doing craft stalls – forget clothes shopping I would much rather buy some balls of yarn. My favourite at this time is James Brett Marble chunky lovely acrylic yarn and so soft

  55. Melanie Ward says:

    I am a yarn addict and addicted to knitting, I’ve been knitting since I was 3 years old, that’s 53 years and I love to design my own toy patterns and jumper patterns. There is nothing I won’t knit.

  56. Dee Gardinier says:

    It was my dear grandma who taught me to knit
    At 8 years old, and I was quick to get it
    I’d knit, knit, knit all night and day
    Happier with yarn than going out to play
    I’ve knit scarves and blankets and many a hat
    The cold Ohio winters they’d combat
    Now I’ve recently taught myself to crochet
    And I’ll teach my younger sisters some day
    These memories and the skills gained combined
    Is why yarn, needles, and hooks, are my Valentine

  57. Anne Marie Verpoucke says:

    My granddaughter of 3 sees in a picturebook a cat playing with a ball of wool, pointing her finger at the ball and calling: “that is grandmother” !

  58. Sara says:

    I’ve discovered the World of knitting and crochet 2 years ago.. and now..I LOVE YARNS… I love the chunky and super Chunky yarn.. where I Live the winter it’s soooooooooo cold… Have a scarf,hat or cowl Hand made warm the body and the heart ❤❤
    ( sorry..I don’t speak Very Well english 😂😂)

  59. Christine Nichols says:

    All the many colours and textures yarn comes in is like a soft tactile rainbow. It brightens the darkest and coldest of days. And we wear the pretty pastel colours to herald the spring and summer, which lifts our spirits. What a wonderful thing yarn is, it can become anything you desire. So get out your kniiting needles and dive into that rainbow.

  60. Eve says:

    I began crocheting 3 years ago, and I’ve never looked back! 😉 I get pretty back anxiety quite often, and crocheting really helps distract me from sad thoughts. I love making something cute and cuddly, something that can spread smiles and love, something that I can make! I make crocheted Ears (inspired by a particular theme park 😉) that I sell, seeing my creations go across the globe fills me with joy! Also, I like hoarding yarn 😅

  61. Deborah Overby says:

    My favorite woolentine’s are purple! I love all blends and shades of purples, pinks and blues but especially baby alpaca blends and beautiful sock yarns in variegated colors. My birthday is February 7 and my mom got to bring me home from the hospital on valentine’s day many many moons ago. I’m also her first valentine besides by dad in her words. The February birthstone is Amethyst which is P u R p L e!! Another reason I believe I love purple!

  62. Mrs Christine J Burgess says:

    Oh how I love yarn! The colours,the textures, the softness,the images conjured up in my mind of beautiful items, to wear, to play with, for the home!
    But the best image is of the socks I make, cosy in winter, cool in summer. And they have other benefits, when I knit socks for friends they donate a small sum to ACWW, an organisation that helps women across the as world with access to clean water and other needs. So my yarn helps others as well as keeping me sane!

  63. Karen says:

    I love to knit socks! Recently I have branched out to include a hat or two and I have a shawl on my needles now. But I am excited to begin another pair of socks!

  64. Debra Rust says:

    Yarn is my journey through time. From sitting with my grandmother learning how to knit and purl, to knitting football scarves with hidden pockets for my friends, learning fair isle to make a jumper for my sons christening, the joy of making a blanket for my grandsons birth, knitting socks for family and friends, to making a shawl for my now frail Mum. Every time I sit and knit I’m back on my journey through time, creating more memories while remembering the past. It’s a craft that has marked my passage through life. Yarn is my memories past, present and future.

  65. June Dickson says:

    From sheep to needles I just love wool. Texture, colour, smell ( yes I can tell 100% wool from man made) warmth, coolness, fashion or practicality.My stash is my “go too ” de-stressor. Need I say more. I❤it.

  66. Joylyn Barko says:

    I was on disability and was sitting around doing nothing at home. I needed to do something to fill my time with. I started knitting and crocheting. Every time a sell was on I would run to the store. I learned to do baby sweater’s, slipper’s, scarf’s, hat’s. I had built up a stock of baby bennies that I will be donating them to the hospital. People tell me to start selling this stuff. Yes some of it I sell but not at no high price. I want people to afford in what I make and enjoy it as much as I love making them. After the project is done, I look at it and tell myself how good it feels in my hand and proud of how it turned out.

  67. Patricia Major says:

    I do wish this Woolentine
    to be surprised by this love of mine.
    A gift of yarn so I might fashion something squishy to sate my passion
    stitches,texture, colour and gauge are my master
    these words make my heart beat faster.
    I am lost to love therefore, evermore and ever after.

  68. Julia Vickers says:

    I love any yarns. I am always knitting. It can be anything from sweaters to shawls. I love knitting toys. My Xmas toy knits are slowly taking over my home at Xmas! Give me some knitting needles and some wool anyday. I have been known to sit up & knit when I can’t sleep. My hubby thinks I’m mad. But then he wouldn’t know how addictive knitting is! Until you do it & see the end result. It gives me great pleasure in seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they get handed little gifts I have made for them.

  69. Ann Birnie says:

    Having recently retired I am getting back into knitting. It’s part of my heritage. My mum, aunts, grandmother, great-grandmother all knitted, although it was actually my dad who taught me to knit initially, when I was about 3 years old. While still at primary school I knitted kids fair isle mittens and gloves to sell and continued with adult gloves, berets, etc. Brought up in Shetland it has to be Shetland wool I love best. Although mostly knitting fair isle I have knitted lace scarves also and my dream is to knit a one ply lace shawl or stole. Knitting is very relaxing.

  70. Michelle Broderick says:

    Why do I love yarn, let me count the knit and purl stitches! Knitting offers us purls of joy. There’s no such thing as an ugly ball of yarn – I yearn for all yarn. And no matter what the weather is outside, ewe’ll never be bored with a stash of yarn!

  71. Christine Wilkins says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you buy me wool
    Then I’ll love you

  72. Janet Pratt says:

    My piles of yarn are actually there to save us money in winter. The larger the pile, the smaller the area left to heat, resulting in less heating costs and happy husband.

  73. Kerry says:

    I’ve been heartbroken a few times throughout the years, but never by wool. Wool will never leave me for another knitter, wool will never criticise me, or lie to me. Wool is always there to be knitted into a jumper that can wrap me up in a warm hug. Wool keeps me company on long winter nights and even if we argue I can always take it back and start again. With wool, my frogged prince can always turn into the charming project of my dreams. The only problem I have ever had in my relationship with wool is that there’s not enough of it!

    Please, wool, will you be my Woolentine?

  74. Dawn says:

    I love knitting for my friends and would love to add to my stash so i can crochet a blanket for my work friend who is allways cold so she can snuggle up on winter evenings in front of the tv ( instead of wearing enough clothes for a visit to the antartic lol)

  75. sarah says:

    Love to knit, love to purl
    for a boy or a girl
    love to cable when I’m able
    love to crochet and write poetry (badly!)
    ha ha ha!

  76. Emma Evans says:

    Yarn can be Red
    Yarn can be Blue
    The world would be a lot colder
    without you!

    Will you be my Woolintine! Please say yes <3!

  77. Lauryl Lillequist says:

    Yarn has a way of gathering friends (Wandering Woolies Group and many others) and building memories, making long cold Canadian winters bearable, and family happy when they receive gifts made with love.

  78. Jessika Kearns says:

    Yarn-love? Yes please. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I’ve had a roller coaster of the past few years. This winter, however, I gave crocheting a go – since I had a crochet hook stashed away that I didn’t know how to use. I made some amigurumi for my little boy, I made a sleep sack for an upcoming niece, I made a cowl, I fell in love. All of the stories of stress relief and warmth inside and out were true. My hands were busy, I was always learning something new, I was making mistakes and learning how to fix them, I was creating something beautiful and useful while simultaneously scoring some relaxing me-time. I was proud of what I’d created and eager (one might say “itching”) to keep stitching. I now have a Pinterest board full of ideas of what I’d like to make and learn and share with my loved ones, both to knit and crochet. I’d love a wooly Woolentine’s Day to hug me close, tell me I’m doing great and that it will all be ok, and to keep that loving feeling going year round with a new fuzzy, wooly friend that shows me endless adventures and possibilities.
    Happy Woolentine’s season. xo

  79. Jessica Lynn Broward says:

    Yarn. I love all yarns. It’s always yarntastic to go shopping for me. Then my mom says no more. You have enough but there is never enough yarn.

  80. Tessa Fenter says:

    Yarn, yarn and more yarn! That’s what I say. Woolentine’s day should be a national holiday. There is never enough yarn and my stash will vouch for that. Just when I think I will make something from my stash I see another pattern for another project in another yarn and away we go again! All I can say is don’t look behind my sofa – luckily my husband doesn’t look down there so the stash can grow – for now – while I find some more gorgeous yarn – whether it’s cashmere, DK, acrylic, alpaca or a fast growing chunky if a pattern catches my eye……..ooh what’s that? Must go! Found another one! Toodle ooh!

  81. Margaret Lary says:

    No matter the colour or the ply, I find all the textures truly amazing, have been knitting cence I was 12, have knitted for my mum, my grandchildren, and my children, not only do I get pleasure from choosing my wool, I enjoy seeing pleasure on faces when finished the article. Having knitted shawls for my granddaughters in 3ply baby the joy on my daughters face when I gave them to her along with assortment of baby clothers, shee has them to this day, knitting for my children was a life saver kept me sain, people use to comemt on them, in the day when. Wool was in scanes, taught my daughters/ Grandaughters to knit using oddments. Now I knit for the prem babies at my local hospital. So through the my life I have been giving joy with my knitting, all plys, all colours, am amazed with all the wool , textures you can buy now days. Knitting and wool has been a big part of my life it has brought me so much joy

  82. Louise McDonagh says:

    I love luxurious yarns like Merino, Cashmere and Silk in bright vibrant colours. Ready made garments in those yarns are way out of my price range, so why not combine my love of them with my love of knitting to create my own one off pieces. Sounds like a little bit of heaven to me!

  83. Helen says:

    I love all yarn … it calls to me … buy me , buy me … I find it hard to resist 🙂

  84. Jenni Azbill says:

    Ahhhh, yarn…could I choose a favorite? Can you choose just one chocolate in a box, one flower from a garden, one chip from a bag? We aren’t expected to choose a favorite child or grandchild…how could you choose even begin to pick that ONE yarn that meets all your needs….fulfills all your creative dreams? Every hank, every skein, is just waiting for me to pick it up and give it life! Give it form! It is always there, ready to be courted and admired, as anxious to be put to use as I am to use it. So yes yarn, won’t you be my Woolentine? My heart is big and so are the lovely, comfy baskets I have waiting just for you to fill!!

  85. Judith Newell says:

    Knitting with wool especially My favourite Donegal Tweed or Donegal Aran keeps me close to my pet sheep! I’ve got Dolly who’s a black sheep, but she doesn’t mind! I’ve got Ermintrude who’s elderly and stares into space a lot and Doogle because she looks like a human mop! I love my girls nearly as much as my wool but not quite!!!!🐑🐏🐣

  86. Lou Ann Miller says:

    Wooltime is my absolute meditation. It puts me in a peaceful place and one that brings me joy and happiness. My Wooltime is a way of sharing joy and love in this world for friends, family and community.. Wool bring me a little piece of peace in this world.

  87. Pam Gardiner says:

    I’m no author
    I’m no poet
    (But I hate to sew it!)

  88. Claire Powis says:

    All yarn is my Wollentine. I am a complete addict and I can’t have enough, even though my stash might outlive me (oh who can I leave it all to?). Anyway it’s my my birthday this month, it is cold and gloomy and a perfect excuse for more yarny stuff purchasing.

  89. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because of the way it feels as it flows over my fingers as it is knit or crocheted into something to express my love for someone. A sweater, a doily, an amigurumi… anything that can be made from yarn/thread whatever, I love it all.

  90. Emily Bauer says:

    Wool yarn is my woolentine because it is so versatile! I love every weight from lace to super bulky. It comes in such a great variety of natural colors and takes dyes so well. It is super warm, durable, and best of all – natural!

  91. cat says:

    Yarn is amazingly versatile! it is great for knitting cozy stuff for winter or crocheting cutesy things like toys or lacey things! we use yarn in our art projects or for fun kids crafts. You can glue it, weave it, tie stuff to it, hang stuff to dry from it!! I cut up bits and dip in different paints for simple printmaking. Fiber arts are fun with yarn!!

  92. Tisha Foster says:

    To be honest, I’m just starting. I’d love to have yarn, because it reminds me of good times. I didn’t have anyone in my family that wanted to teach me to knit or crochet. I gathered bits and pieces from strangers that were so kind to me. There were so many stories. I would laugh, cry, and every other emotion you could think of. One thing all those people agreed on, no matter what emotion you’re feeling, your heart always goes into your project. They aren’t just balls of yarn, they are a feeling. They can express emotions.


    All yarn’s are my woolentine I love the paint box yarn’s for knitting and crocheting
    They are my favourite

  94. Beverly Malloy says:

    Yarn is my passion, my love and my therapy. If I am in an angry or depressed mood, it comforts and relaxes me. I get much joy making all kinds of things with yarn and often give the finished products as gifts. Whenever someone who has been gifted with one of the creations, tells me “it saved my butt or it’s my favorite blanket (yes…actual quotes), it warms my heart. I first learned how to knit and crochet when I was 6 and was taught to read a pattern or look at something and make it from that. The best of both world’s. If I am on a trip and someone else is driving, my projects go with me. It keeps me calm and happy and makes for great gifts.
    I have a friend who can confirm that one yarn shop we went into, I started hyperventilating from all the handmade yarns I saw and touched. ( I would ask any yarn lover if they could have resisted the urge to touch and enjoy.)

  95. Paulette Hedden says:

    Just like my true valentine, yarn is my OTHER source of enjoyment and relaxation. Knitting donation hats and comfort caps on a road trip is perfect for passing the time. Circular needles make it easy, and simple patterns make it fun to see the yarn come to life. I’m a beginner and look forward to developing an expertise in knitting and crocheting. It’s something I think will give me a lifetime of enjoyment, just like my true valentine!

  96. Amanda says:

    Yarn loves you unconditionally. It doesn’t judge you. So what if you have a huge, unruly stash that is slowly taking over your house? Yarn is like, it’s okay, I love company, buy some more! Yarn is in your corner, whispering, “You can do this! You will make it and it will be awesome.” And yarn doesn’t hate you for ignoring it. It knows it may have been bought for that one special project you just haven’t found yet. And it will wait patiently until you do find it.

  97. Katherine Nabielski says:

    Yarn it! I did it again. Rip it out and do it again!!!
    That seems to be my modus operandi with even the simplest project but the tranquility of knitting keeps me going. 💓❣️💓

  98. Naomi says:

    Yarn! Fine, bulky, solid, striping, you name it I like it. Some of my stash is tucked away so it doesn’t look like I have a yarn problem. 😉

    It’s great having a lot of different types of yarn. This makes it so I can easily give some to younger children who want to learn the craft.

    Nothing makes me smile like seeing a child’s eyes light up with they are given their own set of knitting needles and a skein of yarn to make their first project.

  99. Zhaniece Sprigner says:

    Hey you… Yes, you, with your texture so unique. So stretchy, so soft as you warm me cheek to cheek.

    An ode to how I look forward to
    returning after long,
    settling in to grab those needles,
    humming knit knit, purl purl like a song.

    Some days you’re a different color,
    some days you kind of squeak,
    but all days you’re a comfort,
    to everyone you meet.

    I love you yarn, so versatile, so sweet.
    I’d have you in every color if I could.
    For all the patterns, nice and neat.
    I’ve something to ask you, but don’t know if I should.

    Do you feel the same?
    If you’d be my Woolentine, you’d set my heart aflame.

  100. Katrina Meyers says:

    Yarn Haiku

    Wool, Alpaca, silk.
    Yarn, my one true woolentine.
    I’ll always be warm.

  101. Brittany says:

    To me, you’re purlfect.

  102. Lauren says:

    I love yarn of all kinds. Chunky, bulky, lace, whatever. I just love to create, I don’t discriminate (like certain US Presidents we know of).

  103. Felice Prager says:

    I had to work harder to win over the heart of my granddaughter because I didn’t get to know her until she was five. My son met her mom, fell in love, and became a husband and a father – and thus, I became an instant grandma. I started winning her over with an assortment of matching scarves for Kaely and her dolls. Each year, I would find the softest and PINKEST wools and yarns to add to her collection. For Christmas this year, I thought she might be too “mature” for silly scarves – but she made it clear that she wasn’t and she either wanted to match her mom or her new kitten. Her wish was my command, and I provided both – and a tiny one for her new guinea pig. My plan for next year – a rainbow of scarves – just for her.

  104. Katy O says:

    I love working with all different kinds of yarn. My favorites are anything with a soft touch and beautiful colors.

  105. Maria Ryder says:

    Yarn….. What more can I say. I love it in all its colours, thicknesses and types. It is an extension of my love for people. I make gifts, I clothe my family, I make items for charity because everyone deserves to feel that someone has cared enough about them to make them something. I love patterns, I love needles, I love notions and most of all I love that this skill links me to my mother, my grandmother and my great aunt (who taught me to knit when I was three). Also I have passed this on to one of my sons, who knits for his children, and to the boys that I look after in my nannying job. What is there not to love.

  106. Cecelia Eiband says:

    George! My sweetheart of a husband. We are both retired now & having a great time doing things for each other. Besides other needlecraft projects, I thoroughly enjoy knitting which I taught myself how to do back in 2005 with the encouragement from my 91 yoa Dad. I enjoy trying new yarns but my favorite are the cotton yarns.

