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You know you’re obsessed with knitting when…

1. You plan your next 3 projects before finishing any of your current ones

knitting in bed

2. You wake up in the night thinking about your knitting

3. In your dreams, you are knitting

4. You stay up all night to finish a project/fix a mistake, even if you have to go in to work the next day

5. You have called in sick at work, so that you can knit

6. You have spent over £100 in one day on knitting supplies

7. You hide your stash so your other half/visitors don’t realise how big it is
8. You choose holiday destinations on the basis of where you can get something exciting for your stash

9. Your stash contains more yarn than you can hope to use in your lifetime

yarn stash

10. You have a whole room in your house dedicated to knitting…

11. …Or, if you don’t have space for that, you are planning to move so that you can have more room for knitting

12. You have suggested selling an item of furniture to make room for a spinning wheel

13. You take several knitting projects with you, wherever you go, ‘just in case’

14. You knit at traffic lights

15. You have knitted while in labour

16. You knit while waiting for service at restaurants

17. You judge a date by whether he/she is ok with you doing that


18. You know what a yarn bra is

19. Your e-mail address reflects your yarn hobby

20. Your car numberplate reflects your yarn hobby

21. You have considered giving pets or children knitting-related names

22. You have more pictures of your knitting than of your children

23. You categorise friends and relations by what sort of knitted gift they’re worthy of

24. When your friends ask “how are you?” you reply, “well, the Noro socks are coming along brilliantly, but I’ve got a bit stuck on the lace cardigan.”

25. You have followed a stranger around trying to figure out the pattern of his jumper

26. You have difficulty following friends’ conversations, if they’re wearing knitwear, until you have figured out the pattern

27. You have the same problem with films

28. Your solution to World Peace? Teach all world leaders to knit. (If this is you, buy the bumper sticker!)

bumper sticker

29. You never buy paper books or e-books anymore – it’s easier to listen to an audio book while knitting

30. You seriously believe an alpaca would make a good house or office pet (Heather at Loveknitting, I’m looking at you…)

How many are true for you? Any other signs of a knitting addiction?

About the Author

Serena loves sunshine, strawberries and Great Danes. She has gone from non-knitter to yarn obsessive in under two years, and is determined to drag the rest of the world along with her.

Last updated: December 10th, 2013.

19 Responses to You know you’re obsessed with knitting when…

  1. Tina says:

    Probably most but I keep on going lol.

  2. Carol sullivan says:

    I’m so small time! I thought my small accumulation of half started items and wool bought to start another was just my small addiction, then I read this. I’m normal. Hooray.

  3. sheila hallworth says:

    uh oh. i’m dooooooomed!

  4. LC says:

    um. i want the pattern to the blanket in the photo on this page! please?

  5. antoinette lloyd says:

    Sadly, it applies just as much to one who crochets!

  6. Josie Knight says:

    You know you are obsessed by knitting when you let your husband drive on a long journey so that you can get that jumper finished.

  7. I enjoyed your post very much!! I read myself right between those lines! Thanks for the post, and I shared with my friends on FB! Sandy

  8. Kay Parkyn says:

    I am encouraged to knit in work if we are quiet – I am responsible for many of our kniited items on display and even have a hanging wool planetery system above the wool department 🙂

  9. Liz says:

    Most of them I take my knitting waiting room for ct to outpatients, cafes.trains camoing up Scotland&one the beach. I’m taking a lamp when I go in a hotel to Edinburgh for xmas .so I can see to knit.& have a pencil case with tape measure, knitting sewing needle & stitch holder which geos everywhere with myhandbag.icheck I have at more than makeup & my purse!

  10. says:

    I even have my mum who is 81 picking up the needles when she sits down. I take my knitting everywhere even if I am going to a meeting if I am early I do a few rowns

  11. Sharon Nathan's says:

    I knitted at the Sunday School party and again at Sunday School, but I drew the line before I knitted at church. I haven’t ordered from your site in two weeks and I think you’ll drop me from your contact list! Oops, do I have a 12-step problem? Now people are asking for my hats and scarves

  12. Cáit Grant says:

    Like Victoria, L.C. I also wanted to find the pattern and the “needles for this “Knitting” I found them, the wool and the needles in the US, I now have been told of someone who makes theses needles, Her husband is making them , I thought of doing so out of Curtain poles (wooden ones) Still might.

    The thing is to getthe wool. I can get it from the US but I could join about 4 stranes of chunky. I want to make my Hall rug as well as the rug g for the sittingroom. This one I could was and 2 throws for my single beds and I know my pensioner of a dogwill need one and so will my 17 year old ckitten. Oh and I need a new jacket…………………etc etc etc etc.

  13. Margie P says:

    I KNOW Im addicted to knitting… most of the above and I find it SO very difficult to use up my stash for any new knitting projects. I mean, isnt it just easier to buy more yarn rather than rootling through piles of half balls, not-enough balls, special balls, I-had-forgotten-THAT balls?! Anyone feel feel the same?

    I work away from home for several weeks at a time and my knitting stuff (a whole car boot of it) goes in before my toothbrush and knickers. EEEKKK!!!

  14. Gayle says:

    Or like this poor girl, you’re on your death bed, but feel so lucky because you can use the opportunity to knit. It really is a funny picture, but I do like her afghan. Anyone find the pattern yet?

  15. Christine Reffet says:

    Awful !!! It’s totally me !!! I didn’t know i was that obsessed !!

  16. Helen Gibson says:

    Apart from work, I pretty much take my knitting everywhere. If I am going away for a weekend or a holiday, I always take not only the current project but the next one (or two) in case I finish before I go home. It is always the first thing on my packing list, along with a selection of knitting books/patterns to drool over. As for the stash, I could do with an extra room but the landing cupboard will have to do for now. When we travel if I am not driving I am knitting – I am happy to navigate once I have finished the row! Obsessed moi – you bet!

  17. Stephanie King says:

    Okay, almost all of these are me… I showed your blog to my husband, who asked, “You wrote that, didn’t you!”. I told him it was written by a woman 10,000 miles away. In England. There are 1000s of us. It is not just me! He handed me money and reminded me to buy food, not just alpaca & walked off shaking his head. This from a man who can rationalize owning 27 different kinds of saws.

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