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Your Year in Knitting! FREE 2018 Calendar!

New year – new knitting! We’re almost two weeks into 2018 and our heads are already buzzing with all the ideas for this year’s exciting knitting projects! 

To keep track of all the amazing opportunities to knit and craft, we at LoveKnitting have decided to make our very own calendar to celebrate your year in knitting! You can download it with the link below and print it out at home – it’s completely free!

Download the UK version here!

Download the US version here!

What’s your favourite occasion to get your knitting needles out?

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3 Responses to Your Year in Knitting! FREE 2018 Calendar!

  1. From Granny to You says:

    When I’m sitting. I do make exception for ocasion, like church activities (I wouldn’t knit at a wedding or a funertal, for example, no no no!), formal occasions eg a dinner or a dance, state occasions, interviews eg with doctor, potential employee… But mostly, anywhere.

    Knitting helps my mind stay focussed where it might otherwise wander eg AGMs. Not complex patterns then, of coruse… As a passenger in a car or on a bus, the doctor’s waiting room, any sort of waiting, really, watching TV – pretty well anywhere I can sit.

    Not very interesting, is it? But there’s such a lot to accomplish and only 24 hours in each day!

    • Myriam says:

      I’m with From Granny to You. The only excuse I need to get my needles out is the simple fact that I’m sitting.
      That is why I always have a WIP project on the table where I take reading breaks, another one near the TV, another by the computer where I spend hours correcting and reviewing texts, and a small project that’s easily packed, like socks or hat, for travel knitting, kid’s dance school knitting, conference knitting, and waiting room knitting.
      So many occasions to knit!

  2. Myriam says:

    And, thank you for the knitting calendar. It’s beautiful!

    I loved your Christmas knitting caldendar. I was really useful during those last weeks of gift knitting. It totally helped me keep my sanity. This calendar is cute and cool, and will come in handy to keep track of all those WIP projects I mentioned in the previous post.

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