  107. Natasha says:

    I learnt to crochet from my great aunty, we were sitting on the sofa reminiscing about my Grandma, and she pulled out the most beautiful blanket I had ever seen. She had made it using yarn scraps. I couldn’t believe it. She gave me a hook and 6 balls of yarn and said have a blanket done by the next family reunion, which was the following year. Needless to say, I didn’t finish a blanket in a year, it was my first project. I still have the blanket and many of my great aunty’s have added a row to it. That blanket has traveled around the world with me.

  108. Kristi W says:

    Why Woolentine? Because…..


  109. Shana Tana says:

    Yarn is Woolentine to me because it allows me to relieve stress by being a media which I can express my creativity. I get to share my love of creation with others, keep my loved ones warm and accessorize with all the unique things I create.

    Anyone receiving a Woolentine gift can be sure the person making it for them are truly loved and cared about. This is because every item made with yarn, takes time, creativity, thought, energy, love, and determination from the one hand making the gift. So, Woolentine is the true gift of love.

  110. Lois says:

    I loveknitting because it is so relaxing. I try to keep a stash of wool on hand so when I finish one project, I am ready to move to the next being creative based on how I am feeling. I also found that it keeps my hands busy so I do not want to snack, thus avoiding weight gain. I enjoy knitting prayer shawls, lap blankets, for gifts, and islantic sweaters for myself.

  111. Susan Billings says:

    Yarn is MAGIC!!! Knitting or crocheting turns a ball of yarn into something lovely to wear or something cuddly to keep me warm. I’ve been knitting for 60+ years and know I haven’t scratched the surface of yarn’s possibilities.

  112. Shirley says:

    So many fibres! So little time! I have two hobbies: knitting and collecting Woolentines. My goal is to achieve SABLE; that is to say, a Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy!
    I love colour and texture. I cannot resist a yarn that has bounce and spring, but also really enjoy knitting with hardy wools for outdoor garments.
    Knitting has helped me recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with the attendant anxiety and depression. The tactile experience of holding yarn, encouraging myself to relax so the yarn tension allows the stitches to flow along the needles is quite therapeutic. The rhythmic counting and clicking of the needles forces my mind away from the repetitive nasty thoughts and ensures mindfulness of the moment. When knitting for others, I focus on my love for them with the creation of each stitch and recount joyful moments I have spent with them.
    I can truthfully say that, without knitting, I likely would not be present to enter this contest. While PTSD is a life-long disability, due to knitting, it no longer feels like a death sentence.

  113. Anne Donovan says:

    Ah yes Woolentine, my favourite time of year. I love wool, the feel of it, the smell of it, the warmth and of course how practical it is. You can do so much with wool and it probably the oldest material in the world. As a modern day person I love creating beautiful garments with it; my modern day sister makes hooked rugs with old knitted jumpers so she’s recycling it; my sister in law grows dye plants on her allotment and weaves with her dyed wool. I’ve been knitting since I was 5 and blame my grandmother for getting me so hooked on it. She’s my Woolentine because she worked in a wool shop.

  114. Sicily says:

    I️ have just started knitting!! And oh man I️ have more yarn than i care to admit😜 so far i have only made a scarf! But i am starting a tie as soon as I️ get my new needles!!!! Yarn is my passion😅 and i never leave a craft store without a new ball of it!!!

  115. kathleen froome says:

    I just love to give the gift of a knitted or crocheted item to my family and friends!

  116. Woolsister says:

    Yarn is always beautiful! It is never judgemental, always making every effort to make your knits as pretty as possible, even when the project isn’t always technically perfect. It isn’t immoral, illegal, or fattening! Can’t ask for more than that..except maybe more space to store it all. Yarn will always be my favorite Woolentine💖

  117. Millie says:

    Wool that is red
    Mohair that’s blue
    I love all the colours
    Especially these two

    They say yarn’s addictive
    Well maybe that’s true
    But I’m part of a cult
    A cool crafty crew

    We can’t stop the stash
    We always want more
    And Love Knitting stocks
    The wool I adore!

  118. Kim Owen says:

    Wool is my passion, with patterns galore,
    Making new creations for babies and more.
    From garments to blankets all made with love,
    For someone important you think the world of.
    I love baby changes, the colours are divine,
    Old patterns creating new fashion this time.
    Compliments make the hobby such pleasure,
    The pride is more than you can ever measure.
    So knitting or crochet, whatever you love to do,
    Keep loving the yarn, and creating goods too.

  119. Lauren Morgan says:

    It’ll always be stylecraft special dk ❤️

  120. Liz Baker-Prosa says:

    I admit it, I am a yarn gigolo! I cannot stay true to just one yarn! Is it that sweet little lace weight wool/silk number, or am I feeling the chunky alpaca blushing at me? They are all so right for me! I will not feel guilty for loving them all!

  121. Ashley Malorin says:

    Yarn….brings me closer to my grandmother . The woman that taught me to knit and crochet and so much more. She taught me that I am good and kind and can do amazing things and change lives for the better. Yarn…brings me closer to my mother. The one who inspires me and never gave up on me. It is an excuse to sit on the couch next to her and BE with and near her. Yarn….brings me closer to my children. They tell me what they want, choose their yarn and patterns, and even design projects with crayon and paper. Yarn…brings me closer to my students through after school clubs. It gives me the excuse to chat with them and get to know them. Remind them that they are kind and smart and wonderful and will do amazing things. Maybe even change a life for the better. Yarn…let’s me pay it forward in so many ways.

  122. Val says:

    My Woolentine is yarn. Yarn has me all tied up with unfailing adoration in its glorious array of colours, textures and adaptability to conform to my heart’s desire in creative outlet from the mundane objects needed to accomplish the tasks of daily living to the statements made by woven and stitched fabrics of wardrobe pieces to the art of decor at home and embellishment of the larger environment. My Woolentine does all this willingly, cheerfully, with beauty, longevity and sustainability. My Woolentine shares that great capacity with all who dwell on this lovely planet, making life the richer for us all!

  123. Natalie says:

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine. I have a very stressful career, and as a result have been plagued by anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks. Browsing sites like Ravelry and Instagram and looking at the amazing variety of colorways and projects deflects that stress. Siting down with some tea or an adult beverage and just knitting or crocheting away for a few hours blocks out the buzzing to-do lists in my mind. My husband is super supportive and knows better than to comment on the size of my stash because he knows I’d need to spend the money on a shrink if I didn’t by the yarn 🙂

  124. Lindsey Kornowske says:

    Once upon a time, a girl was stocking her grandma’s darn big yarn stash. “Are you being knotty? I hope you aren’t causing treble” Granny said squarely, so the girl sheepishly cast-off the skeins and gave grandma the slip. “Wait! I’ve been yarning to teach you how to crochet since we’re so tight-knit” grandma said. The granddaughter was a bit loopy so it took her a minute to get hooked, but now she scarves down yarn, particularly that of the Malabrigo Rasta genre which is her favorite thing ever. Now she gets to go to grandma and be like “Now watch me WIP” which grandma doesn’t get because she doesn’t know the nae nae, but she does love to see the things that I make and that is why yarn is my Woolentine.

  125. Lisa says:

    Yarn is my woolentine as i suffer with isomnia just thinking about it and all things i can do with it from crochet to loom knitting. It is always on my mind.

  126. Gloria Schryver says:

    All the comments above have expressed my woolentine feelings! I love to knit and crochet with the lovely yarns I have saved up! I need MORE!I crave it like an addict craves what they should not have. If I go too many hours between sessions of a project I get that jiggy, hinky feeling that tells me it has been too long. Please send me the prize.

  127. Miriam Kaufman says:

    Oh, this is a sad story of unrequited love!
    Scrolling through the expanses of LoveKnitting one day, I chanced upon SweetGeorgia Cashsilk Lace. “Deep Cove” called to me, promising to slip through my fingers, holding out the promise of cloud-like softness, whispering “SSK YO” into my ear.
    But, can it be my true Woolentine when we have never knit? What would it think if it knew that on this very day, I am knitting a pearly grey alpaca shawl with lace yarn I spun myself? Cheating on SweetGeorgia, how low can I get?

  128. Shannon Murphy says:

    I love yarn because you can take something simple and turn it into something beautiful. I also love how the process helps to keep me calm and less anxious. I take my WIP with me everywhere and love that at the end I have something to give away (or keep). I also love that knitting is something I share with my mother and my grandmother, and with out yarn that wouldn’t be possible!

    Plus who could resist all those beautiful colors and softness???

  129. Cynthia Durham says:

    I began my love affair with yarn when I was very young. Its wonderful smooshiness, color and adaptability to my every whim has made my affair last through husbands, (yes, plural) pregnancies, teenagers and now grandchildren.
    I have never had a skein of yarn question my intellegence or sanity, they dont judge! They let me squirrel them into nooks and crannies, and don’t fret when shoved into the bottom of my purse.
    When I can no longer hold the needles or hooks, I will still keep my little fiber friends near, if only to occassionally give them a squeeze or pet, and gaze at them with the adorarion of my heart.

  130. Trudy Stramel says:

    To knit or to crochet, that is the question. Should I shop my stash or buy something new. New of course! My love affair with yarn began as a newlywed with a MIL who could do any craft out there. She taught me so much but mostly how I could knit anything, adapt any pattern and create. Her first love was knitting as is mine. There are so many yarns I could never pick a favorite. It is always my latest WIP.
    My fuzzy woolentine! ❤️

  131. Wendy Pamplin says:

    Ah woolentine – because frankly, I just can’t live without it. It’s my perfect woolentine – keeps me happy, gives me warm ‘hugs’. Lets me change it’s colour (if needed) and mold it into some form that I want. Calls to me from shop shelves, allows itself to be petted and stroked, even cuddled. Never, ever disagrees with me ;). What more do I need? Just more of it, of course.

  132. Dana Farley says:

    It’s an addiction. When I dont have a project in process, I troll through my patterns like a junkie. I MUST always have yarn— the feel of it in my hands, wrapping through my fingers, and watching it transform into something wonderfully handmade. When I give a gift of something I’ve made, I’m giving a piece of me.
    I have all of my mom’s and grandmother’s knitting needles and crochet hooks, and will be passing them on to my daughter, who also knits and crochets. Hopefully, generations to come will have wonderful memories of hand knit items too.

  133. Becky Heemeryck says:

    Yarn is my One True Woolentine

    I contemplate a project
    A new pattern I want to try
    I need the perfect canvas
    for my vision to come alive

    I browse my local yarn stores,
    Wandering the beautiful collections,
    I spend hours on yarny websites
    Pondering the perfect selection

    So many colors to choose from
    And different kinds of fiber,
    Wool, alpaca, silk and bamboo
    The possibilities all inspire

    There are tonal colors and speckles
    Ombres in beautiful hues
    Hand wash only or easy care
    Oh what will I choose?

    I love that special moment
    When I find the perfect selection
    That moment of unmistakable joy
    Of perfect squishiness in my collection

    This new canvas, an adventure,
    A new pattern to be contrived
    Much happy time will pass with my new wool-friend
    As I bring my vision alive

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine
    So much fun to explore and imagine
    Creating beautiful handmade objects to share
    Brings me such happiness and gratifying challenge.

  134. alison m says:

    There’s no other name for it. I have to come clean. Confess to my family, my friends. I’m so sorry.
    I’m a YARN ADDICT !

  135. Deborah Adams says:

    Roses are red
    My yarn is too
    Except when it’s not
    And then it is blue

    It could be purple
    Or navy or white
    No colour is wrong
    To knit is just right

    From casting on
    Enjoying each stitch
    But half way through
    I get another itch

    Looking at patterns
    With unfinished wool
    Dreaming of new things
    To knit with my tool

    The tweed knit jumper
    The lacy knit shawl
    I can’t choose just one
    I have to knit all!!

  136. Leaann says:

    Oh my Yarning,
    Oh my yarning,
    Won’t you be my woollentine.
    Worsted, lace or 4-ply, I don’t mind
    So long as you’ll be my Wollentine!

  137. Rian says:

    Wool, alpaca, maybe silk
    something smooth like buttermilk

    worsted, bulky, or perhaps fingering
    which of these will keep me lingering?

    So many choices, can’t decide
    my love for yarn, I just can’t hide.

    I hope that you all like my rhyme,
    every yarn’s my woolentine!

  138. Kay Smith says:

    The great escape.
    Regardless of the knitted gift
    A smile glows forth, the hands delighting in the softness and warmth.
    Whether 4ply or double knit.
    Celebrating the love of

  139. Ann Toney-Wildnauer says:

    I’ve loved knitting since I was a child, but had lost touch with the craft when my only child was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 1/2 years ago. Picking up my knitting needles and yarn again gave me an outlet for my stress and anxiety, and the meditative pull of yarn through my fingers was a comfort. Thankfully she is fine now, but once I began knitting again I never looked back.
    As a painter, I appreciate the creativity and craft of knitting, and also the variety, textures, and amazing colors of the natural fiber yarns I love.

  140. Traci Sharp says:

    I am so tired of not being able to afford yarn. I just want to go to my stash and pull out good yarn not cheap stuff. I had a good yarn place but they went out of business as well as now I am on only disability. I want good yarn again.

  141. Wendy says:

    I had yarn long before my first Valentine, first child, first broken heart.

    Yarn was there for me when I had to stay in bed w/my 1st pregnancy, and in return, I made a beautiful new wardrobe for my two beautiful new baby girls 😀

    Yarn has helped keep my mind and hands busy when dieting, sitting at sick & dying bedsides, quiet winter evenings, and worn-out summer evenings.

    It is there to comfort, warm & embellish unlike any other creative outlet. Who here feels the same about mass-produced clothing made in China by sweat shops as we do about a piece that we made lovingly by hand?

    I could continue to wax (almost) poetic, but I have some new Knightsbridge from the The Fibre Co. calling out to me like a siren….

  142. Angela L. says:

    Yarn – throughout 50+ years of my life yarn has played many roles… yarn provided the foundation for the blanket my grandmother made when I was young, and still provides comfort, warmth, and memories for me today… yarn provided the opportunity to enable extra time spent between myself and my grandmother when I was young, her teaching me crochet and I teaching her knitting… yarn allowed me to create a lap throw when I was a teen that my mother still has and uses… yarn was a tool used by my teacher to instruct me in needlepoint and latch hooking… yarn provided the source for many plant hangers when learning macrame… yarn has given me the ability to provide warmth, comfort, and joy for others through projects such as flowers, hats, scarfs, mittens, sweaters and blankets… it has provided smiles and laughter with first attempts at projects that did not turn out as intended and endless hugs for those that did… and most recently, it has enabled me to create gifts for a new grandchild, passing along the warmth, comfort, and love that comes with creating. Yes, yarn is my Woolentine!

  143. Karen LaFrancis says:

    I love all yarns and my stash keeps my husband happy. Whenever I’m driving him nuts he says “don’t you have some knitting to do”. With a stash I always do. 😉

  144. Rachel says:

    Yarn is my non-spousal true love. Soft, cool alpaca, workhorse wool. Soft grey, bold gold. Yarn represents all the glorious possibilities and attainable dreams. Pretty sure my heart beats to the rhythm of k1p1.

  145. Karen Childs says:

    It’s a bit of a miracle how yarn goes from a long string in a ball or skein and is transformed into so many possibilities! The colors and softness of yarn lifts the spirit.

  146. Kae Gregis says:

    First off, can I get the £75, as the pound is stronger than the dollar?
    Second, I love yarn because playing with it (knitting, crocheting, spinning, needlepoint) is the cheapest, most calming thing I can do for my mental wellbeing.

  147. Amayita says:

    Malabrigo Mechita is my workhorse yarn. Spectacular colorways, hand dyed, no pilling, generous yardage… It’s the one I always go back to.

  148. Loretta H says:

    I love to knit! I love the feel of the yarn in my fingers, the colours of my choice , the process and completion of each project!
    Such satisfaction !
    The gift giving ! Special projects for special people!
    Such gratification!
    I love to knit! 😊

  149. Cindy A. says:

    Oh lovely yarn you are my woolentine! My hands are busy when I am with you, and my heart is full when I think of all that we have done. Babies snuggled in sweet warm blankets; a little girl squeezing her soft new bunny; a sick friend wrapped in the love of a soft prayer shawl; heads, hands and necks of family members kept warm on cold winter days.

    Your textures, colors and varieties are amazing, and your ability to transform to be both useful and beautiful seem wondrous and limitless.

    Oh lovely yarn, truly you and I are made for each other. Together we can bless those around us, and I find delight in spending time with you. You ARE my woolentine!

  150. Zu says:

    I’ve only recently got into crocheting because I wanted to try making amigurumi for my little one. And from that, I have come to learn that it’s actually very relaxing! I love the feel of yarn and all the colours! The hubby is already complaining I have too much! Lol not to mention, yarn doesn’t run away when you take your eyes off it, try to climb anything and everything or talk back! :-))

  151. Mo says:

    Green wool has said,
    “Olive ewe too!”
    It warms your feet,
    And hugs you true.

  152. Terri HarpLady says:

    Oh yarn
    Caressing you in all your soft and cozy splendor…
    Feeling you against my skin, so tender…
    Every sexy fluff and twist draws me in.

    Oh yarn
    Together our creativity abounds…
    inspiring luxury items from socks to wrap-arounds…
    You satisfy me again and again.

    So sensual
    So unique
    I want to rub you on my cheek.
    every incarnation
    every color and variety
    every touch means something to me

    Oh Yarn
    you’ve shown me that my long hair is fiber too
    and when I brush & braid it, I think of you
    We are quite a pair!

    Oh Yarn
    say you’ll always be my Woolentine
    whether you are wool, silk, or some other rare find
    Say you’ll always care
    Say you’ll always be there.

  153. Lydia Krohmer says:

    I love yarn , all kinds of yarn. It helps me to pas on to my family special treasures and prayers that are knit in each stitch. Yarn makes me feel creative and inventive. It is so nice to be able to sit and knit and just relax, especially coming home from work as a nurse. I knit for my patients and my co-workers. Yarn makes me feel connected to others, as it always starts a conversation when I knit or crochet in public. People can not pass without commenting. It also helps to make friends. I love yarn, all kinds of yarn!

  154. Coral says:

    I love all types and colors of yarn, my favorite is that soft fuzzy baby blanket yarn.
    For the past year, ever since my mom got sick, she has been making hats and scarves and socks for friends and family, and even strangers in need of something warm to wear, she puts so much time, effort, money and love into every thing that she makes, she can create such a beautiful master piece hat in about 2 hours, after she gets done knitting a hat/beanie, she spends a few extra minutes sewing on a patch or buttons or bows to make each hat unique, after making hats and scarves and gloves and socks for a while, my mom had a giant plastic zipper bag full of her creations, she goes around and gives them away to people in need, or she will sell them very cheap to anyone who wants to buy something, it warms my heart to be able to call this kind, selfless, caring woman my mother, and even tho she isn’t in good health right now, she cares sooo much about everyone else, she always does her good deeds everyday helping others, she is my inspiration, my motivation and my woolentine, she’s my MOM❤

  155. Karen Harrison says:

    Alpaca is my Woolentine. It’s just so soft and cuddly….

  156. Georgia Green says:

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine because …

    Yarn is patient, even with beginning knitters; Yarn is kind, even to the color-blind.

    Yarn does not envy, not even qivuit (the second-most costly fibre); Yarn does not boast, not even vicuna (the most expensive); Yarn is not proud, not even cashmere (the most — period).

    Yarn does not dishonor others, no matter how environmentally consciously its production; Yarn is not self-seeking, no matter how virtuous or charitable its proceeds.

    Yarn is not easily angered, although there be tangles untangle-able and cutting doth occur; Yarn keeps no record of wrongs, gracefully surrendering to multiple froggings and reworking.

    Yarn does not delight in evil down loops, back bars, and ladders, but rejoices with the truth of righteous stitches well-formed.

    Yarn always protects from unintentionally twisted joins, always trusts in properly oriented loops, always hopes for correct row counts, always perseveres to successfully finished object.

    … This is why Yarn is my one true Woolentine.

  157. Rae says:

    Oh wouldn’t it be Woolvrey to win!!!
    Forget the rest only get the best from Loveknitting.
    One way to my heart is when I receive my wool order from you.
    Filling my porch with pretty pink packages I know straight away what is inside.
    Oh wouldn’t it be Woolvrey to win!!!

  158. Jackie Green says:

    Yarn is…. always there to give you a hug

  159. Maria says:

    Because at all times yarn welcomes me with open arms… the good days and the bad, if I’ve not slept well or haven’t had chance to wash my hair, my stash loves me! For better, for worse…

  160. Pam Yorath says:

    My Nan taught my Mum to knit and Mum taught me. I taught my daughter and my son to knit, and my daughter crochets too as do I. My Mum passed away 12 years ago and I still wear jumpers that she knitted. When I am knitting I feel that a little bit of my Mum is still with me.

    • Orly says:

      That is the sweetest of tales! My Mom taught me as well and her GreatGrams taught her..they are both gone and when I knit or crochet it is how I feel connected to them..only I do not have any pieces that they created! That is awesome that you have items that you can feel your Mum through! Your story warms me heart!

  161. Susan Page says:

    Yarn is more than just wool to me
    It’s grandma teaching me to knit
    A layette mum made when I three
    Yarn, memories come with it

    My sister showing me crochet
    One night when I was five,
    We made ten granny squares
    Waiting for Santa to arrive

    Yes, yarn’s more than just wool
    It’s the blanket I made for my first born
    The joy I felt when it was full
    The tears I cried when it was torn

    Yarn is more than just a tool
    Each ply, each colour bring texture rich
    Crafting a little gem or jewel
    By those weaving love with every stitch

  162. Jean Guenther says:

    Knitting (yarn) is my therapy. It puts me in a better place no matter what is going on. I have knit in hospital rooms to calm the patient and in chapels to bring love and peace to whoever I am gifting my finished piece to. Knitting is all about sharing and caring and that’s what I am all about. My favorite yarn is DK weight wool.

  163. Sara T says:

    My Woolentine
    Sensuous, silky, soft,
    A feast of luscious colors,
    The zen and magic
    Of tiny stitches uniting
    To make a wholesome whole.
    Each a silent prayer,
    A meditation,
    Sending goodwill and love
    To a wounded world.

  164. Anne Roy says:

    With sincere apologies to Shakespeare:

    In Spring, a young (OK, not that young!) girl’s fancy surely turns to thoughts of yarn,
    Of silk and bamboo, linen, cotton, all stashed in her barn.
    A plethora of fibres, all begging to be used,
    And magicked into garments, to clothe the ones she loves.

    The yarn’s the thing; the happy care, applied in every stitch
    To gift to all the special ones, to make their lives more rich,
    My granny taught my mother, as she, in turn, taught me,
    And love is woven with the yarn, to clothe the ones I love.

  165. Pam says:

    Yarn is my one true woolentine because knitting is life and yarn makes it possible.

    We cast on and there’s so much potential and so many plans. Growth happens one stitch at a time. There are increases and decreases along the way.

    Sometimes we are adventurous and life is filled with lace, nupps, and cables. Other times we need simple, comforting garter. Every once in a while we drop a stitch or have to tink back, maybe even frog many rows, but the mistakes, repairs, and tension teach us and ensure every fabric is unique.

    As the cast off gets closer we look back and see what a beautiful, meaningful, fabric this journey has created and we cherish every stitch.

  166. Shirley Lister says:

    Ode to my woolentine

    You are my therapy
    You are my life.
    Your my obsession
    Oh please be my wife.

    What would I be without you
    I do not dare guess.
    I love you so much
    Your a wonderful dress.

    So soft and so silky
    So bright and so gay.
    I wish I could wear you
    Both night and day.

    My yarn is my lifeline
    To family now lost.
    The ones who first taught me
    That love always lasts.

    My knitting my crochet
    And also my stash.
    I just need a pattern
    so now got to dash.

    The colours the softness
    I just need to buy.
    Need somewhere to keep you
    Or do I just lie.

    No dear it’s not new
    I’ve had it for years.
    It’s just been hidden
    along with my tears.

  167. Sharon Davis says:

    I am happy with what ever yarn that I am knitting because I usually knit for others whether it is for family, friend, or donations. I love the baby alpacas because they are soft and wooly and make me what to cuddle. When I knit near my cat, she delights in some yarn play. I have to hide the yarn from her because I know if she gets it, them I am going to be looking at a tangled mess. I am a newby knitter and self-taught. I love the challenge and delight in surprising myself with different projects. I do not have a lot of time so when I do have time to knit, it’s enjoyable and very satisfying. I hope to hand down my knitting tools someday when I get where I cannot knit anymore to pass on the tradition.

  168. Myriam says:

    My love for yarn is intense and vibrant. It resonnates throughout my life: on my body, on those I love, all over my house, all through the year. Knitwear garments and accessories, of course, but also thick woolly blankets, comfy cushions and cute tea cosies. I’d take that love all around town, if they’d let me yarn-bomb it right. The feeling I get when I touch wool is pure bliss, and it takes me closer to a sensual heaven.

    My love for yarn is also so ressuring, because I know that in the dead of Canadian winter, there’s always a wool item near me that can bring me comfort. From the heavy house coat I put on over my pajamas in the morning to the thick socks I pull on to lounge in front of the fire (well, the radiator, really) at night, through the shawl I wrap myself into during chilly afternoons at the desk, the hat that keeps my ears toasty when I go out, and the mittfs that warm my ever-so cold hands. Alpaca, sheep, camel, musk ox and all, you are the angels of my winter.

    My love for yarn carries me through the year, to the beautiful cotton lace of Spring, the crips linens and cool bamboos of Summer, to the many colours of the novelty yarns of Fall. Such pretty sights, and so inspiring. Brings back those images of heaven, and all the yarn that must be there.

  169. Marietta Storey says:

    Yarn is the crayon that I outgrew in grade school. But these crayons have all the texture, strength, softness, and reality that I could not find in my simple sketches. With my yarn creations, I can hold and cuddle dream after colorful dream! I imagine myself as the cartoon Scrooge McDuck, falling back into a vault full of my treasured wealth…YARN.

  170. Regina says:

    Being poor is hard and painful, but with great deals and the ability to make something for my family makes me feel whole. Makes being poor less painful. Truth!

  171. Regina says:

    Now to make you laugh, life is like a box of yarn. You never know what you are going to make next. -Forrest Gump (Gina)

  172. Nancy Turner says:

    Knitting keeps me sane. I cannot resist a new skein of yummy soft yarn in a lovely new color. It talks to me, says “you need me!” as I imagine something wonderful to knit with it. No matter that I have piles of yarn at home and enough projects to last me until I am at least 100 (I am now 76). I love mohair, but any fingering yarn calls to me. The feel of my wooden circular needles in my hands brings me peace, and peace is what we need most in this crazy world filled with disasters and chaos. So I sit in my chair and knit, imagining that one day we will indeed see world peace.

  173. Sheila Ayliffe says:

    As a child I read a story called The Magic Knitting Needles about needles which would knit up any yarn they were left beside. The story has stuck with me for over sixty years as I too spend my free time knitting or crocheting. I nearly always use natural fibres as I love the texture and durability of wool, cotton, alpaca, silk and blends of these fibres. Whether I’m at home or travelling, I always have a bag of needles, hooks and yarns with me creating a variety of different thing and now that I have grand children I have a new generation to provide quality items for and I am also teaching them – both boys and a girl – to knit so that they too can share the joy of this rewarding pass time.

  174. Kendra Phipps says:

    I always wondered why I was mystically called to yarn. It’s in my genes!! In a recent discussion with my mother about ancestry she shared that her Grandmother spoke of her Welsh heritage and how they were taught to weave at a very young age!! I love that my DNA speaks to me and that my Woolentine is… well, wool in any form!

  175. Gran -Eie says:

    Ottie my little Woolentine you inspire me to love knitting more and more and more 💕

  176. Margaret Rogan says:

    It “plys” me with joy and has me in “stitches”
    “Needles me” when I get into glitches
    Row after row from jumpers to mits
    I’m clicking for hours to create “double knits”
    Stocking stitch, moss stitch, I get lots of “ribbing”
    And when choosing colours there’s lots of “ad libbing”
    Being retired and having some leisure
    Means I have time to do knitting for pleasure
    I’ve treasured Valentine cards and flowers that were fine

  177. Gail says:

    I love to knit and crochet, it’s what I do,
    For my grandson Joshua,who is just two.

    He’s a gorgeous boy but he’s a little monkey,
    I made him a coat in Paintbox Chunky,

    “ Geen Ganma pees” , he chose the colour himself,
    In it he looks like a little Elf.

    Whether you are knitting or you crochet, different ranges work up well,
    Free patterns, all the colours I am under it’s spell.

    It is lovely and soft, and the price is just fine,
    That’s why Paintbox yarns are my Woolentine!

  178. stephanie dulieu says:

    I’m not a knitter, I’m not a crocheter, my one true woolentine is making love heart shaped pom poms with my Paintbox yarns!

  179. Vicky says:

    Yarns are red
    Yarns are blue
    I love all yarns
    The whole rainbow through

    Yarns are thick
    Yarns are thin
    They let me create

    Babies, children
    Adults too
    If I didn’t have yarn
    I’d feel so blue

    Kids keep me busy
    Husband too
    But yarn calms me down
    Knit purl knit two

  180. Annette Robinson says:

    I have only just recently started knitting, so havent found a favourite yet, my first attempt is still ongoing its a cushion (thought I would start easy!) but now have started a gorgeous woolly shaggy rabbit I found in a shop and couldnt resist. I am hoping to finish it soon (and patch up the mistakes!!) He will then have pride of place on my bed and be my cuddly Woolentine bedtime partner (sorry hubby!) . I then want to try for a hat and scarf to keep me warm on this scottish island I am living on, and then go for some paintbox yarns socks. So got the ambitions, just need to master the skills.

  181. Rebecca says:

    Wool is always there for you. It doesn’t judge you. It helps you grow and develop during your journey together. It is warm and soft. It calms the mind, distracting you from the harsh realities of the world today. Allows mindfulness to overcome chronic pain. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures allowing you to branch out and develop your skills. With wool, the world is your oyster. There is no end…just more Paintbox yarn and a new pattern to follow. A Woolentine is forever. A love that never dies…

  182. Sally says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it’s so much less high-maintenance than real people – I can keep it in the bottom of the airing cupboard and take it out for a cuddle when I’m feeling sad, which is probably illegal with real people. Yarn also keeps me company, helps me chill out, keeps me warm when my projects are completed and never criticises… I can also use it to spread love among my friends!

  183. Rachel says:

    Roses are red,
    Violet’s are blue,
    I love yarn
    Because it is awesome.

  184. Krisztina Kovacs says:

    I learnt to knit from youtube videos in May 2017. I simply love it. Yarn? I have some favourites… 🙂 I listen to every yarn what they want to become. I love merino wool, merino wool with silk, cotton and linen. They all have a special personality which I respect. And in return they respect me and turn to nice things. We are proud of eachother. 🙂

  185. Annette Orford says:

    Since I was 16 I always knitted an Aran sweater for my Dad for Christmas,Every year a different pattern and colour, it got to be a tradition one I loved until my Dad passed away.
    Although I always have knitting on the go I have never knitted another mans Aran.Sixs storage boxes hold my yarn at the side of my wardrobe.I just love choosing yarn maybe I have a hoarding

  186. Valentina Chirico says:

    I do love yarns (the colourful the better) and there are two more reasons to do so on Valentine’s day:
    1) If in love: I could do something with huge love with my colourful yarns to give away (I could do because I doubt to do something on time and decently ahah)
    2) when alone: I could hug a huge ball of soft yarn pretending not to be alone on V’s day (oh, rather sad)…

  187. Andrea says:

    Hey Yarn….

    You are my Great Grandma
    You are my Nana
    You are my Mum
    You are so clever

    You make me laugh
    You make me swear
    You make me try harder
    You are so clever

    You follow a trail
    You have spun the years
    You are a shepherd
    You are so clever

    I love you yarn
    I will always be yours
    I will feel your warmth
    Forever and ever

  188. Hannah Griffiths says:

    For me, knitting is a meditative process that involves making care and love carnate with each stitch. Only the knitter actually sees how much hard work, diligence and stamina each piece takes, which makes it the perfect act of self love 🙂

  189. Heather Haigh says:

    Yarn is my one true love because:
    It keeps me fit and agile, darn why do the balls always roll right under the sofa?
    It makes me look after my eyesight, fingering yarn on 2.5mm – where’s my best specs?
    It keeps me mentally agile – you haven’t multitasked till you’ve counted stitches while listening to your hubby’s work gripes
    It keeps me warm – I love to knit clothes
    It surrounds me with prettiness
    It feels good
    It is a bond between me and my beloved daughter as we knit and crochet together, share patterns, make each other gifts, wind skeins, and talk endlessly about Ravelry.
    But it must be my one true love, because it has taken over half my house!!!

  190. Grace Hutchinson says:

    My true woolentine is Caron Simply Soft as I use this wool to make wigs and hats for children who have lost their hair through chemotherapy or alopecia. Without this wool I wouldn’t be able to bring a bit of sparkle to these very special children.

  191. sophia harris says:

    Knitting is life itself, Breathe in and knit one, breathe out and purl one. Relax. you are alive in pure meditation

  192. Catherine Britton says:

    To my design
    My threads align
    Oh wool of mine

  193. Avalie says:

    My Woolentine yarn is now my woe yarn. My favourtie yarn of all time, soft and thick and warm to touch and made in the most gorgeous colours is no longer available. There are a few colours out there if you search around, and I have a little bit left in my stash. I have made afghans and scarves, hats and gloves and ponchos with it. I love it! I want more! So this is a sad Woolentine, and I will just have to spend my Woolentine this year hugging my lovely alpaca and wool yarn that I still have and hope for a happy Woolentine next year.

  194. Gill O'Halloran says:

    My woolentine is my best friend, Marilyn. We met when we were 6 years old and we knitted out first cardigans when we were 9! Mine was in a turquoise fleck yarn and Marilyn’s was in a lime green yarn – it went with her ‘strawberry blonde’ hair beautifully. We are now 66 years old and still best friends with many, many more knitting projects under our expanding belts!! As might be expected, my friend and I can sit for hours nostalgically ‘spinning yarns’ .

  195. Michaela says:

    I love yarn because I can knit my own designs of sweaters, socks, bags, shawls…

  196. valerie hall says:

    to me love is like a ball of wool
    DK or Aran are my favourites just add kneedles and a pattern
    an item of love is then made
    to pass on with love
    there are patterns you love and some you wish to forget
    I do believe my mum taught it to me for me to love
    K1 P1 TW1 TW2 Cable back and front all knitted together
    Thats why knitting to me is my

  197. Stephanie Johnson says:

    This is one red
    Ohh but that wool is pretty blue!
    Maybe I’ll pick this one ..
    But I want that one too!

    So many choices!
    So hard to decide
    Maybe I’ll just get both?
    Surely I have more places for them to hide …

    But hubby’s getting mad
    Well, not mad, I should say
    I have a yarn pile in the corner
    3+ big bags and a bunch of projects, there they lay!

    I’m almost done!
    Ohh but isn’t this pattern so sweet?!
    I’m probably going to regret this later
    Man, I’ve gotta eat!

    Ohh the kids neat to eat too
    And this house is a wreck
    I’ve gotta get some stuff done
    Before the husband gets back!

    There. Kids are fed
    And I cleaned a room or two
    Ahhh yarnnn…
    My love of my life
    Oh how I’ve missed you!

    Now here I sit
    With my yarn on my lap
    And my needles in hand
    Crap! Husband is back!

  198. Samantha Wheatley says:

    The reason I love wool is I love it when I knit something for either charity or someone I think deserves a bit of joy in their life’s. It makes me happy knowing I have made someone’s life a little brighter. I sometimes also get to see the look on the person’s face and it’s priceless.

  199. Glenda Bootyman says:

    My husband loves to hear my needles clicking away, because he knows then that I am well, if my needles are not in my hands, he knows I am suffering with my heart problems, he is so caring, I love all types of wool, and have a Huge stash of wool which I use to make premises baby hats for the local hospital.

  200. Gill says:

    My father loved to see and hear me knitting and on the night he passed away I was sitting knitting when I felt pressure on my arm, there was nothing around, and I thought nothing of it, but in the morning when I woke up I looked at my arm and there was an imprint of fingerprints on my arm, I know he was saying goodbye.

    My Woolentine’s Day gift this year was going to be a new aran jumper for my partner of 14 years, but sadly he passed away just before Christmas this year at the age of 55. It was all too sudden and unexpected, I thought we had at least another 20-30 years together, and I am sat here looking at his empty chair and keep breaking into tears. Christmas did not happen for me this year, and it will be hard to celebrate again knowing he wont be with me.

    The only thing keeping me sane and functioning at present is knitting, because I can concentrate on what I am making for a few hours and it takes the sad times and thoughts away. He used to love the jumpers I made for him because he could never buy the correct size from shops, and he said I always got it just right. It was priceless to see the joy on his face when I presented him with another new creation made especially with love.

  201. Rebecca says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    But the beauty of wool is it’s not a set hue.
    From an orange that matches a perfect sunrise,
    Or a pink so neon you’re shielding your eyes.

    There are pastels that comfort and silvers that sparkle,
    Even black is in fashion now we’ve seen it on Markle.
    Though we’ve sampled them all we just can’t resist blues,
    Or multis so striking it takes hours to choose.

    So whether you favour chunky or lace,
    Or you’re partial to wool with a cashmere trace,
    Get your needles at the ready and a warm fire lit –
    Happy Woolentines to all, and to all a good knit.

  202. Pamela-Jane says:

    Every day is Valentines with wool!

  203. Grete Evans says:

    Depression and chronic pain from arthritis are horrible things to live with and over too many years I have tried to find something I could do consistently that a depressive bout wouldn’t ruin and that would let me be creative but not cause pain.

    About 2 years ago, I started knitting scarves – just simple garter stitch and then discovered the special scarf yarns that created ruffles etc. Then last year a dear friend introduced me to finer yarns and hand dyed skeins and I was in love. I love the feel of so many different wools, the smell of them.

    When I am low, I visit my beauties and sniff and squish them and I come away happier. The act of knitting keeps my fingers mobile and makes them less stiff. Therapy for both mind and body!

    Creating something worthy out of ‘sticks and string’ is a never ending marvel to me and for that, it is definitely my Woolentine!

  204. Karen Whittaker says:

    Children always seemed really little until I had to knit them jumpers. Still love “wool” always find a way!!

  205. Lesley Bambridge says:

    Look into my eyes.
    Your eyes are getting heavy
    You’re getting sleepy,
    Sleeeepy, sleeeepy.
    Now repeat after me..
    “I want to be your love yarn,
    To pull me and knit me , to find my hidden tail
    And use me as your heart desires, or according to your slightest whim
    I simply abandon myself”

  206. Annette Shaw says:

    I love all kinds of yarn and I have a huge stash of the stuff. I love soft acrylic, non-scratchy wool, ribbon yarn and ruffle yarn. What really attracts me is the colour. The more vivid, rainbow, multi-coloured it is, the better. I love Caron Cake woold because of the fabulous colour schemes and I have recently discovered Batik Swirl. Huggy,snuggly and crazy colours, yes, that’s my kind of yarn!

  207. Lisa M says:

    OMG!! Give a room with wall to wall book shelves, but filled with yarn!! That is my dream room. I have 2 walls filled. I’ve asked for another wall unit and my husband says I have “enough” yarn. HA! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH YARN! Yarn is my addiction! I don’t drink, smoke or gamble…bring on the yarn!

  208. Ester Puente says:

    Yarn is red
    Yarn is blue
    In every color
    Yarn, I love you.


  209. Katy says:

    I think that wool is my oldest friend,
    Used for centuries to create and mend.
    In ancient Egypt you created socks,
    Perhaps to keep Pharaoh tootsies hot!
    Although sometimes you drive me crazy,
    You make gorgeous clothes for my baby.
    Cashmerino is what catches my eye,
    So I’d love to win an excuse to buy!

  210. Cristina Ferrazzano Yaussy says:

    Its simple math:
    Therefore, Yarn=Love

  211. Mark Cayen says:

    My mother passed away 9 years ago leaving me her knitting machine and all her different colours and weights of yarns. For a few years I had I’ll stored away and found myself purchasing yarn for my own projects. Then I realized… I have lots of yarn here. So my wife and I pulled all the yarns from storage and created and user friendly system. So now instead of going to an conventional retail store, I go downstairs and shop in my own store I call “Betty’s” (that’s my moms name) and shop there. I usually find what I need. So far I have knit about 7 Sweaters and I still have lots left over. So when I need yarn I go shopping at Betty’s first. The selection is fantastic, the service is great and the yarns have a more special meaning for me. All I can say is … I Love yarn.

  212. Sharon Fensome says:

    I’ve loved knitting since I was small. Right from unwrapping that very first ball. With yarn that’s fine for a baby’s shawl. To chunky cardi’s I’ve made them all ! ………………………………………………………………………………………..I love all yarns whether silky or tweedy. I love to feel them. I’m really needy! With mohair, merino, angora or lace weight I can’t wait to get started. Knitting’s my mate ! ………………………………………………………………………………………..So to all the yarns, Happy Woolentine It’s always great to spend time with you Whether worsted or chunky or really fine. I really can’t wait to start something new !

  213. Rebecca says:

    My woolentine is anything super-soft and hypoallergenic. . .something that will knit up into a huggable gift!

  214. Michele Thomas says:

    Sanity, sharing, teaching and Always having something to look forward to with my Woolentine! There is nothing that can replace the sense of accomplish. True peace. Knitting in Heaven? I hope so! Forgot the purse and keys? But have the knitting. I would knit with dental floss if I had to, but prefer Loveknitting…. My true Woolentine!

  215. Hollie says:

    Texture. Silky smooth, garter-stitch nubbly. Mohair ribbing tickling under my chin. Ribbon yarn for petting right in the skein.

    I will roll in a pile of cotton dk and spend hours with worsted weight wool making ribs and cables.

    Variegated and ombre? Gorgeous to look at, more fun to discover the subtle changes each dye made to the fibers.

    Tangible, reliable, touchable. Yar.

  216. Julia Voncannon says:

    All the textures, the colors! They allow you to create amazing things. I love teaching others in need of a business venue in third-world countries like Guatemala. They are my woolentines!

  217. Leslie Gould says:

    Oh “Wendy”….I love the way your hair “Cascades” over my shoulder when we walk hand in hand past the “Liberty” Bell.
    “Ella Rae” would be so jealous….”Rico” too!

  218. Patricia Walls says:

    I love woolintine, because most of my simple knitting is done for the shawl ministry at our chapel. We give to hospice, the veterans hospital, children in the backwoods of the Appalachian mountains, single mothers, children in the Dakotas etc. It is a blessing to serve in this manner with a group of dedicated women.

  219. Rhane Thomas says:

    Yarn is like puppies, kittens, bunnies! So soft, so cuddly I just have to touch it. I find myself wandering through the yarn shop imagining hats and shawls, blankets and coats. Dolls and teddy bears dance in my mind.

    Yarn is a rainbow. The colors entrance me. I run from one jewel tone to the next stroking and squeezing trying to catch a scent of what the yarn wants to be. My stash is full of single skeins that refused to be left behind. So many projects, so little time.

  220. BB says:

    Post-divorce I’m spending a lot of time using up all the yarn I used to be able to afford. As I make it through Mt. Stash, I’ve added amigurumi and pattern creation to my skill set as well as competed a lot of new and old projects. It’s hard to feel lonely and depressed when I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with my newfound free time. So, yarn is my one true woolentine because it’s helping me get through this challenging time while making me feel better about myself. It was also pretty heart warning to see my son carrying around his little crocheted stormtrooper made with love by mom. ❤

  221. Elaine Adams says:

    On the shelf you are rolled into a ball or twisted into a hank, piled alongside all the different brands, hiding, waiting to jump out and shout “BUY ME” for the project you are planning. You feel soft, your strand runs gently and painlessly through my fingertips as I visualise you as my finished project. You might not shine but you are my jewel, and you help me to create my masterpieces, that I pass on to those who I know will appreciate the time, effort and love put into the finished project. Together we can work a beautifully warm and loving magic that can be shared the world over with those of a kindred spirit and an appreciation of our craft.

  222. Kathy says:

    Yarn is soft and warm. It doesn’t talk back or destroy my peace. It is always there waiting for me when I am ready to use it.

  223. Sandra Furlotte says:

    I was sorting my yarn stash one day a number of years ago. I had all of it laid out in heaps on my bed and it was so beautiful. The sun was streaming through the window and all those jewel like colours were irresistible. I stripped down to my underwear and leaped onto the bed (those were the days when I could still leap) and just laid there enjoying the feel of those wonderful fibres.

  224. Brenda says:

    money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy yarn! I love my stash, how it grows and grows, I love how when I am feeling low I can walk into my craft room and pick a new project, new yarn and cast on and knit away my troubles. 🙂

  225. Danielle says:

    I LOVE Paintbox yarn. It’s the reason why I’m on the website daily and I’m constantly spending money with LoveKnitting. It’s so high quality and the colors are amazing.

  226. CraftyG says:

    A yearn for yarn

    When the nights are cold and dreary,
    And there’s nothing on the telly;
    I while away the hours,
    Keeping my fingers busy.

    I knit, I purl, I drop a few.
    I curse and mutter.
    I tink. I frog.
    And make no sense to you.

    The colours make me heady.
    The textures make me drool.
    The fibres make them huggable.
    My payment’s at the ready.

    I swear “no more!”
    I say “not until…”
    But truth be told,
    I know… I always will.

  227. Kathy Ellis says:

    I am 62 years old I have been knitting since I was 8. I love to knit. It has gotten me through a divorce,the loss of a parent, the loss of a job. I love the creations I can make mixing colors and fiber. Plus knitting can go everywhere.
    I knit standing up.
    I knit sitting down.
    I knit on a train.
    I knit on a plane.
    Oh the fabulous places my yarn has gone.

  228. Ann-Marie Gallagher says:

    Beautiful yarn is my innocent vice
    Whether lopi, angora, cashmere
    It keeps me so toasty in snow or in ice
    You could say we’re close knit, or quite near!

    For those who find kisses and cuddles de trop
    Yarn offers a way to show caring
    Each stitch is a hug, there’s a smile in each row
    With each mitten a lesson in sharing

    So how many ways do I love thee dear yarn,
    Given benefits spiritual and mental,
    Communal, personal, keeping us calm,
    Economic boosts and environmental?

    As many as all of the good that you bring
    As many as there are good crafters
    And weavers and dyers and brave hearts who spin
    And knitters, crocheters and grafters


    If chocolates, strawberries and flowers are received
    Or a Valentine’s cruise on the Tiber
    I would be most grateful but don’t be deceived,
    I prefer gifts with sheep derived fibre

    So how to ensure February one-four
    Goes off without hitch, bump or clatter
    Entice other wool-fools in through your front door
    Hold a Valentine’s Day Knit and Natter!

  229. L. Friedman says:

    So many beautiful yarns and colors. I can’t seem to choose!

  230. Christine MacNeil says:

    My woolentine is worsted superwash wool, because I knitted my very first pair of socks with it and fell in love. Those socks still keep my feet warm in bed at night!

  231. Orly says:

    Yarn is the thread of humankind. Like humans yarn comes in so many shapes and colors and textures and sizes. Some I like. Some I don’t care for. And some I just are so amazing I just cannot live without thrm in my life. Yarnmankind love. Now I have to go because all this talk about yarning has me …OK byeeee..🙋💝

  232. Kristy says:

    With 4 youngsters at home, I need something that doesn’t pull my hair or drool on me when I snuggle it 😄 though sometimes my yarn does get sassy…. 🤔

  233. Judith says:

    Yarn lets me relax and unwind…and be creative all at the same time! I can’t resist the temptation of browsing the yard aisles whenever I go shopping!

  234. Beatrice Killam says:

    Yarn is my one true woolentine because it travels with me whenever I go and keeps my hands busy. I get to be creative and make little creations for people all over the world.

  235. Joy says:

    Yarn is my passion. Thin, thick skein or hank.I always thought of myself as a crafter. Like it was a nothing sort of thing. Some of the yarns I have been working with made me realize is that I am actually an ARTIST. It brings out my creative side. Yarn is also a journal. All the thoughts and emotions get stitched into projects. I can look back at things I made and it brings back what I was going through. Yarn is like external storage for your memories. Yarn is more than just an object, it is the stuff I lean on when I am weak and sad and the celebration I feel when I am happy.

  236. Amy says:

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Yarn is Diverse
    Pick any Hue

    I’ve had a love affair with yarn since a friend of mine passed away. She was going to teach me to knit, but we never got around to it. So instead I taught myself and here I am 9 years later completely obsessed!!! Art is a passion of mine and yarn allows me to create things for others that they will use. Plus it allows me to help others. Stashed yarn is always put to good use making hats for cancer, preemies, etc. Squares get done for cancer blankets too. I just love to share my creativity with everyone. Seeing someone’s eyes light up makes all the hours and froggings totally worth it!

  237. Maureen Bishop says:

    It’s having a million ideas in my head and the feeling when I see one completed.

  238. Nancy says:

    I love the colors and the possibilities! Yarn is so versatile that there is almost nothing it can’t do. It can soothe a soul, make a smile, dry a tear, and express love. Who doesn’t love yarn!

  239. Deb Pettit says:

    because i can imagine the endless things I can make with it. Its so relaxing to be with and never has cold feet!!

  240. Tilicia HM Wells says:

    I just recently started knitting! My favorite woolentine is spun wool! My husband and I went to head to the store and he said if you take me to the yarn store again I’m gonna freak out! 😂😂😍 But he loves the blanket I made him❤

  241. Cassandra says:

    Yarn is my Woolintine because it is my connection to my knitting and crocheting grandma (Mimi) who taught me how to do both. Even though we now live in two different states, I still feel that while I’m knitting, sometimes I can turn around and she is right there giving me an encouraging comment on my work or making a helpful correction.

  242. Faith Creech says:

    I love soft cozy yarn, all colors!! I love to knit even though I am still a fairly new beginner. I take my Knitting with me wherever I go.

  243. Kay Chamberlain says:

    Yarn is my woolintine because it stops me doing things which are frowned upon, such as hitting people 😉 when needed it always goes that extra mile for me, even if that means calling in a few of its friends

  244. Kathy Nelson says:

    Oh Woolentine Oh Woolentine, Be it toys, blankets or mittens I’m just smitten with my Woolentine.

  245. Kelly M says:

    Yarn is my one true woolentine because I know how long our time together is gonna last!

  246. Jane says:

    Yarn, especially wool and other animal fibers, is my kind of high-fiber diet! i can’t imagine life without it.

  247. Anne M says:

    Shall I knit some of this or some of that I love them all and like to feel their touch, the Merino wool is so soft and feels amazing. Oh how can I decide between them when they are all so lovable and never answer back.

  248. Shannon Kitts says:

    I love knitting. It is my “happy place” if I feel sick or stressed I pull out my knitting. When I travel I knit, any excuse I can find I knit. This year my goal has been to knit 50 baby blankets to donate to the Alberta children’s hospital, so I have been using the softest, easiest care yarn I can find (price is also important) I have made 39 to date. I have enjoyed this project on so many levels. I get to create unique colour schemes and patterns. Each blanket has been my new favourite one. I have always been attracted to anything soft and cuddly. I plan to make one for myself after I have completed the 50 for the hospital. I just imagine the sick babies with a new, oh so soft blanket and it makes me sing inside. I LOVE knitting.

  249. Rusty M says:

    Yarn begs to be touched
    Flowing smoothly through fingers
    Soothes my mind and soul.

  250. Gillian o Brien Murray says:

    Would love to win for myself and daughter , I am new to knitting using looms and I don’t know which is more addictive looming or buying yarn!
    My daughter is big time into knitting a crocheting she is the 5th generation to take it up going back to my great grandmother 😊 She gets lost for hours in a yarn shop it’s her ( toy shop) 😉 While other kids are on games and watching tv she’s on her bean bag surrounded in yarn and hooks making things she would be over the moon to win this and said she would let me get a ball if she wins 🤣🤣

  251. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    My woolentine would be my sister who fixed all of my mistakes when I first started knitting.
    She also knits all of my wool socks to keep my feet warm for me.

  252. Theresa says:

    I like big balls (of yarn) and I cannot lie!
    My stash of yarn isn’t huge because my fabric stash uses up most of my space. I love to squish the yarn and feel it up. Knitting up something that will be cherished and well worn is a great feeling.

  253. Abby says:


    Y is for the Years I’ve been with you
    A is for Amazing therapy
    R is Really Really, extra soft and woolly
    N is Never less than anyone that loves you best

    And Yarn is all that I can give to you
    Yarn is more than just a ball or two
    Wool and love can make it
    Take my gift and please don’t shrink it
    Yarn was made for me and you 💕

  254. Patricia Clifton says:

    I stopped knitting because you can only make so many things for yourself and family, until 2 years ago. I started to suffer from general anxiety & panic attacks. Yarn to me means that now I can use it to knit blankets and give them away to anyone I please, it calms & relaxes me and is the way I get through the day. Now I want to look into where I can send knitted hats to our soldiers over seas and use yarn to knit away hats for them.

  255. Priscilla Thomas says:

    I love all yarn because it appeals to my tactile sense. While others are talking about their new audio book or a new TV show that they’ve seen, I can tell them about what I’ve actually been feeling through the knitting, crocheting or weaving that I’m doing. It’s all about what I can feel with my fingers and it can spur wonderful memories!

  256. Mary says:

    Wool is a very good story-teller!! It has secrets that only the person that make makes those wonderful things, know. It knows what wonderful memory’s you had while making it. It knows all about all the tears you have cried while making different things. It knows all the laughter that has floated around while using it. If it could talk, what a story it could tell.
    Without wool you can’t make scarves, hats, blankets, jerseys, headbands,ect. I find that by making different things, you can show others how much you care, love, and appreciate them. Every ball of wool is special. I don’t have a favourite. They all can tell a story, therefore they are all just as special as each other!! So that is why I love wool so much. It’s has a really good listening ear!!:)

  257. Gwyneth Evans says:

    Yarn offers me comfort from a hard day, and a snuggle when I’m cold. When I knit, my hands are always warm and soft. It calls to me when I’ve had a bad day and let’s me lose myself into it’s depths. From rich, vibrant colors to soft, dark colors, I love all yarns. Every yarn is unique, just like people and I love to discover new ones when I can. You can have a conversation with yarn when you use it. It tells a story when knitted and crocheted. When someone touches a crocheted blanket or knitted scarf, they want to know the story, the details, who made it. They want to know the kind of love out behind it. Most importantly love can come out unconditionally when I use yarn. I can show how much my mother means to me every time I take the time to knit her a new accessory or crochet her yet another blanket. I love yarn because it’s yarn. Yarn is a form of expression.

  258. Valerie Librers says:

    Fyberspates Gleem Lace – exquisite, soft, beautiful – I’m in love and wish everyone could experience this yarn – love Loveknitting for carrying it!

  259. Janine McTeer says:

    Since Valentine’s Day celebrates love, knitting gives me the chance to show my family how much they mean to me. My husband and I are anxiously awaiting the birth of our third grandchild. The baby’s soon to be big sister, Evie, loves to watch me knit and was thrilled to “help” me make the baby a beautiful blanket in Evie’s favourite colour, which happens to be red. The blanket is wrapped and ready to go to the hospital and the look on my three year old grand-daughter perfectly expresses the joy and love we both feel. A hand-made gift of love.

  260. Bonnie J Avery says:

    The calm serenity that I experience with your touch. The meditative effect of knitting stitch after stitch. Lightweight lace, soft & soothing alpaca. Each and every yarn creates it’s own special feeling. Yarn, I can not imagine life without you, all of you.

  261. Jacqueline Gould says:

    i love alpaca and silk blends, nothing over sport weight. And I love them in shades of fuchsia and turquoise.

  262. Denise White says:

    Roses may be red
    Violets aren’t really blue
    Does it matter
    What colour my wool is too?
    Yarn is spun
    Lots of types to wow
    My favourite is
    What’s on my needles now!

  263. Gladys Holbrooks says:

    As a cancer survivor myself, I have crouched and knitted caps for the local cancer center here where I live. I have used all kinds of yarn to make them, so any kind will do for me. I see so many people with cancer who could use caps, sweaters, and afghans to help them through this time in their life. I I still have to have my chemo shots every month and will have to for the rest of my life. It helps me to know I can do something to help others.

  264. Cathy says:

    As a creative person I find yarns calling out to me with the possiblities of what the can become. When a yarn ‘speaks’ I know we will have a friendship when creating something beautiful for someone I love.

  265. Elisa Allen says:

    Yarn, yarn, yarn…

    I hoard you like I need you to survive. Because some day I may need this colour. Or I saw a pattern that I just have to make… some day. Sometimes it’s simply because you caught my eye and I’m too weak to just keep walking by.

    I make excuses to go to the yarn shop when there’s a sale. Somehow I justify a trip to the store. If I buy enough, it will offset the cost of gas I used to get there.

    Even though I’ve memorized every bin in every aisle, I still find myself scouring every one to see if there is anything new. I touch every ball and skein, test the softness against my cheek. How would this wool feel against my sensitive feet if made you into a pair of socks? Would this one be too bulky to drape nicely off my shoulders? I imagine myself wearing something made of this one or that one. Which colour flatters my complexion the best? I always linger because I just can’t pull myself away. Struggling to choose, I feel a loss for the skeins I have to leave behind, and give a silent promise that I will be back someday for the rest.

    When I get you home, you go to one of two places – in my craft room with the rest of my stash, or into my basket to be used soon. My basket is always overflowing because I have so many WIPs. The boxes are carefully labelled, sorted by yarn types, or a separate box with a printed pattern and hopefully the right amount of yarn to make someday. I get anxious and worry that I’ve not purchased enough. I know that when the time comes to make that pattern, you will be long out of stock. After all, the stores need to keep fresh and new product, keep up with the trends. So I find myself back at the store to buy another one or two skeins. Running out just wouldn’t do. And if I have too many, I’m sure I could find a “stash-buster” afghan pattern or make a huge pile of dishcloths for giving away at Christmas.

    When someday comes, I want to be able to quickly find you, I don’t want to waste time looking, I just want to feel you in my hands, whipping through my needles or hooks. Boxes are carefully stacked and stuffed in the closet, in the corner, under the desk. I’m addicted to you, and cannot live without you.

    How did this happen? It all started when I learned to knit and purl, which quickly I turned to cables and colourways. I couldn’t get enough! Now I also chain, cluster, fpdc, and anything else the designer says I should. Lately I’ve been obsessed with delicate lacy shawls. What lies around the corner for me? There are so many techniques and patterns out there, I’m determined to make then all!

    I love you, yarn.

  266. Dena-Lynn Milton says:

    Hello and Happy Saturday from Canada!!
    I didn’t realize I was such a yarn and pattern junkie until I actually looked at my Saved Patterns recently and thought, Wow I have a few, ya, ok perhaps-several, Alright you got me–I have a Crap Ton of Patterns!! And quite a Healthy Stash of different yarns too, Which, more often than not when I hear Inspiration Calling, Can You Hear it too?, to create something new, I rarely look at my Yarn stash I just buy new yarn, Almost Every Time!! Ya Feel Me?? 😉 I know you do the same thing, Please Don’t Judge me!! 🙂
    So, I just finished two, no wait, three pillow covers and I think the best part was upon completion was the Mandatory hug tests which were carried out, happily, by Myself, starting on the one side, and of course, It HAS TO BE Carried Out on the Other Side TOO!! The Main Reason being, so the Other Side will not get Jealous of all the Attention you are paying to the Other Side!! Because after all Happy Pillows MAKE A Home Happy!! Don’t you agree?? 🙂
    The happy pillow “guts” which are now covered by the fun, fuzzy and Uber-Soft yarns, One was Bernat’s Pipsqueak and the other was made with, Oh, Another Bernat yarn called, Blanket.
    Hey, Blanket, Isn’t that the Nickname of Michael Jackson’s youngest child. Yes, Yes it is!! 😉
    Sorry I got side-tracked but I’m back now. (Serious Face now) Bahahaha…Not really.
    So to continue…
    The Hug tests passed with flying colours!! And, Yes, you got me, I do Love me some Bernat yarn!!
    And Now that I get to be a bigger girl, with 54 Happy Birthday’s under my belt. My yarn purchases get to be better too because now that I am very comfortable with my Knitting Abilities, of over 10 years experience–off and on, I want to start using the more expensive (check), definitely better quality (check) and Absolutely the Exotic Blended yarns (check). You have them all at my finger tips!! HUGE SMILE!!

    That is Most Definitely, what I am going to do with the Winning money!! WOW, $75.00–Can You Hear the Crowd Cheering for Me, I can too!! Big Smile!! 🙂

    I will leave you with Three parting thoughts:
    1. NEVER EVER KNIT WHEN YOU ARE TIRED because Serious Consequences Can Occur!! Like the Next Morning when you pick up your project only to discover that you missed a stitch Several Rows earlier, and on top of that your tension is so tight that there is no way even a size 1 1/4mm needle has a chance!! Heed My Warning, Please!!
    2. Oh Darn I cannot remember the 2nd point anymore. : /
    Moving ON…. Shy Smile!!
    3. Last but Not Least–OK, So, Ummmm…I cannot remember what the 3rd one is either anymore, but at least you have Number 1!! VERY Shy Smile and Small Cough, for effect…
    Thanks for the visit!! Love DL : * )

  267. Rose Hoornbeek says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because yarn, unlike people< rarely disappoints me. It is like an addiction. I have an extremely large stash and think I won't need to buy yarn for a long time- I can use what I already have. But yet I fond myself buying new yarn quite often because it's like the colors are like a siren song and I can't resist buying more. I have even bought yarn simply because I like the color.

  268. Wendy Siladji says:

    Over the past four months I have had to spend time admiring the four walls of the Cancer ward at our local hospital. I was ready to give up everything and just had no desire to awaken in the morning. Then my granddaughter Tatianna came in to visit me and she brought me the most precious gift that she KNEW would awaken my senses and bring a smile to my face. Knitting needles (albeit they were the wrong size for the yarn!) and some Aran worsted. “Gran, can you make me a cable pullover?” she asked meekly. She knew by the look on my face that she would have her sweater and I would have my sanity back.
    Knitting is a part of me. Without it I am not a happy grandma. So when the first pullover was finished she brought me more yarn (and the right size needles!) and I made one for her step-sister as well. The chemo was no less painful and exhausting but falling asleep each night with my knitting within reach was my route to sanity
    Never again will I go for a dr. appointment without a ball of yarn and my needles tucked safely in my handbag!

    • Hazeyj says:

      Wendy, you are an inspiration and I hope you will be a happy grandma for many years to come. We bind yarn and the yarn binds us.

  269. Glenda Miller says:

    I yearn for yarn
    Yarn longs for me
    Together we create
    Things of beauty.

    With knitting needles
    Or with crochet hooks
    Yarn and I make gifts
    That get second looks.

    Yarn is my love
    I am yarn’s honey
    For Woolentine’s Day
    Please give me the money!

  270. Nancy (name changed to protect identity) says:

    I have a problem, I’ll admit it, I’m a knit-aholic. I hide my yarn behind every wall side
    piece of furniture, behind coats on the coat rack, binned on shelves , not to mention
    backpacks that need yarn removal before they can be used.
    Luckily I’m now on the wagon so please, please give the yarn to someone else.
    The temptation is great,but I can do it, yes, I can do it, one day at a time.

  271. marilyn firestone says:

    Not everyone can understand the love for string, or thread or yarn . And it definitely is love. What else could make a person(we are talking about way, way, back in the day when I actually did knit with string because there was none of the beautiful, soft cotton yarn that I can obtain from LOVE KNITTING). And thankfully, I do not limit myself from the hundreds of lovely yarn colors, textures,patterns etc. LOVE KNITTING….you are my valentine, forever.

  272. Julie says:

    I just love LOVE KNITTING it takes me back to when I was 7 (many years ago am now 79] I lived in Tanganyika my grandmother took me aside to show me to knit, I knitted a dolls cap and I knitted one for every child in my class. Love knitting has such a wide range a wools and colours and patterns all at you finger tips. Just love knitting with “LOVE KNITTING> Thank you

  273. karen says:

    forty years of using yarn I have found
    roses are red
    violet are blue
    this past year I found woolies
    are so heart warming

  274. Page says:

    I LOVE yarn bc it is ALWAYS there for me. Whenever I UNRAVEL it will become the DESIRE of my HEART all over again. After years together it is is as SOFT & CUDDLY as when we FIRST MET. I COULD live without it but I wouldn’t WANT to.
    Rav ID. gonnaknit

  275. Heidi Peterson says:

    I love yarn because it picks me up when I’m down, makes me happy, and takes my boredom away at the end of the day.

  276. Madinah G says:

    One day I’m going to die, and my kids will be without their mother.
    So before I lose my RED HEART,
    I’ll remember their first BABY STEPS.
    And in return I’ll give them a few memories of me.
    I’ll dive into my favourite PAINT BOX and I’ll grab my most loved SIMPLY CHUNKY.
    I’ll crochet them some keepsake granny squares, and a CLASSIC GRANNY THROW.
    Jokingly I’ll say this blanket is made of gold
    and in their snarky replies they’ll say mum “it’s JUST YARN”.
    And before I go, I’ll be sure to tell them all my YARN STORIES, and why I was HOOOKED.
    Involving BABY ALPACAS, LLAMAS and MERINO too.
    I’ll tell them about the 3 PLY, 4 PLY and all of the technical terms.
    But before I go I’ll tell them to DREAM IN COLOR, and to reach their CRYSTAL PALACE.
    I’ll tell them that with age their fathers a bit of a LOOPY MANGO and to BE SWEET.
    So when its time for me to go, they have all these memories,
    I’ll leave them all my precious YARNS and many different sized HOOKS.
    Then, maybe, just maybe they’ll follow in my foot steps,
    and CARON (carry on) my love of all things crochet.

  277. Pat Jamieson says:

    With yarn, I can wrap myself up in something warm and cozy – like knitting my own sweet hug.

  278. Hanna Barnard says:

    From the sheep to the lamb
    From the field on the farm
    To the string on the ladies finger
    Sitting on the porch
    Knitting a woolen blanket.

    Her mind goes back
    As granny used to teach her little fingers
    To crochet and to knit.
    Then grandfather showed up with his spinning wheel and a loom
    And turned on a button deep inside me to love
    And cherish the precious fabric in my hand.

    The Great Creator stepped in and from inside
    Stepped out a reason to believe clothing
    Made from wool makes the heart grow fonder
    With every garment finished.

    In anticipation I waited for a new pattern
    Or a different kind of string to bring forth
    The creativity given in my heart.

    So from soul to sole
    From head to toe
    I cover myself in wool.

  279. Marcela Valerio says:

    I started crocheting when o was 12 years old. My mom showed me how to make baby sweaters and booties. I enjoyed being able to spend that time with my mom learning something she use to love doing. See my mom was vary sick and being able to sit in bed crochet stuff and watching movies together are some of my best memories. I will always cherish those times together. I believe that’s the day I feel in love with yarn. I honestly can’t go into a store that has any kind of yarn and not buy some yarn. Even if i don’t know what to make with it. Just knowing that I have it makes me want to do something with it. I recently started selling my stuff, and seeing how much people love the stuff I make warms my heart. This love for yarn and talent I have would have never happened if it wasn’t for my mom. Now my daughter wants to learn how to crochet. She says she wants to be like me and grandma. Now it’s my turn to treat my daughter and make those memories i hold so dear to my heart. If I got yarn for my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or mother’s day that would be the greatest day of my life. I am yarn addicted and I don’t plan to stop.

  280. Ľudmila Hoffmanová says:

    My Experience: Knitting is the yoga of our grandmothers
                                Knitting prepares people: at is the whole world 🙂

    I love to breathe yarn for another life.
    I love the joy of man, from what I create :-).
    I love touching high-quality yarn from which to feel the power of nature, including the people who made it.
    I love yarn to shop.

    Does my husband think the same thing? … 🙂
    For yarn we bought 2 big three-door cabinets and changed the furniture in one room … :-)))))

    I´am knitting also the words :-). My English is not perfect, please understand …. and also my husband for new skrins 🙂

  281. Sarah Whittaker says:

    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the rows.

  282. Lucy Schramm says:

    I love the endless variety of color and texture that yarns adds to life. But more than anything I love that a skein of yarn can be crafted into something wearable, beautiful, useful, necessary, magical.

  283. dilys bevan says:

    Wool here wool there I have wool everywhere. Lots of work in progress, so many nice wool to choose I want to try them all now not later. Pretty colours my hands are twitching to start a new pattern. Family, friends look out one day knitted gifts will come your way.

  284. Liesl says:

    I love all yarn and have a huge stash –

    without yarn I could not knit or crochet

    without knit or crochet I could not remain sane!

    Yarn and the crafts I use it for give me a reason to keep going

  285. Dianne Sylvester says:

    I find yarn very comforting. Brings me back to my childhood and first time knitting projects made with my grandmother, aunts and mother. I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project made with yarn and needle(s). Hand made projects are always nicer looking than store bought too! Sometimes when finishing a project I say “that’s it no more projects for a while” but before the day is out another project is calling me and I just have to et started! It’s a kind of addiction and need to see another project on it’s way to completion!

  286. Virginia says:

    Knitting is my happy place. I love knitting for family and friends, even occasionally for myself, but those pieces are always backlogged. I lost a yet to be seamed sweater to the dreaded m-o-t-h-s so I’m saving up for some more wool. That should teach me to finish garments faster. Happy knitting!

  287. Sharon Donald says:

    My Woolentine never lets me down
    It’s always there to be with me
    It keeps me company every night
    Along with my cup of tea

    And when I go to bed at night
    All snuggled up in my bed
    It will be waiting for me
    It’s almost like we are wed!

    But Woolentine never argues with me
    As she graces my knees
    My Woolentine will always be here
    Along with my biscuits and tea.

  288. cath says:

    While lying on the verge of sleep
    I dream of you while counting sheep
    And in the morning when I wake
    I contemplate the things we’ll make
    Oh wool you suit my every mood
    Rich vibrant shades or pastel hues
    So soft and strong your perfect texture
    Always makes my heart beat faster
    In the evenings, with work complete
    You’re my delight, my fireside treat
    So please stay true and always be mine
    Dear yarn you are my Woolentine

  289. Debbie Dawson says:

    I suffered 2 miscarriages many many years ago and know the heartache it causes. I spend my evening knitting small cribs, hats, booties and angel pockets for local hospitals for mums and dads to put their treasured loved ones in once they have gone to sleep for good. I buy most of the yarn myself so a donation would be really helpful

  290. Laurie Yack says:

    My Woolentine are the big chunky yarns. I just knitted a scarf for my new son in law with Encore Mega. It was black with grey and dark blue specs in it and the texture was so soft. My daughter and son in law live in Arizona and he has to wait for a few good days in December and January to wear it. But best of all is the look on his face when he opened his present and I know he loves it from the amount of photos on Facebook, (I’m in Michigan). 🙂 And I just love sitting and knitting, … so relaxing.

  291. Susan Nelson says:

    My Woolentine….yarn and my brother.

    Spoiler alert: I still knit and he still lives!

    Preteen Me (age11): sitting on sofa knitting.
    Pesky Younger Brother (age 10): Sitting on sofa. Pulling on my needles.
    Preteen Me: Stop it!
    Pesky Younger Brother: Ha ha. Pulls on my needles.
    Preteen Me: STOP IT.
    Pesky Younger Brother: Ha ha. Pulls on needles.
    Preteen Me: STOP IT! I curl my hand into a fist and punch him on his leg. Unfortunately knitting needle is still in my hand. Knitting needle is now STUCK in his leg! We pull it out and blood spouts out.
    Parents: #*%! Very unhappy.
    Pesky Younger Brother: NEVER pulled on my needles again !!!

    Side Note: 50+ years later, childhood adventures are retold at family gathering with much laughter. Later in the day, 7 year old grandson asks with great concern, “Grandma, did you kill your brother?” No, no sweet boy. That’s your Uncle Gary!

    Moral of story…don’t get between me and my knitting needles.

  292. christine says:

    My woolentine is the alpaca wool because it is so warm and cozy and lasts a very long time. It wears very well. Just remember DO NOT THROW ALPACA WOOL INTO THE DRYER…. If you do your creations will shrink to wee little things.

  293. Angela Welsh says:

    In yarn I see the potential of all the things I can make. Combining the right yarn to the right project for the right person is magic. Yarn is my happy place.

  294. yasmin ekrem says:

    I have yarn all over me, all over the house
    My yarn is better than Valentine’s
    I finger it the way I want it, whenever I want
    and It’s not around once a year,
    it’s for 365 days:-)

  295. Hilary Peart says:

    Love knotting for the little ones in my life and in between knitting squares for my blanket project. Oddments are used in crafts with the little ones so never any waste.

  296. Suzanne Wernli-Roy says:

    Wool, glorious wool (on the music of Food, glorious Food)

    It’s always worth stashing for
    If I live for eighty four
    When the winter winds are cruel!
    Every day I look for patterns —
    My needles on a lectern
    Will I find the perfect jewel?
    Find me a knit, not a twit, I will smile,
    So I beg, so I borrow, or rummage,
    And there’s nothing to stop me from getting a thrill
    When here I close my eyes and imagine

    Wool, glorious wool!
    Blends and percent hundred!
    While I’m being cool —
    S-twist and Z-twisted!
    Bulky, worsted and DK
    What next is in my stash?
    Old ladies have yarn to play–
    in a hot flash!

    Wool, glorious wool!
    I’m happy to knit it
    Several times a day
    my favourite diet
    Just picture a great sweater
    Purl, cable, or fair isle
    Oh wool! Magical wool! Wonderful
    wool! Marvelous wool!

  297. Anju Khasa says:

    I have seen my mother knitting since I was 5-6 years old and I used to unravel her work when she scolded me and I repent that so much now that I am a knitter myself. She wanted to teach me to knit at about the same age but back then I always said old ladies knit, it is so old fashioned. But when I moved away from her after my marriage and moved to a different country with my husband I thought there is no better way to keep her memories with me by learning to knit. And so I taught myself to knit and now I am crazy about it, and my daughter who is 18months old I can’t wait for her to grow so that I can teach her to knit. I hope she does not turn out like her mummy :-). I want to knit all the time, want to buy a big house to store my stash and have a separate room for my knitting madness. There are highs of project turning out great and lows of having to unravel work. There are restless nights that I lie in bed thinking what is my next project going to be and what yarn/colour I will use. But next day I don’t feel tired at all just extra energised to turn the night’s thoughts into reality.
    But I feel so sad to see that it is dying art and younger generations don’t want to learn to knit or don’t appreciate the hard work that goes behind knitting a garment. For all those ladies who knit, my request is to pass this down to your younger generations. Teach them what an amazing feeling it is to be able to create such fantabulous things with just sticks and threads..
    I am a huge fan of Rowan line, it includes everything from Cashmere to merino to Silk to cotton to alpaca. I am so much in love with fair-isle knitting and always amazed by what we can create with amazing Rowan tweed yarns. My personal favourite is possum yarn which is a luxury to knit with and feels like heaven when it hugs you. I do take my possum knits out in warm and summer days too to hug it and to feel the softness.
    Wool is no doubt my valentine.. and will always be.. 24X7..

  298. Veronika says:

    Now being on maternity leave I enjoy to knit for my little daughter. It´s like a meditation. When she is asleep I get merino yarns and knit… beanie, jacket, socks,… anything. I want to create and also be useful… and meditate. I have also knitted for my friends´ kids. I love it.

  299. Jennifer Beattie says:

    As a keen ‘yarnist’ (I love both knitting and crochet), I came up with a bit of a verse to encourage others to take up the craft;
    If you would be my Woolentine,
    Bring hook or pins and I’ll bring mine,
    Tuesdays 1st and 3rd, just after ten,
    For two hours’ crafting, coffee and gen! (general chat and catching up with friends at local church hall).

  300. Gwyneth Aubrey says:

    Oh yarn. I love you, sometimes I hate you. Sometimes we just have to have time away from each other. Sometimes years! Then I find you again, and remember why we found each other in the first place (the scarf I am currently wearing I started knitting FIVE years ago).

  301. Christa Binder says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it hardly ever complains or is grumpy. It has helped me through times of sorrow and shares my happiness in good times. It keeps me from unraveling in times of stress and it (mostly) doesn’t mind being unraveled on occasion . It keeps me from going stir crazy while waiting for appointments.It is very patient when I am not.
    It keeps me company while binge watching “Stranger Things” and it will be with me
    at the Hospital when my daughter has her baby. But most of all it tells the people I love that I think of them while wrapping them in cozy and sometimes colourful Merino wool.

  302. Sharon says:

    Wool is my one true love because it provides hours of entertainment when I knit it to make beautiful things for the people I love. Wool also gives nice warm hugs when it’s worn.

  303. C.RandyRat Fleming says:

    Lace Weight, Fingerling, Worsted, Bulky/chunky, Super Bulky/Super Chunky. Love them all from the Thin to Thick, Black, White to the bright & subdued Colorful, they are all ready for a cuddle whenever I am, and they are willing to stay home or go out whenever I am, we never argue, they don’t change their mind as much as I might, and they don’t ‘make me look fat’ they help hide it!! Wool, Wool Blends, Cotton, Acrylic . . . Tweeds, Stripes, Solids they are all welcome here! Yay Woolentines Day is Everyday!

  304. Alicia Hewitt says:

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine because it’s so versatile, and you can do so many things with it! I knit, makes bracelets with my daughter, make cat toys, make ribbons to put on presents, braid it into my daughter’s hair….I could go on forever! Yarn is just darn awesome!

  305. Charlene Fraley says:

    I love yarn! You can do so much with it! It can be stubborn though……

  306. Louisa Tobin says:

    Knitting brought me through a 40 year abusive marriage, it gave me a bit of satisfaction to see the end results of what I created. It didn’t matter what kind of yarn or what project I was doing as long as I was doing something that I could do by myself. I expectely liked doing baby things

  307. Beverly Anderson says:

    Hey, this is Bev’s husband … for the love of all that is good PLEASE let her win this contest! Her birthday isn’t until April and I don’t know how long I – I mean, SHE – can go on like this! I just sit around being bombarded with phrases like “Malabrigo this” and “Madelinetosh that” and cables and colorwork and intarz … inters … (whatever – I don’t even know what that IS!) I mean, how much is a man supposed to take? I – I mean, she – can’t take it anymore!! She needs yarn now so I – I mean, she – can get a moment’s peace! I’m pulling out what’s left of my hair – but don’t worry, she’ll just make me another HAT! That is, IF she has the right yarn! And don’t suggest I try “Hey, you have a lot of yarn in your stash, don’t you?” Because I TRIED that. And it resulted in a whole tirade about superwash and fades and grays with a touch of blue and plied versus singles and blah blah BLAH BLAH BLAH! AAAARRRGGG! Pant pant … ahem. So, in conclusion, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to consider her for this prize. Thank you.

  308. Abigail says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue;
    But yarn can be dyed those colors too.

    Hair may be silky, and skin can be too,
    But nothing can beat the feeling of ewe.

  309. Ashley Curtis says:

    I have loved Vanna White all my life because I grew up with 3 television stations and of course, the Wheel was on one of them.

    I had no idea she had her own line of yarn until I became a yarn crafter myself. Now that I know and have tried it, it is For Sure my woolentine. It is so silky to the feel and runs across the hook like no ones business. I am OBSESSED wih Vannas yarn now.

  310. Jan Horacek says:

    Y es I LOVE yarn ~ it’s soft, it’s warm, it makes into wonderful gifts that I give away.
    A ll the yarn varieties makes it impossible to choose a favorite .. I love them all.
    R eally what would the world be without yarn – an unimaginable thought.
    N ever without a knit or crochet project close at hand – a stress reliever for sure.

  311. Kirsty Jenkins says:

    It keeps me warm, comforted and protected… as well as entertained! It never argues back or causes me stress only ever pure relaxation… It beats a man any day!!!

  312. Debby Novak-Williams says:

    I love yarn for so many reasons, but mostly the legacy it has created in my family. I have afghans knitted by my grandmothers who left this world decades ago. A sweet Scottish woman in our neighborhood taught knitting in her home as a gift to our community. She was a task master and taught us well – we knitted fitted Barbie doll clothes (I started knitting when I was 8.) My parents, children and friends have various items I have knitted and countless baby booties have graced the feet of my grandchildren and have been stored away for future babies. I am delighted that one of my daughters-in-law also loves knitting and crocheting and we are able to share and exchange projects. It stands the test of time….you can feel the love with which each project was created.

  313. Eve May says:

    I love yarn as it helped introduce me to the world of knitting. I started knitting quite recently as an adult and have fallen in love with it. I just find it so therapeutic to work with the yarn, and as someone who struggles with creativity it allows me to produce items that I can show and say “look what I made !”

  314. Karen Campbell says:

    My life is knitted, and crocheted together with yarn. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 5. Can’t say I loved it that much. Then there is the memory of teaching myself to knit using the wrong end of the crochet hooks. The frustration of attempting to teach my mom to knit. And then her joy in finally finding someone who could teach her. The funny/beautiful sweater set she made for my first born; doesn’t everyone do herring bone patterns as beginners? The gifts made and given during early married years when money was so tight. The quiet snatches of sanity after kids were in bed and I could knit. Mittens, always needed mittens. Kids grown and I could begin to knit for the grands. The joy of yarning away and praying for each child as I stitched their gift. And now, long lunch dates with high fiber friends. We eat a little, talk a lot, have show and tell of our latest or current project. Share wisdom and laughter. Yes, Knitting is my drug of choice. My life is held together with yarn.

  315. Vanessa says:

    Merino is soft, alpaca so squishy and cashmere just plain divine. I love them all. Love to hug them, look at them and even smell them! Sometimes I even knit with them, if a pattern can be found that matches their beauty.
    Yarn is my woolentine because it makes me happy.

  316. Yvonne S. says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it’s always soft and hugable and always pays love forward. Love goes into every item that is knitted or crocheted whether it’s for a new grandbaby, a child with cancer, a child living on a reservation, a homeless man or women or a seaman far from home. Yarn is love and warmth!

  317. Sharon says:

    As much as I would love wool for a Valentine, I’m afraid that just won’t work–I can’t handle you. I do love to crochet scarves while riding the bus to and from work, but the yarn I use has to be cotton or acrylic. I can’t even hold a skein of yarn that is part wool by the label on it! So, although you make some very warm things you just aren’t for me!

  318. Glenda says:

    Nix on ValentineGntine sounds so much warmer!

  319. Lynda Taylor says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it is always happy to see me, ready for me to snuggle, pet or play with it. I never have to feed my Woolentine, just once made up given a light wash and it’s good to go.
    Yarn is never jealous of other yarns and can happily play together or even be used together. We are often told we need a high fibre diet so I can’t go wrong if that includes more yarn!!

  320. Barbara says:

    To my Woolentine 💙

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    Forget sending flowers,
    Yarn cakes will do.
    Not bothered what colour,
    But partial to blue,
    Alpaca, wool, silk
    And I will love you.

  321. Susan Bryant says:

    Was taught to knit by my late gran,who was very patient. Every time I pick up a pair of needles or a ball of wool all the wonderful memories come back,she taught me to love all yarns and all colours,thanks Nan.

  322. Rosie Brent says:

    Yarn itself is my woolentine because yarn never gets jealous when you have more than one type of yarn in your stash, you can have multiple projects on the go at once without feeling guilty, it’s able to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, it comes in every colour, pattern, weight and fibre you can think of and every single one is beautiful in some way. Every project has its own special place in your heart, whether it was for someone special, sold or kept. The time that it takes to make it is full of pleasure and is even good for you. Without yarn in my life my wardrobe would be much less full.

    (p.s. please send new wardrobe, boxes of yarn/knitting & crochet supplies and completed projects have taken over the existing one and there’s no space left)

  323. Debbie B says:

    Yarn. Cotton, Acrylic, Wool, Alpaca…. yarn of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages. Hold on – this is making me sound like a bit of a floozy! Who am I kidding – I don’t even care! Yarn is my one true Woolentine because… it doesn’t care if I’ve washed my hair, or tidied the house. It doesn’t answer back. Always makes me smile. Keepsme warm in winter and cool in summer…. heck it even does the dishes if I play (crochet)hooky with it the right way! What’s not to love?!

  324. Sharon Farley says:

    I love a good yarn and you love my creations because they tell a colourful story of who you are.

  325. Jocelyn Zame says:

    I have retired and want to keep busy so I have chosen to travel the length and breadth of New Zealand in my Motorhome. I will be taking lots of yarns with me so I can knit, crochet and weave garments, blankets, and art and either sell or give these away to family, friends and rest homes or charities and maybe make some money at markets around the country. To do this I buy yarns I love. I love all types of yarns and I buy them from all types of stores especially op shops. People donate yarn and I buy it to turn it into something wonderful and pass it on. My family knows what I want every birthday and Christmas and I pacifically bought my motorhome to have lots of storage so I can have lots of yarn choices on board. There’s just me so the yarn is always my Woolentine.

  326. Nisha Khan says:

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine because it has done so much for me. It’s given me last minute little presents for people, and more thought out ones too. It’s given me the happy looks on my friends’ faces when they open a handmade gift, and I love that about yarn. It’s given me the ability to show my friends that they’re worth the time and effort that goes into a handmade gift. Yarn keeps me company whenever I need. When happy I can knit freely without care and marvel as my project grows larger and larger. When angry yarn calms me. It lets me frantically knit away as I roughly lash it around the needles and never complains. Later I wonder how such beauty can come from rage. Even when I am sad, anxious, or worried yarn does not let me down. It gives me a focus, something else to concentrate on and take my mind off things. It gives me a purpose – to create rather than to float aimlessly in a sea of grey. Yarn has never let me down, no matter how many times I switch between cursing and adoring it, and I would rather have no other as my Woolentine.

  327. kim salmon says:

    You are so soft to touch
    I like you too much!
    you dazzle with colour
    like no other fella!
    you go on for miles
    and make me smile,
    I can bend you and twist you and make you mine
    I will always want you my wooly woolentine!

  328. joelle says:

    skeins of red
    cones of blue
    my yarn stash
    I Love you

  329. Sheila " says:

    Every day is Valentines day for me if I have yarn of any description. Each ball I pick up in think that would make a lovely ? Scraps are great to keep for decoration never waste a but. Would love to win as have never won anything in my life thank you for great inspiration. X

  330. Adrianna Curtis says:

    When my nan died a year ago things were difficult. Then my dad died unexpectedly. The only thing I was able to concentrate on was crochet. To the point where I ran out of yarn. Since then I’ve been able to buy the odd few balls here and there. It would be lovely to be able to create a stash again.

  331. Mhairie Lee says:

    All the comments I read are so wonderful how can I possibly top any of them, especially the poems! Well, I just love yarns any kind even my own home spun, I always find myself drawn to the yarn section of a craft shop and it feels like their all saying pick me! Pick me! Look at me over here! They’re the best kind of lolly shops and I can’t get fat on them, after all I get fat just breathing! So while walking the Isles of yarn and petting each variety in turn, my imagination starts cranking over. I don’t buy yarn for a specific project, I buy it then turn it into a specific project either by knitting or crocheting or weaving. I soon start thinking if only I could have them all, but to have a stash on such a grand scale I’d need to find myself a sugar daddy! One problem though I think the husband might object! He already complains about my stash, but hey, you can never have too much yarn can you? He only know of the stash in the lounge room next to my chair, he doesn’t know about the stash under the bed or in my side of the wardrobe or in the linen cupboards. Oh dear! I’ve said too much ssh! That’s my secret out. Cheers!

  332. Jeanne Niewiadomski says:

    I love to knit. I look for patterns that are spectacular. I use soft machine washable colourful wool. I then spend hours click, clicking. Just like my mum, I race to knit the garment. It takes me hours to complete, so I want the garment to look wonderful, with easy to wash wool. Then when I give it to my granddaughter, she will wear it and my daughter won’t ruin it the washer.

  333. Shirley Ryan says:

    I am so chuffed – I had begun to worry I was turning into a hoarder with all my yarn but having read all these replies I feel quite normal. I have a theory that all knitters are nice people, they are all patient and caring spending so much time to make others comfy and happy. I love to do baby and children’s clothes and tell my grandson there is a kiss in every stitch. I am actually looking forward to retiring so that I can start to use up more of the ‘stash’.

  334. Yvonne Balfour says:

    Yarn you are more than my Woolentine you are everything to me. You love and comfort me, you hurt and stress me but at the end of the day you are always there for me in my hour of need and I will always love you x

  335. Angela Fitzallen says:

    It started with a look, that’s all it took – a hook and a book!
    It went from 1 ball, to I want them all…
    Wool became ‘yarn’,
    ‘that’ became stitches,
    It then made some britches,
    and fashioned some shoes, that needed a hat, that needed a shawl….
    Dusk turns to daylight, just one more, just one more…
    I studied those stitches, and learnt so much more, from a hook and a book, and the wool, now called yarn, it’s soft and it’s pliable, and oh, so reliable – my life seems complete now, like never before!
    Need I say more…
    …. What’s that I hear… One more, just one more… 🙂

  336. Sarah palmer says:

    Love knitting, my partner and childern are my woolintines. A thank you to this site and crochet sites on FB for saving me from boredom and all though off sick at the moment i am enjoying my new found hobbie ❤️❤️💕
    A really funny story for why i am off sick…. I am a health care assistant for dementia residents and ❤️LOVE❤️ My job, it gives me great joy. Four months ago i was helpping a resident (promted to full body wash) and helpped dreas top half then proceded to kneel down to cream lower legs and put socks on, as i knelt down an awful pain (like a bomb) exploded in my knee and i colasped forward. “Well ladies do i need to say more, when you are on your knees at a mans level” because i knew where my face was going during this awful time of pain i throw my self off to the right, dodging the most embarsing moment of my life. As i throw my self right it felt like a knife went straight through my knee, the lovely resident caught me just before i hit the floor saving me more injury and humliation. I can tell you ladies the embarsment and pain pfff. I carryed on working my twelve hour shift and also worked four more days after, before admiting defeat. For five weeks i struggled, being told it was just a sprain. Alas it was not. I have a large tear in my ACL and meniscus tear. After five weeks and getting right pain meds i found some pages om FB about crochet that took me to love knitting and i have loved every moment of learning this craft and still learning. I love the chocie from love to knit and the love and attention that is sent in there parcels, its like christmas, i get soo exticted when delivered. I am making baby blankets ( as i am going to be a first time nan in five weeks) but alas i wont be a proud nan pushing the pram because i am still on crutches, so ill be hobling behind, lol. Also i am making blankets for our wonderful deserving residents (some whom used to knit and crochet but no longer can) there faces light up with a hand made gift made with lots of love ( a hug of love wrapped all in one). So from one woolintine to another thank you FB crochet pages and love knitting for saving me of a down ward spiral of boredom. Although a funny story of my injury, i hope everyone one had a chuckle, as i do now. Forgive my spelling mistakes pls 😘😘😘 ps they need a crochet/knitting emjo

  337. Meredith Mattson says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because it snuggles my babies when I can’t, it gives them comfort when I’m at work, and it keeps them warm on cold winter days and nights.

  338. Eva says:

    For my Woolentine I want alpaca,
    don’t take me to lake Titicaca.
    Give me cashmere,
    like you did last year.
    Let me crochet some grannies,
    I don’t want no candies.
    Just playing with some merino,
    better than a day at the casino

  339. Brittany says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because knitting and crocheting is my self care, the thing I use to show love to myself and take care of myself!

  340. Ruthie Wolkey says:

    Lordy, how in the world are you going to pick from all these comments. It is like a single strand of wool found somewhere on the sheep’s body. It could be the one on it’s under belly that makes a great scarf or the one behind it’s ear the makes a great sweater or for me it’s like 10 sheep and all their wool to make a big heavy afghan for hubby who tells me it is warm but how it makes his toes curl under. Good luck in finding the perfect wool lover!

  341. LISA M says:

    yarn IS my crack!!

  342. Karen-Marie Sarratt says:

    Paintbox is my current favourite, allergic to wool so have to go with acrylic or cotton most of the time!
    Yarn is my one true love because:
    I never have to worry about meal times, it never leaves the toilet seat up, it doesn’t care if I am in my PJ’s or a ball gown, it is ALWAYS there when I need it and never ever complains if I neglect it for a little while.

  343. Kimberley McDaniels says:

    I love yarn because each is different just like people. Certain yarns will make the best of any day for me. I just love to have yarn as my past time companion and for the rest of my life I will always love how warm and cozy yarn is.

  344. Claire Robinson says:

    Yarn, I love you because you’re warm and fuzzy (ok, so is my husband). I love you because you’re colorful and loud, but also muted and soft. I love you because you’re the perfect compliment to a roaring fire, a pot of tea, and a nibble (ok, a gobble) of chocolate. You’re my companion at all of my son’s sports practices and those enthralling (ok, dreadfully boring) conference calls at work. Yarn, won’t you be my woolentine?

  345. Amy Henchey says:

    There was a woman from Maryland
    Who loved the feel of yarn in her hand
    It felt so goody
    That her husband Woody
    Wouldn’t let her go out and buy more of it.

  346. Jodi Buck says:

    I gave alpaca a try and found out why, it makes a world of difference. Look out sheep!

  347. Denise MacLeod says:

    My Woolentine, I gush when I think of all the Love you have given me all these years! Before You my Life was Grey and Lonely. I have met many others that Love you as much as I do, and, this has made my live whole!

  348. Veronica Raj says:

    I am enthralled with colors and textures, so yarn is obviously my one true Woolentine! I can spend hours walking through the yarn shops, touching the different materials and attempting to envision pieces I can make with them (even though I usually end up with more yarn than I know what to do with). I’m a total newb in textile arts, but that doesn’t stop me from stockpiling the yarny goodies. I love environmentally-conscious textiles, like tencel and bamboo. I’m currently stockpiling mercerized cotton as I attempt to learn how to inkle/tablet/saami weave. I have way too much on my plate, but I’m always excited to add more! (Maybe that old adage about eyes being bigger than my stomach applies here, too, just with slightly different phrasing.)
    My major project this year will be attempting to learn how to knit and then creating three vintage stockings to match the ones my deceased grandmother made. It’s a huge undertaking and I would definitely put a gift card to good use!

  349. tabby bamford says:

    My Woolentine? Definitely stylecraft and king cole riot. After 3 attempts of suicide and chronic depression stealing my life away bit by bit, no other craft seemed to lift my spirits until I tried crochet. Now I cannot stop! I love the feel and colours of yarn and can’t help myself from buying it. I haven’t tried to attempt anything since I started crocheting so it must be good for me. Plus I have a kitten now who needs a woolly jumper I think, possibly a bonnet too.

  350. Jeannie Wallace says:

    Forget the yarn! I’d rather have the knitting Gnome! Just look at him go! Think of the possibilities. All those WIP’s getting finished so you can hurry on to the next one. You know what I mean😉 If he’s not available, maybe I can knit my own little knitting Gnome. Anyone know of a pattern? Happy Woolentine Day!

  351. Ginny says:

    Love yarn, it’s so much fun to when knitting all kind of items! Stress relief!

  352. Karen causer says:

    My love of yarn is definately an addiction that I have no intention of changing. I tell myself I will not buy anymore yarn until I have used what I already have, knowing full well I can’t help but get even more. I’ve told my husband its insulation and will help retain the heat in the house and this is why it is in every room except the bathroom. (If I could find a 100% watertight container I would hide it under the bath too!) When people come to stay and comment on how good the mattress is I want to tell them its because of all the yarn stashed underneath it, but to admit this to them would tell my husband where another of my hidden stashes are kept. 😊

  353. Rosie fardell says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because no matter what mood I am in there is a yarn to match. Feeling like I need to be pampered then I will reach for a silk blend. Feeling strong and ready for anything I will choose a cotton blend. Feeling connected to nature I will pick a pure wool blend and if I’m feeling in need of something a little different I will reach for an alpaca blend.
    What’s not to love with so many yarns to choose from I am constantly in a good mood! 🤣

  354. Sarah R says:

    For my birthday in February 2014, my partner gave me a knitting magazine with a pull out for knitting toys and baby items – I was in the second trimester of pregnancy, expecting our first baby, and knowing I’d always wished I could, he thought I might want to learn to knit and make some lovely things for our new arrival.
    Devastatingly, just a few days later, our little girl was born far too soon to survive this world.
    My grandmother came to stay for a few days to comfort and support us through our loss, and she’s the one who encouraged me to learn to knit anyway. She told me having something to focus on would help and she began to teach me to make blanket squares.
    All my grief and heart ache was poured out into those squares, as I made the blanket our daughter would now sadly not need. When it was completed some months later, I thought about donating it to a charity, but my partner encouraged me to keep it and use it as a positive thought that we might one day have the baby we craved. I sewed a crochet angel into the corner square, as a forever reminder of our lost little angel.
    Knitting had now become a way for me to de-stress, making things for family and friends, exploring new yarns, new stitches, new techniques, a way to occupy my mind from sorrow.
    In March 2015 I fell pregnant again, and through a difficult pregnancy involving much bed rest, my stash bag was there along with me, as I knitted little clothes and blankets, giving me hope that this time we’d have our longed for baby.
    In September 2015, we welcomed our tiny daughter to the world, 2 months early, but here and safe. During her 32 days in the special care baby unit, I sat by her incubator and knitted, the clacking of my needles beating a rhythm along with her heart monitor and alarms.
    On the day she finally came home, I wrapped her in the original blanket I’d knitted with my grandmother.
    Over the past 2 years being able to make her clothes and toys, and also make them for her little friends we made in the special care baby unit, has been a constant joy – my knitting stash is currently very pink!
    I look forward to the day she’s old enough to begin her own journey with wool and I can teach her blanket squares the way my Nanny taught me.

  355. Susan Ross says:

    My Mum taught me to knit when I was three. Almost 70 now and I am sure my yarn will outlive me! I have wool stashed all over my tiny apartment. I knit or crochet every day because I watch a lot of television and have a few guilty pleasures (like the Bachelor!) So I knit while watching so it’s not a complete waste of time. I donate a lot of what I make so feel I am doing some good.

  356. Denise Richardson says:

    Yarn is my newest addiction. I can’t get enough of it. I live in the desert but have managed, with my addiction, to have knitted enough hats to cover every head in a small, non-desert, city, and on my way to knitting enough for a larger, non-desert, city. In the desert most people have no use for a beanie but it doesn’t matter to me, I just keep knitting away. I have Silky Twist beanies, Softee Chunky beanies, Fun Fur Tropical beanies (MY FAVORITE), T-Shirt yarn beanies and multiple combinations of all of those, plus more. I knit at work, at home, in the RV going down the road, while having a glass of wine or three, everywhere I go, everything I do, I knit. Can’t stop knitting, think constantly of the next project, the next combination, the next shipment of more yarn I am about to receive, can’t stop thinking about yarn, and knitting that yarn has become my one true Woolentine. May need intervention soon…..Probably already too late!

  357. Janice Crawford says:

    Wool and me were meant to be
    It was that way from the start
    If wool and me could no longer be
    That would surely break my heart

    Wool and me and knitting sticks
    A pair who really match
    To see work grow we get our kicks
    I’m lucky, what a catch

  358. Christine B Law says:

    It’s therapy! It doesn’t judge. It just helps make everything all right.

  359. Carol Brown says:

    Yarn! I LOVE Yarn! No matter what my day brings, I longingly think about ending my day wrapped up in my yarn. Yarn and I twist and turn, dancing through the evening hours. We make quite a stir and create beautiful yarn babies. Then, sadly, I tuck yarn away for some rest; but I know that yarn will always be waiting for me to return. Yarn is truly my one true Woolentine!

  360. Helen Day says:

    My favourite wollentine is my beautiful granddaughter-she’s the first girl born into our family for 49 years , so of course I’m obsessed with wool so I can constantly keep her in cardigans , jumpers , hats , scarves and even made her some Santa mitts at Christmas-love her millions -love creating garments for her and have done since we found out she was on the way -shes 2 and a half now !

  361. Nisa says:

    Soothing, sweet, yummy YARN! The only way to wrap yourself in kittens!

  362. Judy Hartwig says:

    Soft, skinny, fat, fluffy, eyelash, bumpy, 3-Ply, 2-Ply I LOVE knitting with all yarns … they’re my SENSE-sational pleasure.

  363. Lily Proudfoot says:

    I love knitting with any kind of yarn at any time of the day.
    I knit baby blankets with lovely soft snuggly wool in a variety of colours.
    I knit for my grandson and my daughters and my mother but my piece de resistance is jumpers for Rufus! Rufus is my youngest daughter’s teddy bear that I gave her when she went to university. She is now 33 and still wants new jumpers for him! The crowning glory was a jumper for her wedding day that I had to embroider Mr and Mrs and a heart and kisses on it. Rufus was included in the official wedding photos and his jumper well admired! I have now taught her to knit and she raids my wool boxes for left over wool preferably chunky to knit him more jumpers!

  364. JB Howes says:

    To my Woolentine
    I’ll always be true
    I’ll love yarn forever
    My stash is a Zoo!!

    Thanks for the joy that I feel
    When a new project I start.
    It is thrilling and rewarding
    To create from the heart!

    If only yarn could talk
    and express its joys
    To be loved and utilyzed
    in gifts, sweaters, and toys.

    Yarn is a therapy,
    A hug and a squeeze
    all in each skein
    our frustrations appeased.

    So on Valentine’s Day
    I send gratitude to you –
    My Dear Woolentine
    For all that you do!

  365. Michelle Rayner says:

    Wool – soft and pliable
    Warm and colourful
    And gives you the confidence to get creative

  366. Joyce Hertzoff says:

    The soft click of needles as they weave the wool into the fabrics of love and life. Solids, variegated, yarn of many colors. Worsted, silk, cotton, the feel of each as they pass through my fingers is different but all divine. Sock yarn to bulky. I’m mesmerized as patterns form, beautiful and intricate texture and color. I’ve been knitting for 70 of my 75 years, and the act of knitting something new never fails to bring me joy. My current 4 projects, two sweaters, a cat bed and a brioche scarf, won’t stop me from embracing more skeins.

  367. Julie Kearney says:

    I love yarn as it is saves my sanity. It’s always there for me and doesn’t let me down, it expects nothing of me other than making good use of it. Following a bad accident in my early 20’s I lost part of my hand and the muscles wasted, I was told I wouldn’t knit again but with sheer determination and the love of knitting bit by bit I could knit a few stitches, then a few rows and finally knit like a natural. My drs were amazed and said the knitting had really improved my hand better than any physiotherapist. My favourite yarn at the moment us West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep 😍

  368. Linda B. says:

    Yarn is my one true Woolentine because it is the ONE true way of helping others out. When a friend tells me they have a friend with cancer and their hairs falls out…I make the softest hat I can. And then when I hear they love it – I make another 2 or 3 for them. I had been doing this for years and then my sister was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. I made so many hats for her and a lot of them looked like hair!! She was so happy! She was my best friend and I miss her terribly. She passed away 9 months ago and it still hurts but I can and still continue to make hats for any/all people that need one. So many people don’t even know that there are other people waiting to help out.

  369. Melody C says:

    It’s a hectic world out there and every chance I get to simply sit ‘n’ knit slows down the ‘spin’ and restores structure and calm to my world. It’s the fitting end to every day and provides great unique gifts each time we need one for someone dear. I’d like to teach every third grader in the universe how to knit, boys and girls alike! Life is short, slow it down a bit and knit. You’ll live both longer and happier! My woolentine? My husband and soulmate who winds skeins into bald, offers his large hands for sizing things up as I create yet another pair of mittens or rocks and never once has suggested that I should choose to do housework before knitting! (saintly!)

  370. Trish says:

    Yarn breaks my bank, never my heart.

  371. Erica says:

    I love Malabrigo. It’s so gorgeous. It’s my birthday and Christmas gifts every year. I only wish I could dye yarn like that 🙂

  372. Carole Simpson says:

    I’ve been in love with wool for more than 70 years. My mum taught me to knit when I was five. The feel of wool and click of needles makes my heart sing.

  373. Jean Wood says:

    Learnt to knit by my mum over 60 years ago. Knitted myself a fair isle cardigan when I was five years old. Love knitting vintage patterns that my mum used and has her own writing on them with her amendments to patterns. Brings back fond memories of me and mum knitting together. Also when relaxing on cruising holidays nothing better than taking my knitting out sat by the window watching the ocean and knitting.

  374. Mary Boniface says:

    LoveKnitting, I love you
    You send me a love letter every day filled with colour and beauty
    You inspire me, you teach me, you cheer me every day,
    you send me beautifully wrapped packages of cotton and silk
    I love you LoveKnitting
    Please be my Woolentine

  375. Lynne says:

    I have a condition that has left me bed ridden on and off over the years, sometimes for as long as 6 months. To stop myself going loco I knit and crochet. Being able to express your creativeness in some way is very important to me. Yarn allows me to soothe my restless soul, even when curled up in bed.

    Yarn of all kinds makes me very happy. It almost speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be turned into. My favourites yarns are Bluefaced Leicester and hand painted and hand spun yarns. BFL is so soft and has a stunning lustre to it, and the hand painted/spun yarns are so unique. You can never be sure what the finished items will look like, but that’s part of the joy of using them. Patterns are great and help you to make a set item, but free knitting/crocheting allows you to be random and follow what the yarn wants to do. It takes you on a journey. Some things come out looking crazy, and some just make you smile. That’s the joy of yarn.

  376. del says:

    I unwind while I knit.

  377. Liz S. says:

    Yarn has meant so much to me. My favourite knitting story is one about my mum. 8 years after her first battle with cancer we found out it was back and it was terminal. I hadn’t been knitting for very long, but I knew how to knit socks, so I knit her a bunch of socks as she was constantly cold from chemo and the weight loss. They were all she wanted to wear. Once she passed all the socks went to my sister who had only just turned 18. My mum missed out on so many important days, so she wore a pair of the socks on those days: driving test, my other sisters wedding, important exams, moving in with her boyfriend etc. That way she can be there with us in some way.

  378. Amber Rooke says:

    Long ago, a stranger walked up to me whilst I was wandering the countryside during a particularly chilly winter time. She told me of a special pair of knitting needles that exist in the world, and of a rather vague prophecy involving cheeseburgers, several felines and one very special Knitting Monarch. Naturally, I paid it no attention, but then strange things started to happen around me. Pairs of socks would start to lose their partners, new jumpers would randomly acquire gaping holes, and on the mornings after a new moon, I’d wake up to find my email address filled with order confirmations… for yarn…
    It took me a while, but I eventually realized the symptoms for what they were. I was chosen to wield the special knitting needles of lore.
    The moment I realised this, a bright and colourful light enveloped the room I was in. As I blinked the light impressions from my eyes, I began to realise that my hands were holding something that most certainly wasn’t there before. Looking down, I found myself holding onto two very worn and incredibly average looking knitting needles.
    However, as average as they look, and though they are worn from centuries of use, yarn seems to last forever on them and everything I knit on them is guaranteed to be perfect.
    And thus, my stash isn’t quite the size that it used to be, and yet I have more reason to keep buying yarn with these special needles that always rest by my side. Though my yarn isn’t as fantastic and magical as the needles, I still love them for helping in bringing life to my works. After all, knitting is a hobby that requires three main ingredients:
    -The Knitting Monarch
    -The Purl Needles

  379. Gaynor Wiseman says:

    I’ve knitted since I was a lively child
    it calms me when I’m feeling wild
    My needles going clickety click
    always relaxes me in a tick.

    Which colour this time,red, green or blue?
    Jumper or cardigan, for me or for you?
    Or I could have a go at crochet
    always wanted to try this one day.

    I need wool to do all this
    Lion Brand or Debbie Bliss
    Knit one purl one, slip a stitch
    Drop one, oh no, what a bitch!

    Start again, too much stress?
    Not much patience, I must confess.
    Deep breath, relax and try once more
    Oh now the cat’s here, what a bore.

    His tail is wafting in my face
    He’s definitely invading my space!
    Biting my needles, twisting the wool
    here he goes, pull, pull, pull.

    I give up, throw him out of the house
    ‘Go and find yourself a mouse’.
    Glass of wine, new pattern ready
    I’ve decided now, I’m making a teddy!

    Happy Woolentines Day!

    • Susan M says:

      Happy Woolentines Day!

      Do you feel as mean and heartless as I do when your knitting comes before your beloved Puss? I find the pain only lasts a minuet though as I bliss-es out on the sound of the clickity click of my knitting needles and my mind drifts off on woolly clouds.

  380. Claudia Taylor says:

    In a cottage in Central Florida
    In retirement so sublime,
    Dwelt a hubby and his honey,
    And her yarn, called Woolentine.

    Oh, my darling, oh my darling,
    Oh my darling Woolentine,
    You are in my heart forever,
    Oh my darling Woolentine!

    Full of glamour, soft and cuddly,
    Yummy donuts, cones and cakes.
    Swifts of hanks and skeins aplenty
    Yarn in balls and other shapes.

    Oh, my darling, oh my darling,
    Oh my darling Woolentine,
    You are in my heart forever,
    Oh my darling Woolentine!

    So she knitted little washcloths,
    shawls and sweaters all the time,
    Then discovered knitting socks were
    fun to do, two at a time!

    Oh, my darling, oh my darling,
    Oh my darling Woolentine,
    You are in my heart forever,
    And your colors are sublime!

    ©️ Cloudy2day 2018

  381. Isobel Grant says:

    I can’t knit, I try my best
    The ball of wool sits by my side
    I’m sure it glowers at me and says
    Please knit me up or put me away.
    My friend explains to me the pattern
    I knit as best as I can do but even then
    I nearly always end speaking to the balls
    of wool and asking them to help me
    conquer this interesting hobby.
    One thing is sure I’ll not give up,
    I’ll carry on and one day soon I WILL WIN !!!

  382. Susan M says:

    Happy Woolentine oh yarn of mine.

    You represent the miracle of being cured of Lupus and now as you run through my fingers I celebrate that you can. So I knit for family, for friends and for the unknown people who need your embrace and I send out silent blessings in every stitch and love in all your loop. You are the incarnation of a heart that yearned to be useful again, and the endless link between my heart and those to whom I give. Now I give my time to teach others of your blessings and you bind us together and knit together a community that then shares it’s love to even more people.

    Oh yarn you are truly endless in your reach.

    Always be my Woolentine!

  383. Cristal Chatelier says:

    As a 16 year old in bed for three weeks with pneumonia, I was BORED! Bored enough to ask my Nanna to teach me to knit! We made a beige cabled jumper for my then boyfriend (now husband!). And that began this 11year love connection with wool! My stash is so big I could sleep in it! My husband just shakes his head and smiles when I bring home another bag of the wonderful stuff. The pride and joy I feel when a ball of wool becomes something new and unique. It’s addictive and I just love it!

  384. Cheryl says:

    I have had a love affair with yarn for years…never met a yarn I didn’t want to create something with…my jacuzzi has not been used for anything but storing my multiple containers of yarns all organized by weight and type. Knitting and crochet are part of my history as one grandmother taught me to knit when I was 4 years old, starting with casting on when I stayed overnight, and the other taught me to crochet, though she never had learned to read, so she had an amazing memory to remember the patterns. Every time I create a project for a niece, nephew, friend, or for the childrens’ shelter, I think of my grandmothers and it makes me happy to know I am honoring their teaching and carrying on their work. I also find working with yarn gives me great satisfaction. One of my favorite memories is making a “dinosaur blanket for a 4 year-old nephew for Christmas and thinking he would cast it aside as it was not a toy. When he opened his gift he screamed and jumped up and down in glee, hugging the blanket. I was told that he carried it around for weeks, and loved it…that makes every bit of effort worth it to me. I love making blankets, sweaters, and other handmade items for everyone, especially for expectant mothers, as much love goes into all of these projects. I also love making projects for my own grandchildren, and making matching sweaters and hats for father and son, or mom and daughter. Since I hate to have idle hands, I can create while watching TV or traveling on a plane, or when I am injured and less mobile. Yarn is my therapy! It makes me happy! It is my Woolentine!!

  385. Alexis says:

    Yarn, yarn–
    it grows in a barn.
    Wool, wool–
    my baskets are full.

    If I love you,
    then I knit.
    If you want a kiss…
    wait a bit.
    Just one more row–
    don’t you know!

    Happy woolentines!

  386. Carmen Dempsey says:

    When I was somewhere near seven,
    Or maybe ’twas nearer eleven,
    My mom had me sit
    And taught me to knit.
    I felt then like I was in heaven!

    I worked to earn lots of cash
    I spent every bit on my stash.
    The colors, the texture,
    So much to conjecture –
    Like making a real fiber hash.

    Now many years later I’m fine
    Knitting daily or you’ll hear me whine.
    How can I choose
    Between fibers and hues?
    For all yarn is my Woolentine!

  387. Emma G says:

    Nothing says I love you like the colors in the Candyfloss Dream Pack (Paintbox Simply DK)

  388. colleen Smith says:

    I love all yarns in their own way shape or form it is inspiring and zealous that yarns are simply irresistible to me i wear them i take them for walks and i carry them every where i go i have them beside my bed so i can say goodnight to them and even follow me to the toilet but alas they carry their own in every way and are good looking to the eye and my if ever there was a time for crying i would be surrounded by all my favourite colours bright a dreamy spectacular feel and cant imagine life without them simply too much.

  389. Beverley Ericsson says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because it saved my valentine’s life. Two years ago, my husband of 50 years came home after 6 weeks in hospital, four weeks of which were spent waiting for lifesaving heart surgery while being treated for a blood disorder. He was in three different hospitals, during this time he knitted beanies and dolls, this kept him calm and in my opinion saved his life and his sanity, helping him to deal with the treatments and the uncertainty of that time. The only time he couldn’t knit was the 6 days in ICU, which was sooo frustrating. He learnt to knit as a child in hospital. He gives the beanies and dolls to Ronald MacDonald house and the Cancer Council in Newcastle( NSW). Yarn is continuing to help us, I am now knitting as part of the therapy to make my hand strong and usable again after surgery to mend a ruptured tendon in my hand. So yarn is both my husband’s and my woolentine for its lifesaving, sanity saving and therapeutic properties. Love that yarn.

  390. Amy says:

    I can say that I am a beginner at knitting and not so long ago, I have developed an interest in crocheting. The first time I encountered knitting, there was never a day I stopped and I am very glad it got me hooked because it has relived me from stress and anxiety, where they take me away from the stressful reality of our society and just by the feeling of the yarn’s softness and its scent calms me. From this, I feel in love with yarns and I don’t think I would ever like to part away from them.

  391. Rhiannon says:

    I work in a care home for the elderly. At the end of my shift I make sure I catch up with some of the residents who are avid knitters. We talk about what we are knitting at the moment and our favourite yarns. They tell me stories such as knitting socks for the soldiers in the second world war and crocheting anything and everything in the 70’s.

    I have introduced them to some current brands such as Wool and the Gang and Loopy Mango. They think it’s great to see that these brands are making knitting edgy and current whilst still being relevant.

    My ‘wooletine’ will have to be chunky yarns which these brands made popular. As they are the reason why I started knitting and through my love of knitting has led me to make some lovely friends in the care home!

  392. Yvonne Wilkinson says:

    As I have a new grandson my current Woolentine is Baby wool. Lots of it! I am also making (small) inroads into my stash making soft toys

  393. Jean Anderson says:

    I love all yarn. The touch. The feel. I love what I can achieve with yarn. Yarn shapes my life.

  394. Jennifer O says:

    My Woolen-tine, my Valen-skein. As a new knitter, it’s been a whirlwind romance.

    The one that I want to show off in public. The one that I keep telling my friends about. The one that even my mum likes…

    Paintbox Simply Chunky Yarns <3

  395. Carolyn Davis says:

    Yarn, You’re my Woolentine!

    Color, doesn’t matter
    Texture, its art;
    Balled, skeined, coned, or hanked
    You’re always in my heart.

    Sometimes you’re dipped, sometimes burned
    Unwillingly so, believe me
    That’s to see if your character
    Contains wool or any non-fleece.

    You make me nervous
    When you hide your knots;
    Don’t tell me you need a bra to keep you untangled
    Or, that you have barf.

    I’m usually told how much you weigh
    Supposedly accurate, no need for much thought;
    But in the midst of a project
    I’ve occasionally come up short.

    You’re stretched, cut
    Poked and split;
    And to join you sometimes
    On you, I even spit.

    I leave you in closets
    On needles and cables for days;
    Saying the reason you’re there
    Is because you’ve misbehaved.

    Sometimes you’re a WIP or UFO
    Acquainted with moths and dust;
    Then occasionally, with a change of heart
    To trash or to charity becomes a must.

    I stash, hoard, and then de-clutter
    Saying, “I’m done, I’m through;”
    But I see a sale–think you need a home
    And I come right back and get more of you.

    Although we have issues
    You’re good exercise for heart, hands and brain;
    And I’m always seeking your company
    To keep me fit and sane.

    You make me happy and keep me warm
    Make me look fabulous, just fine;
    I share you with others for the same
    So Yarn, just know, you’re my Woolentine!

    (WIP=Work in Progress; UFO=UnFinished Object)

  396. Shelly E says:

    Mu life is so crazy hectic, I feel like I have very little control over most things in my life, but when I get a chance to knit, to pick my own pattern, pick my own yarn and then the gratification of completing that project and wearing it or gifting it, Its the best feeling ever!

  397. Elaine says:

    Having recently picked up my knitting needles again after many “lazy” years, I am so enjoying visiting wool shops and purchasing online any extra wool, needles etc I need (or at least I think I need!!!) I have acquired quite a stash of wool in many forms, from 4 ply to super chunky since taking up the craft many many years ago and now have once again rekindled my love for anything woolen. Also my daughter has recently discovered the joys of knitting and has taught herself to cast on and is making various items to raise funds. I am thrilled to see how much enjoyment she is having from this wonderful craft and strangely enough we both started knitting at exactly the same age.
    I just love all the colours and thicknesses of yarn, from the supersoft baby wool through to the rough texture chunkier knits. The random knits are particularly amazing. Love you all.

  398. Joy says:

    Cascade Yarn, How do I love thee?
    Let me count thy weights.
    Thine 4 Ply, DK and Aran
    Fill my heart’s estates.

    Ah my heart! Tries not to sigh,
    Sounding each one’s name.
    Heritage: Multis, Solids, Prints,
    Oh, 220 <3 Ah, Sport!

    Wools and Silk, Merino, Bentley:
    All roll out so gently.
    Thine ends are my beginnings
    for crochet and for knit.

    Cascade Yarn thou bidst me:
    "Knit one stocking more."
    Then I Slip and want to sleep,
    And think to end my work.

    Thou croonest close inside my ear:
    "Leave me not my bae!"
    Days do end! Though thy pleadings cheer,
    Night packs thee away

  399. Kyla Anastasia Osminin says:

    My one and only woolentine is my cat. He sheds his hair a lot and regularly adds up more and more wool content to my yarns as he is hiding in my yarn cabinet from bad dreams, thunderstorms and our neighbors’ parrot who flies in to drive him nuts once in a while. Writing this (and contemplating a pair of ears peeking out the skeins on middle shelf) I’m thinking I should knit him up some cave to run for cover when my cabinet runs out of yarn (and the last thought scares me to the bone). Is it possible – to run out of yarn? Oh my. I don’t want to know. I guess I should go shop for some more to never know the answer! 🙂

  400. Sophie Dixon says:

    Yarns/wool allow me to enter a world of comfort after a long day at work, with them I create lovely woolly accessories which embrace my family when i’m not around. I also sell some of my work to others, and in this way I feel I get to spread a little more love around with a piece of my love stitched into everything I make. It’s in this way I feel my love will always be a part of this world, even when eventually I am not. I’d love to be able to use different types of wools, instead of what i’m currently used to, so this would be a great opportunity in order to achieve the dream of sending love to every corner of the world in different shapes and sizes

  401. Vivian Clayton says:

    A Marriage

    To have and hold, I thee declare:
    No clergy stands between us,
    just I and thou,

    Fingers and skein, intertwined.

    In sickness you are there
    dispelling all despair,
    In health,
    a wealth of progeny ensues:

    To clothe to cover to warm
    and forms
    A lasting legacy for all to wear.

    As death unravels skin from skein
    our love shall forever be gauged
    through you, Dear Yarn

  402. Sally M says:

    Wool, Silk and Alpaca Are the ones for me!

    Why oh why do I love wool?
    Of course because it’s so cool.
    Or is it because it’s so versatile?
    Lovely, warm and tactile!

    Alpaca is just another matter,
    Light, fluffy and spun to flatter.
    Perfect for chilly days,
    Always handy in so many ways.
    Cosy, strong and very soft,
    Adoringly durable and difficult to take off!

    Shimmering, lustrous and curious,
    I love to knit something luxurious.
    Lovingly cool or warm is silk,
    Knit yourself something soft as buttermilk!

  403. Carmen says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine because it doesn’t (often) fight with you but instead comforts in times of stress, worry and sadness. It comes in bright cheerful colors and keeps you warm

  404. Charmaine says:

    My not-so-secret Woolentine

    To knit or purl is such sweet joy
    A shawl or hat or scarf or toy
    Then fairisle, intarsia or cable
    All these choices will me enable

    To craft a garment from my stash.
    I knit, I crochet, I’ll have a bash
    At any pattern, any style
    But choice of yarn does take a while.

    I love them all, each one in turn
    DK, 4ply, lace-none will I spurn
    Wool, acrylic, chenille, mohair
    And always buy one ball more, a spare.

    Then my needles fly, click-clack
    First the front, then the back
    Sleeves will surely follow
    And sewing up-that’s tomorrow!!!

    I knit for my daughter, a teenager now,
    It brings us closer as crafts allow
    Usually gloves or a slouchy hat
    As always her colour is perfectly black.

    I know I love my yarn too much
    It makes me happy, it is my crutch
    To carry me through each single day
    The heady anticipation of knitting away.

    I’m sure it is now, truly clear
    Whether you are far or near
    To see this love so fine
    My not-so-secret Woolentine.💜

  405. Anna says:

    Sheepishly I gauged you up so long ago. Darn, I couldn’t let you slip away. Your purly whites, your silky mohair and bulky sport figure. I fell for you hook, skein and sweater. Have you cottoned on yet? I yarn for you, I needle you and I would dye for you. You tie me in knots. I love you sew beret much. I shawl be yours. Wool you be me, my woolentine?

  406. lisa tebbutt says:

    love yarn

  407. Stephanie says:

    love yarn feels amazing

  408. Gemma Massey says:

    I love my yarns I’ve got a draw full I haven’t been crocheting for long however I love it. It really helps me reduce my anxiety and stress levels and relax more and me and my mum have a natter sometimes crocheting together, which is nice

  409. Joanna says:

    Yarn is my Woolentine simply because she I couldn’t live without it. It is waiting on me when I come home at night and sits beside me in my chair. Off out on trips – it sometimes accompanies me – my soul mate.

  410. Vic says:

    I change the world with my knitting. I make teddy bears for little children across Africa. I knit hats and Christmas stocking for soldiers around the world. I make winter hats for children in my community.
    I’ve met so many different people because of knitting: A woman in California who saves her change to help children in Syria celebrate birthdays. A woman in Minnesota who learned to knit just to give some comfort to children she would likely never meet. Someone in Texas who uses her knitting to make everyone she meets feel special whether it is orderlies at a hospital or a car salesman. A mom and her two daughters in Michigan who crochet amazing things for friends and charities.
    The yarn crafting community is amazing and I’m so happy to be part of it.

  411. Sophia says:

    Yarn may not be my one true Woolentine, but my lovely datemate is ace at knitting; they made hats for everyone at Christmas this year, including a cupcake hat for me. I on the other hand, simply love to wear the stuff; my grandma’s homemade toques have lasted for years and keep me warm every winter. I’d love to be able to give them a nice Valentine’s Day present this year, and this would really help.

  412. Emily says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because i LOVE everything about it. i love that i can make warm and comfy gifts for my friends and family, the huge variety and beautiful colors that it comes in. and how soft it.

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